48 Replies to “Abortion Clinic Employees — "Babies born alive daily."”

  1. None of these babies had to die. They all came fully formed through the birth canal. They were brutally murdered. So sad. How can anyone do that to a pure innocent baby😢

  2. why do you think we are now seeing politicians trying to pass laws that would allow up to the day of birth and after, abortions? because so many of these doctors are getting caught performing abortions way past what the states legally allow. they are getting caught killing babies that are viable outside the womb. and they are going to jail for a long time. so now we have the abortion lobies trying to get our government to allow abortion outside the womb; the murder of babies. to protect their doctors. legalized murder. and i hope they lose

  3. These fat bitches really are going to act like watching a baby being born and killed was just procedure? Yaaaaa they are liars. As long as someone buys them McDonalds they are happy doing whatever job they can get. Even killing babies.

  4. This is a violation of women. It’s so wicked that some women would advocate for a procedure in which women are extorted for money in exchange for the death of their baby/ babies 😞

    End abortion NOW!

  5. Murdering babies is EVIL, plain and simple. God, expose and bring an end to abortion 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. I feel sick to my stomach listening to this! How can they tell these stories without showing any emotions??

  7. This just reminds me of an experiment where someone was told to zap/torture someone. It was so easy for people to comply with the authority. The test subjects, (torturers) were psychology scared to find out that they could be exactly like Nazis. The fact is people listen to authority, dehumanized people, and block out there conscious very easily.

  8. Grabbed the doctor's finger, in the toilet, toes moving beers, sophers, claws, toes spread open, how can anyone, repeat anyone, call this the right to choose, woman's own body? That is a sperate human being and that is a fact. The greatest holocaust in human history. Never telling the woman I ripped your cervix? And the pro choice side says they care about women and women's rights. Making money is the bottom line so much about caring about women.

  9. Even an insect has the instinct to move away from danger if it feels threatened. The fetus is the same way except it’s trapped and can only trust its mother to protect him/her.

  10. Everyone involved is guilty of killing a innocent human life and will have to answer for every life they helped take down to the person getting get done we all have to face judgment day and there is a special place for those who hurt the innocent

  11. YT throttled my replies to a lot of your comments. Most of us get nauseous and can barely get through the documentary and movies about this. IF the Women really knew what abortion was about, there would not be many that buy into the Propaganda. PP sells the baby parts, stem cells, cosmetics, flavor enhancers (Frito Lay, Nestle, Aquafina Water…), and so much more. Don't vote for the Electives that support abortion. Period!

  12. Next time you see a pair of salad tongs, know that a similar instrument is used to crush the soft skull of a fetus that come out alive after induced labor. The gray matter oozes out and that terminates the fetus. If that is a blob of cells, then we’re all blobs of cells.

  13. I'm a completely shocked what little emotion these women are showing as they describe such evil and barbaric acts by another so called human being.

  14. This is so nasty. These women should be in jail as well. How can you say you didn’t know the laws ?? This is your job. You should know every law that has anything to do with YOUR job period. You would open the bag and look how big the babies are ? Why would you look back at the babies if you didn’t feel guilty? Lying awful women.

  15. My heart and soul are so broken for these beautiful CHILDREN that are murdered Every day. Lord please help change the minds of the mothers and "Doctors". Lord God please ease the pain of the innocent victims being killed….Amen

  16. I love my child, and all the future ones that are not yet here. My children are safe with me, my assignment starts with getting the living souls here and keeping them safe!

  17. 1:40 Thank you ma'am for coming forward now, but you were complicit in the act of murder. You killed these children by allowing it to happen. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. If you are so morally bankrupt that you feel absolved of murder because you didn't "know it was illegal", there is no place for you in a civil society. You should be locked up as well as the doctor.

  18. EMILY


    13 March – 3 May 1997


    I gave you birth – a cosmic light

    Extinguished by my hand in blight

    As you faded I felt the pain

    Of motherhood and what I’d slain

    In my darkness I could not

    That you in my life was there for me

    So many problems did me plight

    In faith there had been none to sight

    A fear of fear came over

    A fear of nothing it turned to

    In my prayers I could not free

    The ignorance that surrounded

    I needed help no help was sought

    A secret silence by those who ought

    With truth and facts nowhere nigh

    Informed decision would pass me

    Every hour of every day

    I felt you not so far away

    Every heartbeat in my soul

    Every day that unfolds

    I hurt some more and never

    The reaper’s blade is in my chest

    In your death I did die

    I live a life that walks me by

    I wear a face for all to see

    Inside no one sees the pain of me

    A little star in my sky

    90,000 a year pass us by

    Although too many though we be

    Won’t you care and love for we

  19. People need to start damaging adoption agencies change their ways so that children are not stuck in a loop. If people trusted adoption agencies there would be less abortions. Instead adoption agencies are basically all about cash.

  20. Abortions are rarely done by married women with a normal pregnancy. The vast majority are teenage girls and young unmarried women who have little or no money. When it does involve a married woman it's usually a deformed fetus or she's too old or young or chronically sick to be pregnant. Some are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. Some have even been nine or ten years old! And one more thing; before termination of pregnancy was legal there weren't enough adoptive parents for babies given up, causing them miserable lives in foster homes and orphanages, followed by being alone in the world. Every conception doesn't need to turn into a baby.

  21. The only difference between a baby in the womb and a born baby is that one is in a sack of water


  23. I hope all these bitches burn in hell how could you watch this and not report it sooner or how the hell could you be heartless. Stop calling these babies fetuses they are living human beings and God will avenge the innocent blood of these babies and these women are just as guilty as the doctor in God's opinion.

  24. How in the world can these women sit there and talk about this doctor serially murdering babies after he delivers them and not show the slightest bit of horror or revulsion or emotion?! How did they continue working there watching him murdering babies everyday after he delivered them?????!

  25. Hmm, what’s so surprising ?! The baby ( not a clump of cells ) , the actual babies would have been murdered inside the womb so why is it so sad to people that they were murdered outside? Abortion is ending the life so why is it okay when it’s done in pieces and mothers let doctors tear their kids alive and it’s not okay when they are born. Either way it’s a murder.

  26. These POOR BABIES!! EVERY ABORTION no matter the location inside or out is horrendous! What a sick world we live in to do this to innocent life 😞 We are watching these women talk about MURDER to innocent children with no expression of remorse because they’ve been brainwashed for so long. What would we say if it were toddlers they were watching this man kill ? Everyone would be in a rage.

  27. This is so sick. My stomach is turning. Simply watching this video gave me a migraine. Disgusting!!! These women are talking about it like it’s NOTHING! Lord, thankfully you are comforting these precious babies now. Wow.

  28. Dear God how did these pieces of shit watch that!!!!!They talk like it didn't bother them at all.That is some f…… SICK shit!!!!

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