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  1. The instant the sperm enters the ovum a brand new never before existed in the history of the universe DNA miraculously emerges and immediately begins forming a human being. And this unborn child as early as 8 weeks old has been recorded as surviving outside the womb. When you open your legs and you let a penis enter your vagina that is where your decision to have a child is made… after the child is forming inside your body and you kill it .. you extinguish it's life because it's not convenient for you… that is murder. Birth control by murder.
    And that baby doesn't poof out of existence. You WILL see that baby again when you cross over to the other side. And they are gathered around the throne of God on judgment day waiting for you.
    People only think they get away with the evil things they do. The reality is you don't get away with ANYTHING and even if you are a Christian there are consequences for your sin even when you are forgiven. Don't take a child's life and bring damnation and judgment on your soul. And if you have had an abortion know that God will forgive you if you ask Him to though there may be some consequences for your actions.

  2. My thing on this is this: if a girl say 10 or 12 gets pregnant than abortion might come into play. Or say a girl gets raped by a man . Than of course not knowing that man and sex was forced on her than abortion comes into play in that situation.

  3. If it was rape it is man that needs to be aborted not the innocent life within, committing murder does not erase the rape , murder the rape in your mind the life within will heal you not hurt you

  4. They always use some rare case of rape to try to justify the industry of death. Barely any women getting abortions were raped. They wanted sex, but not what comes with it. Even rape does not push me to think killing a baby is OK. I do not expect people to keep it. I understand if they want to ditch the kid at birth. That is an understandable weakness. I couldn't do it, but I am not weak anymore in life. My parents had me as teens. They worked hard to take care of the responsibility they created. They did not run away like cowards. If they did run like cowards, I would not have been able to save a woman from being raped. She may have been killed without me saving her. Abortion would have caused her to be raped, and others killed possibly. My parents did not have the DNA of cowards. That is probably why my ancestors are on some of our money. We did not kill off our seed. If we did, this country would not be here. Some think that may be a good thing. Regardless, we do not kill our young. We make them presidents and soldiers. In a way, it gets rid of weak DNA from the world. I know that is what it was designed for by sick people with high intelligence. They are in certain areas for a reason. They admit to wanting to lower the world's population by a lot. It is on the Georgia guidestones. They start with unwanted people. They talk dumb people into killing babies or doing drugs. They suck you in with sex and drugs like the demons they are. They provide the tools to destroy everything around you if you are dumb enough to fall for it. Simple morals can save you from your own stupidity. That is why they hate Christians. Witches literally sit outside these abortion clinics to protect them with runes, etc. They have kids purposely to sacrifice them. Nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about a lot of things. I was in love with a witch for 14 years until she tried to murder me. They are all about love until you piss them off. I call them the children of the lie. They like to use rare sad situations to get people to make bad decisions to keep legal child sacrifice in order. They used to put babies into burning statues. Now they casll it healthcare. They always make it seem positive to dumb people. They used to say it would give them good crops for the year. They would kill a kid to feed thousands of people. We now see how dumb that is. They had to use "science" to make people feel ok with it. Racists also like to use it to weed out minorities. Margret Sanger who pioneered planned parenthood was a female KKK racist. Dumb people don't read though. They are too busy getting knocked up by losers. They are busy opening legs, instead of books. It is simple for me to see what is happening. I have a high intelligence like the ones fooling the world. I just do not use it to lift myself over others. I have spent my life risking it for weaker people. It is disgusting to me to harm an innocent child. If I were to stab a pregnant woman it is murder for the baby according to law. Why is it not a bay when a doctor does the same thing in a worse way. They tear the baby's limbs off. They deliver them to let them just die in a tray. You can call it healthcare all you want. They called oxycontin healthcare a few years back. We now have an epidemic killing a whole generation. That with abortion is worse than all wars in history. Death is not heathcare. It is death to a person like me. I see things simple like a child. I do not lie to myself to feel better about acts of pure weakness. That is all 99.9% of abortions are. They always show you some rare case of a raped woman, but that is not who is lined up at the clinics. It is women killing kids for reasons as small as getting headaches during pregnancy. That is reality. If they showed the truth, I would be more understanding. I am not dumb enough to be lied to.

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