Abortion is Bad

what happened what the hell happened what direction does time go again there's certain things that I've taken for granted I know that you've done it too and you just assume that because we live in a modern enlightened society that will never have to live like the barbarians did again now I don't want to make a video about abortion I hate abortion I thought I was gonna be able to go my entire career without talking about abortion I'm not even supposed to be working on this video right now I've got a sponsor waiting on me to finish another project but I've been reading about this for a week now and I'm starting to go full TJ on this so this is gonna happen over the past several months quite a few states have passed what they call a heartbeat bill basically banning all abortions after a heartbeat has been detected and is disconcerning as that is that didn't stop Ohio from passing an even stricter bill banning all abortions after five weeks including four pregnancies that resulted from rape or incest and I know what you're thinking well what if a child was raped and she got pregnant well you don't you don't need to go there because that's already a thing in Ohio right now at the time that this law was passed Ohio currently had a case of an 11 year old who was more than six weeks pregnant so in this case an 11 year old girl obviously doesn't know she's pregnant five weeks into her pregnancy after being raped she would no longer have a choice whether or not to carry that pregnancy to term there are 4,000 women who are raped every year in Ohio about 800 of those are products of incest so people like these in the future would be the ones that wouldn't have abortion as an option in the future this is sick do you not see the disgusting reality that you Puritans create but not to be outdone Alabama then asked Ohio to hold their beer well they passed an even stricter bill banning all abortions after the pregnancy has become known with the punishment of between 10 and 99 years for anybody that performs the abortion and again this includes pregnancies that are a result of rape or incest and the pregnancy can only be terminated if the mother's life is at risk the language that the bill uses to describe the rules is really confusing and people are just memeing the hell out of the Alabama Senate especially this guy does a bill make exception for patients who are victim of rape and of course I'd kind of know the answer can you tell me why it doesn't anything that's available today is still available up until that woman knows she's pregnant I mean this guy clearly has no idea what the hell he's talking about he doesn't understand the biology of pregnancy so she has to take a pregnancy test she has to do something to know whether she's pregnant or not you can't know that immediately take some time for all those chromosomes and all that that you mentioned this guy is saying that abortion is still legal as long as you don't know that you're pregnant I know there's the morning-after pill but like what does that even mean what does that mean you supposed to just rattle a coat hanger up there once a week just to be safe this can only result in more teen and child mothers more people dying because of pregnancy more people being pushed into the foster care system more homeless people and it's ultimately just gonna end up pushing abortions underground where people are going to end up harming themselves or killing themselves giving themselves home abortions this is chaos this is what chaos looks like before you freak out this isn't going to stick they know it's not going to stick the plan is to take this to the Supreme Court where now they can challenge it in front of Judge Kavanagh who admitted that the Robie way standard is not set in stone and that it can be rolled back at any time next time it's challenged so tada so the two people that were getting dragged the most were matt walsh and steven crowder here I didn't make this mean by the way so Matt said if a twelve-year-old is raped by her father and the father takes her to get an abortion the evidence of the crime will be destroyed and he will go on molesting his victims for years but all this is cuz you want evidence you don't think that the abortion doctor will be wondering hey why is this twelve-year-old getting so many abortions if however the child is born his crime will be discovered she will be rescued from the abuse that implies first of all that having the child itself and being pregnant with the child is not a form of abuse which I would argue it is it's steven crowder said rape is still illegal no one is forcing you to carry a baby yeah except for the rapist and the state you don't respond to an act of evil with an equal slash greater one Steven I would argue that forcing a woman to carry an illegitimate child that was not made of love is an act of evil but I'm really glad that rape is still illegal that's really gonna stop it from happening it's worked so far Tommy Lauren ended up taking a lot of heat for her opinion on this issue she actually had a falling-out with all of her conservative comrades a few months back because of her opinion on abortion but before that she was actually one of those uh cringy boomer types just awful jokes we were making in 2014 but she was making them in 2017 what'd she have like this snowflake Awards just burn it but I have to admit that her opinion is matured quite a bit since then so this basically started a huge catfight and faith Goldie came in your atiq it doesn't save a life take is anti-christian anti family and anti freedom as all Liberty depends on life more dangerous methods nothing dangerous about Christ and placing a quarter between your knees and I gotta say it was a pretty dumb move of faith to call another woman a slut because before you know it another woman's gonna come in and say that you're the slut because you slept with Richard Spencer and then Richard Spencer's girlfriend's gonna come in and confirm the fact that ya usually did in fact have sex with a Nazi it happens every time but Tommy didn't let up I'm glad she stayed firm and in fact what a few conservatives and right-wingers that you wouldn't expect to defend abortion ended up giving their two cents and made very similar comments I think Alabama has gone too far they've passed a law that would give a 99 year prison sentence to people who commit abortion there's no exception for rape or incest it's an extreme ben shapiro of course going for the lowest common denominator making the most frequently made argument life is a right in fact unlike abortion which is not a right life is specified directly in the Declaration of Independence as well as the v of fo blah blah blah blah and it is Jun pointed out that this argument is always always always always made by people who don't think that health care is a right so life is a right but as soon as you come out of your mother you could die on the floor right there and they would do nothing about it it's meaningless they don't care about babies what they care about is fetuses and people with money and if you're not a fetus or a person with money then fuck you been basically argues here that because healthcare is a service that it's not a right I suppose that's technically true mr. technicality but how meaningful is a right for example been like everyone else has the right to freedom of speech but what if to exercise that right you have to perform a slam dunk well effectively Ben doesn't have freedom of speech anymore does he a right is only meaningful if there are accessible means to exercise it otherwise it's just lip service you have the right to be alive but you also have the right to die on the floor like a fucking animal in fact it worries me a lot just how concerned Republicans are with what you do with your own body stay out of my bedroom and just to give you an idea of the kind of people were dealing with here oh and don't forget if you have the baby even if convicted of rape he can still sue for custody if he's the dad then so be it he has the right as a father and yes this sounds barbaric because it is this is this is a biblical Christian mindset the Bible says that if your daughter is raped then the man who raped her has to marry her and pay reparations to the father for damaging his property people are property in the Bible but abortions immoral the feminists god bless the feminists they don't know what to do they have no idea what to do what can they do at this point so they do what they always do they deny men sex no that's not a joke that's that's literally all they could come up with our reproductive rights are being erased until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy join me by not having sex until we get our bodily autonomy back I'm calling for a sex strike pass it on you don't need me to point out to you how pointless and nonsensical this is because the kind of people that you would chances are have sex with would be pro-abortion anyways chances are the people that you're having sex with aren't Alabama senators anyways and can't really do anything about it and to prove my point your vagina your choice I support the hashtag sex strike 100% I must admit though I hope my wife makes it the other choice and of course this ended up leading to some pretty good cell phones here my problem with the sex strike is it feeds the narrative that women only have sex to satisfy men's sexual needs it ignores women's sexuality women like sex too and my man Scott here replied Michelle please stop before you say something that ruins your credibility women may claim to like sex but you really don't you tolerate it under limited circumstances and during limited time frames that's nature's design please be honest now and my personal favorite this idea frame sex is something that hetero women are subjected to rather than enthusiastic participants in like my good buddy Brad here comes in and says I get the point you're trying to make here but I've yet to meet a hetero woman who enthusiastically participates in sex Brad I think it's you but the ultimate irony of the sex strike is that it only ends up feeding in to the abortion ban because what the abortion ban is trying to do is encourage less sex so that less babies are born today you've done it play get raped all right how is aborting the baby that came about because of that terrible situation gonna make it any better an abortion I've got news for you does not magically undo that rape the woman is still going to notice a baby growing inside of her and that baby's going to serve as a constant reminder of the worst moment of her entire fucking life the fruit of a traumatic and humiliating violation protruding out of her for the entire world to see depending on how she does it even if she ends up giving the child up for adoption her body will still end up bearing permanent scars and then if she ends up keeping the child there's this whole new set of challenges because the child's going to bear a resemblance to her assailant you are still a rape victim but on top of it you've now killed your baby so congrats I guess I hear this argument a lot and I think this perfectly encapsulates the fundamental difference between the two sides on this issue women shouldn't have to see a rape baby as their baby if they don't see it as a legitimate child because they did not choose to have it because it was forced upon them then they don't have to bear that child I should mention that I do know women that have kept their babies that resulted from rape and that it's very hard for them it's very hard for the child and certainly women like this should be celebrated and even encouraged but that being said to say that all women should have to bear this burden is blatantly unfair and extremely unrealistic tell you lefties before you start coming ago we finally made a good video we made a good video you need to pay attention to this shit because this did not completely come out of nowhere you're going to hear some very disturbing information here the liberal media saw this coming they could have done more to get in front of this but instead they ended up directly contributing to the huge emotional push to get these laws passed this year so you may not know this but sometimes babies survive their abortion the 24 week rule is just a standard as to when a baby should be considered viable but that doesn't mean that a baby is necessarily viable then sometimes they're viable before that even then sometimes a baby can be aborted third term for some other reason and the baby will end up surviving that abortion for some time so for years and years and years even up until the late 90s doctors were not expected to do anything for these babies most doctors actually did nothing I was a nurse in 1999 at Christ's Hospital in Oakland Illinois when I discovered the hospital is not only involved in late term abortions but sometimes babies survived if they survived they were shelved to die in the soiled utility room so one night of Nursing coworker was taking a little abortion survivor aborted at 21 weeks with Down syndrome it's why he'd been aborted to the soiled utility room to die and I couldn't let him die alone so I rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived this is something that even George Bush ended up talking about during his presidency fast forward to 2016 and Texas passes unab orded a live bill which basically guarantees certain amenities for babies that survive their abortion this idea seems to make sense and you'd think that other states would probably follow suit however 2018-2019 virginia starts swaying a little bit in another direction and the virginia governor ends up making a statement I'm just gonna play it if a mother is in labor I can tell you exactly what would happen the infant would be delivered the infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers so what he's saying here is that if they survive that it still makes sense that you can still abort the baby while it's literally a living child as you can imagine this made any decent human being in Virginia lose their shit we're talking about a little baby girl who's been born and is on a table in a hospital or a medical facility and then a decision or a debate would be had about whether or not you could kill that little baby this is infanticide that we're talking about so this is this is when this is when this is when conservatives start making the slippery slope argument oh if you allow some abortion suddenly all abortion just doesn't seem that bad and you wake up one morning and say how did we how do we get to this point and it's because you allowed any abortion at all so the right wing ended up using this whole situation basically to enflame the public the baby is born the mother reaches with the doctor they take care of the baby they wrap the baby beautifully and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby I don't think so and they framed it as a failure of the left and used it to push people towards a complete ban of abortion pro-life groups will try to oust pro-abortion lawmakers including in Virginia they overplayed their hand they pulled back the curtain and they showed Virginians and they showed the entire United States of America what the abortion Lobby is really about they have now been exposed in what they believe and the things they embrace and the legislation they would clearly advance if they had the opportunity the left-wing media however decided to stay quiet on the whole issue nobody was really talking about this most of the networks ignore the furor over a bill the governor was defending to lift some restrictions on late term abortion so the right-wing media used that to piss off voters even more there was no coverage on ABC NBC and MSNBC CNN gave the story three minutes and the CBS Evening News let his peace with Northeast second a defense of his remarks and how Republicans pounced but don't worry don't worry the liberal media finally jumped into action by trying to bury the story scandal erupting over the Democratic governor of Virginia Virginia's Republican Party says he should resign if if he's one of the people shown in a page from his 1984 medical school yearbook the liberal media dug up an old yearbook of the governor's that included a photo of two people wearing offensive costumes our legal and political analysts you know Laura what do you think of this this is a if it's him it's a pretty big scandal out there if it's him in blackface it's a problem if it's him in the Klan it's a problem if it's him just pictures with his friends it's a problem whoa wolf what are you doing tell us about the dead babies so again the right-wing media used this again pissing off right-wing voters and pushing them towards an all-out ban North America photo sparking uproar costs all media platforms and rightly so his controversial comments about killing a newborn baby that was just delivered we're not covered with quite the same furor y'all know I don't like to give you my personal opinion but I got to give it here I don't like abortion I don't ever want anyone to ever get an abortion whenever somebody in my personal life tells me that they're thinking about getting one I tell them don't I think that abortions are extremely impactful and important things that our modern society does not take seriously and does not treat with the weight that it deserves to be treated it's literally gotten to the point where there's now feminists that celebrate abortions saying that abortions are a good thing [Applause] fuck all of those people for all those adults that are in committed relationships and you decided to abort a baby because it's just not the right time fuck you too I don't want abortions to be illegal I think ideally though we should be living in a society where people just don't want to get abortions and that they're not necessary however restricting all abortions at very least you have to admit is going too far the government does not exist to tell us what to do with our own bodies the government does not exist to dictate how we run our own families only we can know what's right for us this isn't a women's issue believe it or not this is a human's rights issue this is a personal sovereignty issue we have to draw a line because if we don't then the government will say oh well if we can control a woman's body then we can control a man's body and then people will start to care that was a joke but I realized that it's true but I'll admit that even my standard of when it's okay to have an abortion is too strict to because I can never know when somebody needs to get one only they can know and that's the point and I get that the point of this is not to make it stick but still Alabama and all these heartbeat bill states have really spit in the face of everything that makes Western culture what it is I really I really really want to emphasize just how immoral inhumane and unbiblical this bill is socially I'm pretty liberal I think that people should be able to live in relatively total freedom as long as they're not affecting anybody else negatively against their will but the way that I live my life personally I'm actually very traditional in fact I think that I'm much more traditional than the average traditionalist at least the ones that you see on youtube all the matters to them is just outward appearance they'll jump into your mentions and call even and stuff but they'll never tell you the things that they've done but this point in the video I want to talk directly to the religious right-winger traditionalist types here I know how to speak their language so if you guys will just step aside for a second I got this it's funny that I I think even as an atheist I make a better Christian than the average Christian so the laws of God actually allow abortion believe it or not and I can prove that so if you say that you're doing this because of God you're actually taking God's name in vain so point number one here the common arguments that Christians like to use number one life starts at conception Jesus did say that a fetus is a person at the moment of conception but God said that a person is a person when they breathe in God's air or whatever so basically their first breath Wow the Bible has contradictions amazing but even just going by Jesus's standard that a person is a person when they're conceived it sort of sounds like he's saying don't abort them but he doesn't it's not really what he's saying Jesus instead on the sermon of the mount said that God's law is here to stay and that he's here to fulfill it he's not here to change it laboum argument number two God sees all life is precious and that's the one that ben shapiro used the sanctity of life well in Deuteronomy 28 God says that as punishment he's going to make people eat their own children which is apparently something that happens in Hosea 9 he was God was asked by the Prophet to punish the Israelites by making them barren and God obliged this request by promising to kill the babies while they were in the womb but in a way that shows sanctity I'm sure plus let's not even mention all the times that God ordered the Israelites to slaughter entire cities and genocide entire populations including pregnant women by the way and children in second Kings the Israelites literally ripped the babies out of the wounds with their swords in a way again I'm sure that shows sanctity of life and three God wouldn't want you to abort an illegitimate baby that's in fact the one time God says that you probably should abort it yeah in numbers five God says that if you believe that your wife is carrying a baby that is not yours take her to the priests the priests will make her drink a potion and the baby will die in a way that shows city of life God's actually more pro-abortion than I am believe it or not all life is precious though I mean I agree with that sentiment at least when it comes to that I actually believe that I'm more pro-life than even God is when it comes to the ideals behind new abortion laws unfortunately reality does not bend to the will of our ideals you have to allow for all possibilities you have to allow for freedoms even if you think these people are making mistakes it's their mistake to make not yours so here's the bottom line abortion as distasteful as it is is a necessary evil and it has to be made available to the public you never know you have no idea what's gonna happen to you you have no idea what's gonna happen to your daughter your wife your mother your sister your girlfriend you don't know what's gonna happen there's there's so many reasons that a person could personally feel that they need an abortion that the government would never understand and and you can't plan for every possible contingency and quite frankly it isn't any of your business what people do with their bodies one day your sister might get raped your wife might have an illicit affair your daughter might end up sneaking with her boyfriend behind your back okay yes I mean the outward appearance of abortion is distasteful I mean fuck it's downright awful I would even say it's not even entirely moral it's probably the least moral thing that we do as a society legally I don't care what any of those oh I filmed myself having an abortion videos try to convince you of abortions are not glamorous they're not glittery they're not fun they're not cool but sometimes life puts you between a rock and a hard place and there's no easy answer and you end up having to do something that you don't want to do sometimes the I'm puttin away conservatives understand sometimes the reality of a situation requires a solution that defies our morality and our ideals but the point of life is to not live by our emotions or by our ideals alone don't live by principles that deny reality life doesn't have easy answers stop trying to force it to Oh

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  1. This video is demonitized – probably because I say 'rape' seven hundred times.
    Please consider supporting the channel. I don't usually say 'rape' at all.

  2. This pro life/ pro choice argument could be better if the abortion facilities were actually sanitary and clean for the women. Not to mention the method they use to abort by not using ultrasound guided causes more women to have internal bleeding damage in the uterus

  3. I agree that it would be better to work on creating a world where abortion is not necessary. You know you went too far when Pat Robertson finds it too harsh.

  4. Abortion is not okay. Poisoning babies, sucking them out through tubes, pulling their limbs apart, crushing their skulls, damaging the women's uteruses, drowning them in buckets if they survive, etc. It isn't okay. I will never pretend to think that killing innocent children is okay. It's like the definition of evil.

    Poverty is no more because we’ve killed all the babies. Yeah, murder is always the option, right? This world is so twisted.

  5. This is a problem but we need to address the absolutely crazy late term abortion laws in some states too. I think there’s definitely a grey area in all this, and it seems like everyone jumps to the polar opposites on this topic, but most people would agree that in those situations where rape victims or incest should have the right to choose but also that people don’t have a right to choose after like fuckin 20 weeks.

  6. I believe this is the correct position to have. You don't need to agree or want an abortion any time in your life, but that shouldn't stop people having the RIGHT to do it. I fully agree with you on this, it's better to have a society that never needs to use abortion even if it is avaible, than living in one that requires it, and it's ilegal.

  7. Another thing is, states and countries that have implemented pro choise policies end up having less abortions.

  8. 20:45 Continuing the trend you started earlier in the video about confusion, you now sit in very fitting company. What exactly is your point here? that killing a baby is okay because it is "part of the woman's body"?

    22:00 except, you obviously exclude unborn babies from that. Killing those is apparently okay…
    25:40 Their mistake to make. Which is obviously why the ending of a human life for your own convenience is considered a crime….

    To paraphrase ben Shapiro on whom you harped earlier: "Birth does not magically convey personhood.", but seeing how at one point said baby did not exist and at a certain later point it does, such a point, magical or not, exists. A thousand legislators seem confused as to where that point is, a thousand scientists seem willing to try and find out, but after that point, child of love or not, child or incest or not, inconvenient for the mother or not, terminating the pregnancy means terminating a human life. Which I feel needs to be said in this context, because the video does not address this in more but the most cursory way…

  9. I believe that if you have been raped and don't have the conditions to raise the child yes you can have a abortion

    But if it was consensual and planned and the conditions are right no it's not okay to kill something before birth especially if the father of the kid wants to be a father

  10. One thing I find funny is pro lifers are always saying if you don't want kids don't have sex then the left and people who support murdering unborn babies say of they can't abort the child then the month get pregnant.

  11. i have the problem solved if Trump comes out in favor of abortion and sex the left will want to ban it BOOOM problem solved

  12. I feel much like you but i have a question ? do you see an abortion as a murder but one we must tolerate thats how i kind of see it and if thats true are you pro capital punishment and if no why not if your ok with abortion?

  13. I have always been against abortions, the only time I am pro abortions is in the case of rape. And that's it.

  14. 19:43 I honestly had to take out my ear buds during this part because I was so disgusted. Like fuck you miss

  15. I put off watching this cause I thought it woulda changed my opinion of you and as a prolifer I find that listening to a more moderate opinion like yours rather than getting shouted down by friends encourages recosinderation and research, which is why I enjoy your channel even when I didagree.

  16. 2:22 Wait, so you can get abortions in Alabama as long as you don’t know thar you’re pregnant? Okay bro.

    Oh Skeptic said the same thing right after damn

  17. I’m in a committed relationship I have 2 kids if I were to get pregnant right now I don’t know what I would do I need to be able to care for my existing children first and I couldn’t handle another pregnancy or baby right now my youngest is 7 months old it’s not just oh it’s the wrong time for a baby it’s about having the means to provide for current children

  18. I don't think anything has appalled me more than the video of that woman DANCING ON HER DEAD CHILD'S GRAVE.

  19. The cause of the absurd abortion restriction state laws described in this video is the Supreme Court decision Roe vs Wade.
    Abortion is a political issue usurped by the Supreme Court in Roe vs Wade. That decision forces abortion opponents to state in their anti abortion laws fetuses are persons. As a person fetuses receive Constitutional protection. Such assertion in state law will require an explicit SCOTUS review of Roe vs Wade.
    The "absurd" abortion restrictions results from confronting the person requirement in RvE. More moderate abortion restrictions become illogical; stating some fetuses are persons and some are not; no different than arguing as in Dredd Scott some humans are not persons and can be slaves while other humans are persons and cannot be slaves.
    The abortion issue is no different than the slavery issue – fetus, slave; body, property; slave trade, unprotected sex. The analogies are direct.
    Hopefully the resolution will be less violent.

  20. When armoured skeptic says "healthcare" did he mean a government owned monopoly paid for by forcefully redistributing wealth of the unwilling? The path to socialism is paved with good intentions. I agree with the opinions in this video though.

  21. As an Ohioan, these current abortion laws are absolutely despicable, and I wholeheartedly apologize on behalf of the entire state for exposing you to such idiocy. Fucking DeWine.

  22. Back alley abortions are a choice made by retards who deserve the consequences of their actions. I won't be shedding tears for the ppl that go see scalpel jockey hacks. Just like when I laugh at idiots that get back alley plastic surgery.

  23. Over 90% of women kill their babies not because they were raped or because of incest but because they don't want the responsibility of caring for a child of the product of their promiscuous sex life. The ones who were raped and had incest committed against them are the exception not the rule.

    There are between 40 to 50 million abortions a year world wide and in the US alone since 1973 there has been well over 50 million that's at a rough rate of nearly 1 million a year. It wasn't Hitler, Stalin, Mao, no abortion is the biggest mass murderer just by the Us amount alone but the world taken into account nothing not the crusades, wars of religion, the mongols, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, even if you combined them it would not even come close to how much abortion has killed.

    Who would have thought empowering women to the point of making it legal to kill people would result in the largest mass murder in history and the response is oh you poor women the poor poor murderers of babies their the victims.

  24. Mainstream media is not "liberal" media. They also didn't "dig up" the blackface photo. That was dug up by a conservative group and delivered it to the media. The "liberal" (ie mainstream) media ran with the story because it was newsworthy, not to push some agenda. If they were "liberal" media they would have defended Northam. Just like the conservative media is currently defending Kyle Kashuv: "Oh he's grown since then"; "He deserves redemption" blah blah blah.

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