46 Replies to “ABORTED – Vespertine Decay (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  1. For me this is not considered Satanism because it was not a brotherhood that created It was the catholic church that vomited this idea in the head of the people and the guys did not even question E and Ovio what the catholic church was going to speak evil of Satan or she would lose faithful.

  2. My neighbours liked this song so much, they threw a brick through the window just to hear it better.

  3. Love everything about the song, I feel like the video was on the right track but fell a little short. A lot of similar shots of the same thing.

  4. Man, whenever I hear Aborted all other death metal is meaningless to me…..
    And that is the truth. This band is pure and fucking amazing

  5. Is anyone else confused about the ending it went from metal to horror porn……does that even exsist…….they should've made the monster from the album cover and have it fucking turn everybody into a zombie getting finger fucked in the back of the head not fade off away with two chicks having sex at the end I want to see a monster that wipes out humanity and turns us into mindless zombies and Aborted 😠

  6. I love how Aborted went from albums with crazy medical terms to straight up 80s retro gore and sleaze. Fuckin love it! Aborted never disappoints!

  7. Give up the black metal shit… it's not artsy!.. it ain't a trend… it was just as fuck'en pathetic even when Mayhem started it. Aborted! I"m a real metal head and I really love your music but this visual crap is stupid. There is no life value in the black arts.

  8. I can consider myself a relative new fan of this band. So glad I came over this, this song is a masterpiece and the album is growing on me. Thanks Aborted.

  9. I mean the drums are good. Otherwise its just noise…fuckin horrible. Not one original riff or anything. Just pure garbage. The guitar is basically a few notes no real riffs and the bass you cant even hear. Fuckin shit music. The solo at the end is decent. Then right back to shit noise

  10. Puta madre we, qué le pasó a Aborted? Cómo llegas de ''The purity of perversion'' a esta cosa trillada y simplista? Qué triste es ver cómo el dinero y la fama los cambia a todos hacia el mismo rumbo.

  11. Aborted fuckin rule! ! TerrorVision is my favorite album of last year! Also, this song and video are fuckin awesome! !

  12. I like lesbians too. Did they give that thang time to air out some before the black latex one started slurping on it?

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