ABORTION explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hi I am Hans Wilhelm. Today I will share some insights into the
very sensitive topic of abortion. The views on abortion are very polarized. But once we look at the big picture: what
life is? Why we are here? What our purpose is here on Earth? It becomes much easier to understand the topic
of abortion. As I have outlined in my other videos, the
spiritual progress and development of a soul in the spiritual worlds – also called the
purification spheres – can be very slow and painful. But to speed up our return Home the All Spirit,
God, has given us the divine gift or opportunity to spend a short life span as a human being
here on Earth. During this time, we can clear up our karma
much faster and less painful. So life on Earth is a schooling and a tremendous
privilege. It is God’s very precious gift to each one
of us. Once we – as a soul – in the spiritual worlds
have decided to accept God’s gift, we go through a careful planning session with our guardian
spirits before we incarnate. During this planning session we are discussing
and considering the best possible life challenges for our spiritual growth in the upcoming life
on Earth. Look at my video Life Before Birth. In addition, we may even agree with other
souls to join us in our future life as our partners, children or even as our adversaries
to challenge us. This is a very complicated construct and we
often have to wait for the right moment when other, very significant souls in our life
have also incarnated. This can sometimes take long periods of time
until everything perfectly comes together, and the moment is just right for us to incarnate. In addition, we naturally have to find the
perfect parents who correspond with our own spiritual vibration and with whom we usually
still have karmic ties. So, an awful lot of planning goes into the
preparation of each single birth or incarnation. When we have found the right parents-to-be
we may reside around them well before conception. At the moment of conception, we are connected
with our future parents by a so-called band of radiation. From time to time we may inhabit the developing
body in the mother to try it out or make final adjustments. Naturally, we are very excited about this
opportunity to enter a new life here on Earth. So, if the pregnancy is suddenly disrupted
with an abortion, all the preparations, our hopes, our anticipations, all our soul contracts
with other souls, the opportunity to atone four our soul burdens, they come to a crushing
halt. That is usually a very painful experience
for us as a soul. In some cases, the aborted soul will have
the opportunity to enter the body of the mother at her next pregnancy. Or it can also be born to someone else in
the family circle so that the soul will then have the opportunity to interact with the
other souls it had agreed to meet in this lifetime and with whom it has karmic ties. Strictly speaking an abortion is a violation
against the Law of Love, against LIFE. Because the embryo was kept alive by the life
force of the mother. And it is a violation against the freedom
of the soul whose life plan has been abruptly cancelled. But any resulting karma also depends on our
motivation, our intention. For instance, have we done the abortion so
that we can continue our carefree life-style and don’t have to be bothered with the upbringing
of a child? Or was it a serious medical reason that made
us abort the fetus or embryo? Or did somebody else force us to have the
abortion? There is also the chance that we have broken
a soul contract with the incoming soul that wanted to be our child in this life time and
with whom we have to clear up karma. You see, there is so much that we simply cannot
know but which can have an effect on our karmic burden. However, the good news is that there is somebody
who knows everything and to Whom nothing is hidden. That is God, our Father within us. Another word for God is LOVE, the selfless,
unlimited, unconditional and all-inclusive LOVE. God’s only desire for us is to return back
to Him and to our original perfect divine state of being. Through Christ’s act of redemption our karmic
burden can be more speedily transformed if we feel true repentance and ask for forgiveness
and change our way of life. Therefore, a deep prayer or conversation with
God or Christ – whoever we feel closer to – can truly make all the difference in our
life. We can learn from life’s experiences and know
that we are never given more than we can be handled. When we feel true repentance, chances are
that God or Christ will then connect with the aborted soul and if necessary, raise its
vibration so that that soul will be more willing to fully forgive us. Once the forgiveness has been granted God’s
Mercy can then eliminate the karmic burden. The surrender to and the direct communication
with God, or Christ could be the relief many are looking for. When we truly open your heart to Divinity,
we may also feel God’s answer through the peace that may embrace us. Let us also remind ourselves that in everything
is also the positive, even in this situation. What have we learned? What have we recognized in ourselves? What have we given over? How will we act next time? When we affirm the good and move it in us
then we experience the help of the All Spirit, God. We often forget that the incoming soul is
totally aware of everything that is going on. Newborns and also unborn souls have an amazing
awareness and memories. Therefore, we can always communicate with
the soul who wishes to become our son or daughter. For many years, Elizabeth Carman and Dr. Neil
Carman have collected hundreds of stories from children remembering birth, the womb,
conception, heaven, choosing parents and so on. Some of you may find great comfort and insight
in their latest book “Babies Are Cosmic”. It also speaks about abortion miscarriage
and still-birth. I sincerely hope this video has been of some

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  1. Mr. Wilhelm, I loved the video, great insight🌟Many blessings for you & a sincere thank You for sharing with all your soul friends who love this ytube channel. Keep up with the amazing wisdom and kind words 🇵🇹👏🙏

  2. i think its important to note that other than external reasons a lot of young people get abortions due to fear. Fear of not being good enough to their child, fear of becoming like their parents and their parents before them, fear of not being able to measure up to the challenges that lay ahead. In the case of rape victims, and i know this is a touchy subject, fear that their child may be depraved and twisted. an abomination so to speak. fear of being reminded daily that they fell victim to a sinister individual. unfortunately peoples fear tend to take ahold of them and instead of choosing fight they choose flight. but this is all a part of life and it all works for the better.

  3. Thank you Hans. We are all in this together. When I really stop and observe the world around me, I definitely see love and complexity beyond my understanding, everywhere, all around me. We are all connected in some way and I don’t want to put out anymore bad energy into the world. I hope someday I can be forgiven for those I have hurt. Maybe one day We can all understand.

  4. Disagree. Abortion shaming. If there is a soul contract everything is still preordained as learning. Including the aborted fetus. Under a certain number of weeks, it is not a baby but cells. We are here to be kind but not to self-sacrifice. Whatever decision a woman makes does not mean she has to beg to god for forgiveness. This is the typical catholic guilt-ridden teaching. If there is a god he is kind and understanding, not a psychopath who constantly want us to be on our knees worshipping and believing we are unworthy and should be grateful for everything. Life is hard, women do not make these decisions hastily.

  5. I seem to remember you mentioned in an older video, that the soul only enters the body of a new born baby hours, or even days, after he/she is born. Do I remember correctly?

  6. I know a girl that had an abortion because she didn’t want to disappoint her parents and shame her family. She felt that she made a bad mistake and prayed forgiveness and found herself pregnant again a year later. Once again it was an unplanned pregnancy. The same biofather wanted her to get another abortion but she said no and said the baby came to her in a dream. She had that baby and she told me it was a second chance to raise the baby. After this video I believe it!

  7. Seek and Ye shall Find. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and was very curious about the souls of the unborn. After watching Hans Wilhem video on babies, I was hoping to find one on StillBirths (just to be knowledgeable) and this Video popped up. Thank you so much for the guidance to my unanswered questions

  8. Dear love, consider, and through this thoughtful presention also perhaps understand, the woman who has the experience of the operation had also on the preplanning signed up to go through the experience, as well as the undeveloped new body would know going in it is for everyones learning, and perhaps a soul/ spirit may experience the new body as a trial – perhaps that is the entire experience it needs.
    So much amnesia.
    So much learning.
    May we all do our best moment by moment, to avoid being mainpulated by another, remain in peace, and realign ourselves to our best kindest selves to ourselves and each other, moment by moment.

  9. Why is it the CHRISTIAN GOD? He is the worst of all the gods. He is small, petty, hateful, vengeful, and jealous. He even admits that much himself in his bible! How did you come to these conclusions Hans? Why is it not Krishna, or Allah? Please explain?

  10. Sort of a relief here, this video has helped a lot, thank you👍👍👍,.. None of us are really perfect souls😕

  11. Abortion is a blessing to countries like India!So its purely a subjective topic! Besides a soul doesn’t enter the foetus until twenty one weeks or so..So its okay to abort before that!

  12. Hello Mr Wilhelm! I appreciate your insights, but please note that 70% of fertilized ova are naturally flushed out of the woman's body, and, there is no individuality for the first 21 days after fertilization (because of twinning and also two zygotes fusing together). So I question whether biological conception is the moment you are looking for.

  13. Thank you. 🙏 My son when he was a child, told me a lot of story's from when and why he was born with me. He told me he was looking down from a big tree. And he observed me. He knew I would understand him he said. He told me much story's about his last life. He kept his memories until he was 13 years old. And then it fair away.
    I also know deep in my heart, my grand daughter is my mother. She told me herself when she was 3 years. So I believe everything you say. ♥️♥️Thank you

  14. I've always been so against it, I lost three children and I had a friend who was promiscuous. My friend would sleep around and get pregnant, quite a few times and abortion was her answer. I held deep anger towards her for years until I understood how much pain she was in from her childhood. I dont get involved in opinions of it now, I'm not perfect and either are any of us… Thankyou 🌹

  15. How can Hans be so sure that an aborted soul isn't karma in itself (for the mother, father, and/or the foetus)? Further, if everything is known, how isn't it known that the given mother would not choose pregnancy/birth?

  16. Why do we need purification?
    When did we become so impure,
    What did billions of souls do to become so impure?
    How critical exactly is God?
    What's going on?

  17. It's murder. We need to fight against post birth abortions and stop the legality of it from spreading. Possibly the most soulless action of recent times – created legality on murdering our own babies and people have demanded it

  18. So there's also a karmic reason why women who had abortions got a higher rate of depression compared to those who didn't

  19. i think the part i dont resonate with is that it doesnt make sense to me that soul…along with guides….has no idea the parent wont take the baby to term. that tells me that is wasnt a perfect match and that all kinds of mistakes can be made in the afterlife. i resonate with most stuff,but this feels a bit off. im certain that termination is undesireable for every single person involved,so it is not a good thing…but that we cant see this coming makes no sense.

  20. This reminds me of my abortion I had around christmas time 2006. I was around 9 week pregnant with a guy I didn't like. I was divorced and already had 5 kids. He was married and cheated on his wife. So NO I didn't wanted to give birth again and especially not like that. But it was difficult, I had to swallow 2 abortion pills until I started to bleed.

  21. Thank you Hans. Thank you so very much. This message is so extremely crucial for so many young women and their little angels who want to be born and not murdered in one of Planned Parenthood's dissection labs.

  22. It is obvious that late abortion is pure murder. But is early abortion ok? I mean is there an early moment where the soul has not yet connected?

  23. When it comes to abortion forgive us for our sins and our spiritual ignorance of not truly knowing the truth, though we claim to be a civilized people…

    HOLY GOD and Jesus Christ forgive us for the murder and death of so many innocent babies/unborn children….

  24. Thank you for sharing this. People who have had near-death experiences have reported that there are soooo many children in Heaven! Why? Abortion. Since abortion was legalized in the US, over 75 million babies have been aborted. Many of us are going to die and find that we have brothers and sisters we never knew about! Or, face that child that we were told was was just a 'blob of tissue'.

    Now, if we accept that each life is a unique expression of God, then just imagine how much of God (or, Source) we have rejected from this reality. Each soul carries within it the capacity to be the like next Martin Luther King or Nicola Tesla, yet when we block their entrance we are blocking our blessings, supposing ourselves to be wiser than The Divine.

    Personally, I've had what I call three "Divine Accidents"; children who came in timing I thought not for the best. Twenty plus years later, I can confidently say I have no regrets. I'm a better person for their arrival in Divine Timing, not mine. I thought I knew better, God knew best. No regrets.

  25. You can prevent great suffering in getting an abortion when the life of that child would cause them to have a very hard life regardless of contracts, souls and in my opinion that shows greater love for the incoming child. This message sounds religious not spiritual.

  26. There is not a single right fact in this video…
    1) there is no Karma. Karma means just action. Actions have meaning only in the corporeal world, and when you die, Karma itself is left here, you don't bring it with you. Actual researchers of reincarnation say exactly that. Do no read mythology, and then present it as truth… Otherwise you bring more and more people into these delusions… What doesn't get destroyed, is the misguided desires, motivation.
    2) Earth is not "school". It's an infinite recykling of the soul, while it has desires in this physical world. The human experience has no spiritual meaning, zero, except … just experience of separation, which can become an addiction.
    3) While abortion is culturally bad behavior, it's even worse if parents that are not ready for this, have a child and f its life. This is a REAL possibility. Not like your ideas you got from a couple of books with zero actual proof. The problem is not the abortion, but a culture that leads to abortion.
    4) The so called "guide spirits", if exist, are most likely malicious, and one should be very cautious. Understand that you are the divine spark, and you don't need any "guides", any "teachers", "gurus", etc. Everyone has a connection to the Source and there is no need for intermediary.
    Reading too much "spiritual" books leads to bs like this one… 99% of these guys just copy from each other, trying to make quick buck. Understand the human nature…

  27. They validate abortion simply with 'its a womens right to chose' as if that makes it ok. It certainly is your right to chose, you can also chose to murder someone, its your right to chose because freewill is the supreme law yet that does not mean there is no consequence to the choice or in this case that the right to chose somehow makes it right…. strange. Also was it not their choice to have unprotected sex? Abortion is essentially the highest expression of irresponsibility and selfishness by a society.

  28. I think we get "absolution of sin" through karmic acts more than prayer and contrition, which is fine as well. I've been personally against abortion for years.Thank you, Hans. Peace and light.

  29. What is adoption?? I was adopted…did I indirectly choose the parents who raised me, or did the plan change? Did I mean to be born to the people I was born into and then also planned to change those parents? To what end?

  30. This plane of existence is a light trap for sols. People get recycled here by the very same spirit guides that rule this matrix: Archons. The goal is to get out for good.

  31. i am from South Africa i once gave a lecture similar to this and i was ridiculed 😭😭 and now this. Thank You. You are a spiritual guide and half. I love you.

  32. THANK YOU!! I lost two stillborn sons and suffer infertility. Sometimes our babies HAVE to come through adoption but so many use their free will very selfishly. It’s heart breaking.

  33. The truth of abortion is that it has destroyed the lifes of women in so many ways. Also in ways most people wouldn't think of in the first place.

    Abortion is a symbol. A symbol of a human who is worthless, useless, or unwanted in society. If abortion exists in society, it makes us all less worth. It reduces our value as human, as it could always be any of us who was not wanted. Who can we think should have been aborted, so that they were not here now? Anybody.

    Abortion makes us concider ourselves less worth than we are. And it makes others concider us less worth than we are.

    Therefor abortion is a treat to us as humans, our value. In all forms, by any reason, it is evil. Those who promote abortion in the world, do harm to us all, not just the particular body that is destroyed.

    There is an abortion industry in this world. It has sucked us out. It has eaten us up. It has stripped us of humanity.

    We are all affected by it. Deeply, deeply affected, in a million aspects of our lifes. Those who think and claim something else, live in a big lie.

  34. thank you for the Video!! I prefer now a long regeneration in the spirit world then reincarnation to this Monsanto, 5G, cloning, toxic air, pedophile world

  35. It’s incredible to me that so many “spiritual” women justify it but would NEVER eat a bite of chicken. It’s cognitive dissonance. 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve heard them say “the baby incarnated TO be aborted.” And I’m like … how can you know that. If so how do you know the chicken didn’t incarnate to be eaten?

  36. Been waiting for a while for you to talk about this particular subject Hans, thank you it’s was definitely a reminder 😇

  37. God is Christ, DON'T muddy your teaching ability with false doctrine, reincarnation and separating the Father from The son,for they are ONE.
    I see your doctrine is twisted, but i will still give you a few chances, God bless.
    ps. NO doctrine is needed, only a personal relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  38. Hans, the process of abortion is a disgusting, torturous and murderous process for the unborn baby and it is absolutely selfish for people to do this. Watch videos of children being aborted at three months in the womb and they come out gasping, suffocating and their tiny arms and legs are struggling, looking for shelter. They can't go back in their mother, so the child simply suffocates on our oxygen rich air. Abortion should be seen how it really is, MURDER!

  39. Congratulations, you have done an admirable job of putting the cart before the horse in the most impressive way possible. In less than 7 minutes you have managed to reduce God to a Spiritual Travel Agent, you've made all of life's challenges absolutely irrelevant, and nullified any and all personal agency while we're alive. By your logic, we're all just going through the motions of expiating a sum of unearned "sin" in order to win God's approval and abortion just frustrates that. This whole thing sounds like something a precocious 5 year old would come up with. Please, just stop before you hurt yourself.

  40. After an abortion I was suicidal. The soul came to me in a dream and explained if I went through with this that I would not be here for the others that are waiting for me. She said that she knew what I ended up doing was one of the possibilities when she chose me as her mother, she held no upset or anger towards me, only love. She stated that ALL souls know the potentials before they chose their parents. I do not agree with the absolutes and inherent judgement that accompanies this video, it leaves no room for situations in which a woman is being abused, forced into sex, or suffering from a condition made worse by pregnancy.

  41. I world love a video on all thats being exposed Now in the world with the human trafficking child trafficking Satanic ritual abuse the sex cults nxvim Hollywood politics etc it’s just huge right now I’m sure it’s some type of collective karma but would love his take on it all! How it’s been going on for thousands of years but at a pinnacle now !

  42. There is only one spirit. It permeates everything living and nonliving. You cannot kill it. Each human is similar to a single cell in the body of God. The woman always makes the right choice for her circumstances and finds there really is no other choice. No one loses. If karma is real, then abortion is a very gentle "pay back" to the piece of God's spirit which previously murdered another. We are simply observers of life happening to us and through us. Hopefully the abortion teaches the woman that the man she is involved with is unreliable because he will not help her nor a child. So she will learn to choose a more reliable man next time and make certain he wants a child before becoming pregnant again. Or she might be a slow learner and need a couple more mistakes before she learns to identify a worthy man over the unworthy bad ones who deceive women, lie and abandon the woman whenever she has a real need for commitment and support.

  43. Seems quite contradictory to say "everything is planned" and then in the next sentence suggest an unplanned abortion comes along and hurts everybody. Either life is planned or it's not. Hundreds of hypnosis patients of Michael Newton and Delores Cannon report abortions are indeed part of the plan.

  44. So let me get this straight. The souls who are beyond space/time and thus able to perceive past, present and future simultaneously and who have carefully planned this existence, somehow ignored that an abortion was in the actual plans? I don't get it. What kind of planning is that. What about a late term miscarriage? What about infant deaths? All of these efforts of planning and they don't know the plan? Not that i advocate for or against abortion, i don't care but how did you happen across this privileged information regarding the planning of souls?

  45. I still don't know my real opinion about this, but there are more negative feelings. No experience and never will, but this is only about me. I guess my conflict is, i try to accept or try to understand everybodys decisions, they make, but that's it. 🤷‍♀️ I believe at the end, that there's nothing we choose or decide, before being borned. Mother nature never do wrong and that's why, people on this earth, shouldn't be able to disturb or change anything, what we never created. It will always be women who use abortion, only for personal intentions, maybe not only once.😣 there's so much, who or what is involved with one decision. It's still a nice thought😉 Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland 😏🤗

  46. Hans, why is it ‘painful’ for us spiritually before we can reincarnate? Also, can you please direct us about people who are raped and choose to abort? How does this unimaginable situation affect our spiritual paths?

  47. People need to look at the 'facts' when it comes to abortion. The vast majority of abortions are done by 'choice' to a 'healthy' fetus from people who have 'free will'. Extreme cases or medical reasons only take up a 'small' percentage of abortions and are very rare. Love is about caring, helping and looking out for other's. It's very narcissistic to suggest that you can decide to end another 'human life' because 'you' think that it won't have a good life. People who live in absolute poverty can be more happy than those who have extreme wealth so it's not up to anyone but god to decide.

  48. In most of your videos I find you quite coherent. In this one you forget to mention incest, rape, or just being too young and accidentally becoming pregnant. Nor do you recognize the thousands of children who are born but unwanted. On this subject you are completely off. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, we are at a tipping point where we cannot provide enough food or education and health to accommodate all.
    Add to that the thousands millions and billions of unwanted children, and you can theorize how we have become a cancer upon ourselves.
    It's time to wake up and realize we're not that Special! If we propriate in a way like animals we need to also be regulated. Who are we to think that we are more special then any other species?

  49. Mr. Wilhelm, are there instances where Souls go in to the mother's womb, when they were not supposed to? Maybe they were supposed to be somewhere else. And if an abortion occurs is that what is supposed to have happened? Could that abortion be the result of what a spirit did in the previous life and that is part of the reason why they were aborted?

  50. Thank you for this video Hans! It has brought about a wholesome conversation!!!
    Blessings to you and your family!♥️🙏

  51. OMG, exactly what I think every time I remeber, I've been praying in tears for forgiveness, I can't forget my baby and the spark of life I felt inside me, it's been a long time, but I never forgot, and now I'm crying again, Thank you so much💙💚

  52. And yes, my brother got married and divorced after the birth if his first child, I got so connected with this baby, untill now, he is 10 years old, and I can't stop worrying about what I can give to him to show more and more love and guidance, I do feel this boy like mine, and I had a lot of fights with my brother to not touch him or heart him in any way, could he be my child ? Other children and mothers in the family are jealous of how much I love this one, but I don't care, nor did it stop me.

  53. Years ago I suffered a series of four miscarriages. I suffered physically but even more, I suffered emotionally. I saw each of these children that I wanted so much alive on the ultrasound screen. An even more powerful experience was how each child came to me in a dream. I saw them clearly in great detail, I held them, I felt the powerful love between us. Each child told me that they had wanted to be my child, and grieved as I did that they would not be part of our family. I was so very confused and angry that God had allowed this to happen and asked God for the peace that comes with understanding. It took about four years after the loss of my youngest unborn before I finally got there. The understanding that settled into me is this. My life is not just about myself but also about the other people who my life touches. My older children were meant to be one of three, not one of four or more. God had other plans for me too. Ten years later, I experienced cardiac arrest and spent 15 minutes in the presence of God. I don't think that my heart was strong enough to carry another child to full term nor was I strong enough at the time to begin raising another child. At times over the years, my older children would be needing some very intense, demanding attention. My total devotion at those times was critical. Then I felt the call to switch professions from public school teacher to artist. I see now that none of this would have happened if the younger children had been born. I have found rest in the faith that the loss of my unborn children was part of God's plan. It's not what I would have chosen. I wanted a big family. But I have come to a place of belief that this was all part of a divine plan. Somehow, through love, I will connect with those souls again.

  54. I normally love these videos, but this seems a bit harsh to me. I've had an abortion in the early stages of the pregnancy, because the father did not want to do anything with the baby and I grew up without a father myself. I wanted to have a better life for me and the baby as an act of love for me and the baby and also break deep family patterns. I've made this decision after a lot of meditation, connecting with my soul and the future baby soul who I know still wants to come to me. I was at peace with how it all turned out until I saw this video, i feel guilt coming up again. I've always felt like souls know what the chances of an abortion are and if they are really supposed to come into this world, the mother knows

  55. What if I planned to be an abortion,…. to teach people a lesson,… but the human idiots did not do it. I get abused, no love, hate and hell is all I know. No good is learned without evil. I live alone, no one on my side. Everyone around me has died, Goes to show,… No one knows,.. nor really has the answer. YOU ARE THE ONLY HOPE ,… LOOK INTO YOURSELF! MEDITATION IS KEY. Stop looking outside, Start looking within 5D. By the way Women are key,… this Man is just lecturing. When you last reincarnate into this "Mother Nature" world. You are Female!!! Hipyahhhh

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