15 Replies to “Abortion, Biden & the Media | Ep 118”

  1. "Trump will be dead soon. Who will you give your life to then?"
    A lovely quote addressed to me from an NPC CNN viewer, radicalized by leftist media. I have the screenshot. I've been warning about this. They are going to drive people insane to kill Trump if they can't get him out of office. The proof is surfacing. Just thought I'd share that.

  2. requiring them to be incinerated babies will only help them to cover up how many babies are killed and if they are selling baby parts.

  3. I’ve seen sooooo much misinformation. Someone stating “99 yrs in prison for a woman who has an abortion”

  4. Don't worry about that. What's important is that it isn't in Trump's character to be a total, abject failure like the past 4 Presidents before him who all failed miserably to bring NK to the table. 😂🍻

  5. As a pro-choice (up until the heartbeat) and atheist conservative (yes we do exist) I have to disagree with the Alabama abortion law

  6. Great information, Allie! I'm actually British so I'm being hugely educated on American politics, but a lot of these issues do apply to my country, just in a different way. Would you consider doing a video about how you do your research? I had friends last week sharing false news articles about the Alabama bill, but even when I tried to find the actual bill, I couldn't find it on google past all biased news results! Unfortunately, there are no commentators like you for British politics, so I need to learn how to do this research, but getting past the bias… that's a challenge.

  7. I pray that god can help you all realize your faults and problems. Do research into the Bible. The writing of it the times of it being made. Read more into ancient religions. Surprised Christianity and Judaism came from ancient Egyptian religions ? Read more about Jesus. It’s all conflicting. It’s all a story. Sorry

  8. How could Biden win? He's all over tapes rubbing on little girls and old women alike. Whispering sweet nothing into 12 year old girls, bringing horrified looks to their face as he rubs their shoulders?
    But… Knowing these demon influenced/possessed people… Nothing surprises me anymore.
    God help us, and God bless you and give you even more knowledge and wisdom and ability to reach the people. May God bless and strengthen all your God given gifts and use you in a mighty way, to bring people to repentance and salvation.

  9. To be consistent as a Christian how could you not view abortion as murder. How about Sanctuary Cities for the Pre-Born!

  10. You are very ignorant. I watch both sides of pro-choice and pro-life. I am baffled by your side lol. When are you going to realize that quoting the Bible doesn’t mean anything to those who aren’t religious. Science and medicine isn’t on your side stop lying to yourself. Not sure if you delete comments but I’m so shocked everyone here agrees with you. Have debates with people on the other side on video. Suggest you don’t say “abortion sinners” anymore. The abortion conflict made me leave Christianity. I’m disgusted by it more and more.

  11. The left hate science and reality. Men can be women, babies are not babies, "the world is going to end in 12 years" speach is violence… This is intentional mass delusion for votes in a big power grabbing agenda. I'm not a big Trump fan, but after seeing how insane these people are, I'll vote for him just to push back.

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