47 Replies to “ABORTED – TerrorVision (Lyric Video)”

  1. More likely to call this extreme Meh-tal, HOWEVER it does have at times good musicality and genius in the lyrics, thank you for putting out an above average track. m/

  2. "better dislike this because i know nothing about brutal death metal and the have an offensive name and the music is too extreme"

  3. Putting these shitty wanky tech death bands like Beyond Creation in their place. So stoked for
    my super deluxe copy of the new Aborted album to come in the mail!

  4. The fucking artwork for this album alone is stunning. Sucks I missed out on the “Popcorn” preorder though, been listening to these guys ever since Strychnine.

  5. I want to kill someone right now lol !! excellent as always. getting much better for sure. sounds amazing . cheers !!!

  6. For me Aborted has always been about crazy riffs, constant breaks and very chromatics and morid ambiance.

    I don't find what I love in those 3 singles. Structures, riffs and harmonies are dumbed-down, breaks too…production is way too synthetic, I don't feel the punch.
    Their last crazy album that baffles me was THE NECROTIC MANIFESTO.

    Since then, they're mixing wine with water and i don't like it. It's juste too predictable, riffs are non-existent on their last track…it's too basic.

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