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hi beautiful people before I begin I love seeing our community on my Instagram I get to see pictures of you guys so please go follow me at god is gray so last week I did a pretty heated response to Paul and Morgan's video on birth control I was genuinely furious that they promoted irresponsible sex sex that could lead to unwanted pregnancies while simultaneously putting on a live stream where they told outright lies about abortion however for this video I'm gonna take a different tone one I'm gonna explain the common misconceptions between pro-life and pro-choice people too I'm going to solve abortion this is not a joke I have it figured out I'm praying so hard you guys will soften your hearts and listen to what I have to say three I'm gonna dive into these videos by Paul and Morgan talk about some abortion some stuff going on with abortion and Sarah Therese today we're gonna keep this pro-life pro-abortion conversation going let's start with pro-choice the term pro-choice is often conflated with pro-abortion or Prada my first issue is that we use youth in isms way too much people say the word abortion and termination of pregnancy when really it is the murder or killing of a human life a baby equals a pro-choice is not pro-abortion and I understand why they think this a lot of the rhetoric has become my body my choice keep your laws off my ovaries and at words dead baby jokes or celebrating abortion whether or not a pro-choice person agrees with this this type of signage can make a pro-life person believe that pro-choice people only care about the pregnant person while completely disregarding the baby or the fetus on the converse when pro-life policymakers like in Alabama don't make exception for rape or incest let alone the general autonomy of the person making that baby pro-choicers can get outraged that the baby or fetus is getting utmost priority over the pregnant person and this may be a slip Sara's tongue but she said it we like life especially especially when it comes to an unborn child she seems to put the value of the baby over the mother we are to defend the defenseless take care of those in need and reflect Christ's love to the world therefore utmost respect for the baby or fetus and the mother is imperative when we disregard the value of one or the other the opposing movement will rise up with rage and this is inevitable because both groups see abortion exactly for what it is a matter of someone's life pro-life people generally believe that life begins at conception fetus is human wife fetus is a baby Sara believes this but she really represents the extreme she doesn't make an exception for rape one crime doesn't make it okay for another crime to be put on an innocent person poverty don't kill the baby over being born into like a bad household or the mother's health every time I get in the car I'm risking my life every time I leave the house I risk my life every time I drink water somehow I could be risking my life I think their perspectives are extreme but in reality both movements are quite great each represents a wide variety of opinion for example some pro-lifers do make exception for rape and the mother's health while some pro-choicers believe that life begins at conception I as a Christian believe this myself but this and I'm begging you guys to understand is the wildest kick of all in our movements we both pro-life and pro-choice do not like abortion let alone love it what I need pro-lifers to understand is that pro-choice is not your enemy we want pregnant people to have autonomy and choice but we want abortion rates to decrease at said number two let's solve abortion together eyes get excited it's actually possible I got dozens of letters from the goddess gray community from pro lifers who actually agree with what I'm about to say pro-life policymakers cause more abortion pro-choice policymakers prevents abortion I know this sounds too ironic to be true but hear me outs pro-life policymakers cause more abortion not because they're evil or lying to us but because not educating themselves on what actually prevents abortion this is why I got an Instagram fight with Morgan I regret to say I reacted poorly but she responded to my plea to talk with I will not be watching your video neither will Paul I understand why you would think we have not done our research but I've been doing my research and abortion for 10 years and this sent me into a rage and not because I don't like Morgan but because the research that she's telling you guys about is wrong and I beg you if you don't believe me do the research on your own because what prevents abortion is very simple comprehensive sex education access to birth control and resources let's take a real example abortion in the Netherlands was fully legalized in 1984 despite being fully legal the Netherlands has one of the lowest abortion rates in the entire world fluctuating between 5 to 8 per 1000 why because they have comprehensive sex education family planning programs a national public health insurance system cultural acceptance of sterilization and wide access to contraception on the other end El Salvador criminalized abortion in 1998 much like Alabama wants to do the result Christians is nothing to celebrate despite being criminalized El Salvador has one of the highest abortion rates in the world 37 per 1000 women consistently die from illegal abortions and pregnant teenagers who commit suicide account for 3 out of every 8 maternal deaths listen to that Christians teenagers that are pregnant that are so desperate they are killing themselves you passed this bill and this was an effect when I got pregnant I would not be sitting here today because I know I would have taken my own life be pro-life but fight your heart out for education for birth control and do not let your state teach abstinence-only education and I'm like Paul and Morgan thankfully Sarah agrees with me on this if you just want to have sex then you know what be smart about it birth control condoms and even abstinence that is what I call being responsible and lastly number three this really isn't to start a fight but I do think it's important to point out the fallacies in both of these videos here's the big one so there is a lot passed in New York that abortions should be fully acceptable up to the point of birth this just extreme killing your baby when you're right about to deliver it they're even going one step farther and saying that if a baby is born and they decide that the mother doesn't want it or the baby was supposed to be aborted and the abortion techniques didn't work the mother should be able to decide whether or not she actually wants to kill the baby outside of the moon they will put the baby aside and actually decide as this baby is living and breathing if they will terminate it this is an absolute lie it is not true infanticide is 100% illegal in every state here I believe is the source of this line late term abortion allowing children to be ripped from their mothers womb right up until the moment of birth and then execute the baby executed when someone tells a lie it can trickle down and feel real but it's not reality of late termination is actually devastating these are people who potentially bought a crib had a baby shower picked out a name his parents are faced with the unthinkable late termination out of convenience is a blatant lie Sarah also explicitly details abortion and that's okay we can be horrified by the procedure yes these babies have fingers and toes and a heartbeat but this is not true Planned Parenthood is so against ultrasound and works hard at shutting down a lot of ultrasound because if you can't see it then you don't think about it and you're blind to it and they want you to be blind to it dancing providers as heartless Devils is a generalization I have never seen in real life that Parenthood performs an ultrasound before a termination whether the pregnant person wants it or not the pregnant person can choose to divert their eyes but Planned Parenthood requires an ultrasound another thing 93% of abortion has nothing to do with the baby's health the mom's health rape or incest or anything it just it doesn't work for the woman it's just not her plans she's just not ready for it Christian's stop perpetuating the lie but abortions occur out of convenience seventy-five percent of abortion clients were poor or low-income and 26 percent were at the poverty level if you cannot imagine cannot even fathom being desperate enough financially to have an abortion that itself is a privilege stop pretending that poverty is not the most important factor you have lunch I do doing come on Annika get careful two kids and this is a convoluted point but there's two things I'd like to say Democrat governor in Louisiana would signed into law harpie bill I think one of the main things we're talking about here is the viability a lot of people are seeing you know what technology science has improved so much that children can actually stay alive much quicker he's right technology is improving but a baby is by no means viable outside of the womb at six weeks the motivation for this bill was actually to proclaim life at a heartbeat the draw that moral line in the sand women die from abortions and a lot of people don't talk about that portion is dangerous and I don't want to tell you that they don't want to publicize that but it is dangerous Gaius I'm trying not to be biased I searched far and wide for legal abortion death rates this is all I could find according to the Guttmacher Institute 24 women died from legal abortion from 1972 to 1979 propaganda site abort 73 also claimed the same number 24 deaths from 1972 to 1979 so I have no idea where they're getting these death claims from on the converse if you want to make abortion illegal twenty-two thousand eight hundred and eighty women die of illegal abortion each year and a lot of times after they have an abortion they have a lot of trouble have kids in the future as for abortion causing infertility the abortion pill should have no effect on future pregnancies as for surgical abortions this requires an instrument be inserted in the cervix in rare cases this can cause scarring more often with people who have had multiple abortion but this type of scarring can also occur when women have had births that resulted in multiple c-sections but again in both cases which are rare surgical removal of the scar tissue can restore fertility in conclusion if you've made it this far thank you so much don't use this video to fight one another if we fight for access education and resource you will only be looking at 5-8 abortions for every 1000 pregnancies and then you can yell at those five to eight people all day every day if you like but wouldn't that be great wouldn't that be lovely to see our numbers in America go so low I love you guys so much please support my patreon or venmo if you can god bless

25 Replies to “Abortion: Debunking Sarah Therese, Paul & Morgan | God is Grey”

  1. “The mother is able to decide if she wants to kills the baby outside of the womb” HAHAHAHA OMG where are they getting their information from? That is insane!

  2. So much respect for you and the message you’re sharing. I’m adopted and was nearly aborted in AL in 1984 (my birth mom was in the clinic having the technician explain the suction and what was about to happen when she changed her mind). Even though this is my story, I am ProChoice and believe that there are valid reasons for an abortion, I am not a fan or proponent of it. I am a fan and proponent of sex education and easy access to contraception.

  3. I am still fully against abortion due to convenience or late time abortions, but now I have more empathy for women who decide to have one. Sex education should be prioritized and it is fatal to the morality of this world.I would still encourage the woman to have the child, but if she chooses not to, I will still support her for her good reasons.

  4. When I tell people online that I come from the UK where abortion is legal and that it’s normal to me, they tend to freak out. But it’s only normal because the OPTION is there. Women know that they have that 1 last option available to them.

  5. I’ve gotta say I opened this video with not much hope given the channel name, but I’m actually super impressed. A well informed video stating facts instead of lies. I am not religious in any way shape or form, but I found listening to your Christian views mixed with science super interesting.

  6. i was baptized catholic but do not go to church, believe in god, nor align with most of their beliefs but i respect and agree with your opinion so much 💗

  7. Can’t we just solve this whole thing by providing birth control? Seriously. I can’t believe we are still having this conversation. If there are few unplanned pregnancies, then there is no need to split hairs and figure out when abortion is moral.

  8. As someone who is vehemently pro choice, I would love for abortion rates to go down. Just because I believe it is someones right, doesn't mean I think it is at all a minor thing to go through. I wish no one would be pregnant if they did not want to be, that would be my literal idea, pregnancy only with both parents consent. But that is for now unattainable, so I agree, we should do out absolute best to educate people about their bodies.

  9. I will never own a slave but I will not oppose my neighbors choice to own one
    So I am anti slavery when it comes to me but pro choice when it comes to others freedom.


  11. To say in one video that they are against birth control and then another that they are against abortion really riles me

  12. Also important note a lot of christian pro-lifer’s understand is not everyone is Christian? Freedom of religion is one of the founding ideals of the U.S.

  13. They love life so much, eh?? I don't see them passionately decrying war, inhumane torture, or rampant addiction. Advocating for something that cannot represent itself is very convenient; not complicated.

  14. As someone who isn’t religious and is pro-choice, I really appreciate this video. It’s so great to have someone speak about this topic who is well educated, has checked the facts, done the research, and isn’t biased. Great work lovely, keep fighting for education on this topic!

  15. I’ve always been so conflicted on this issue, but I agree with your views. I have a question though. I support access to education, birth control, and resources, and I guess I’m pro choice because I want abortions to go down. Beto recently said in this campaign promises to allocate more funding to planned parenthood with no cap on funding abortion clinics, and I can’t seem to get on board with that. I’d much rather them filter all that money into the three prevention methods you mentioned. That being said, so do you think the government should allocate tax money and funding to abortion clinics? That’s another nuance that I wanted to learn more about

  16. My sister had an abortion at planned parenthood, she had an ultrasound right before the procedure. AND they gave her the choice to see it after the procedure was done! These people need to do some research before spreading lies!

  17. Do you have a citation for that deaths based on illegal abortions statistic? I'm very curious, as that seems like it would be difficult to quantify

  18. It’s like drugs. Legalising drugs decreases drug rates, while criminalising it increases :/ people don’t wanna admit but research doesn’t lie.

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