Abortion Is Not Legal – Badwam on Adom TV (28-6-19)

I don't see my bedroom and I was Shannon Andra is a comedy-adventure abortion let's just say idea where they are and a good way to move from Elson Emmanuel monument by mo complications near be brain or via testimony sana upon omean emoni nah io sono soso era so I walk on CNN Oh dr. Saba a nanano Assad a legal practitioner so economy visa you GM kimono be no sadhana air Khurana was the emergence of ye na feyo Cunha aircon see me walk me amin casa milà capriciousness a dream dance Oh Isaac ha ha Tommy Medina a miettinen as an animal I think I didn't saw a war I see enough a doctor and Samuel my assistant a physician assistant oh yeah Nia doctor Kiana crucial mahabhava d'amour nor our Filton Medical Center they for Secunia so now much ER doctor Philemon Mensa a dog noon on a slogan level our high so far fresh unwanted email Facebook or they're gonna pay yet shelf when you for me mum watching never be able for the Yamuna you know hae military my happy birthday pasta Danielle I'm nowhere near 15 years pasta Daniel and none happy happy happy happy birthday my motivator see me Nina Sarah Priscilla Jackson Anna Yampa to imagine a society Nina pasta Daniel and on happy happy happy birthday I appreciate you motivation wanna Jessica Arana no Clavius wanna yell Miyagi knock upon shadow mom pretentious I and my a young Ryan come on this way nah midwifery and a man from free a hora as you dance or Umbra no a Cartier affair Assam teacher bar could be annoying koala before a car yes sir already I'm washing an idiot oh yeah yeah see a degree I which I'm grateful I am me today at wash off I am said the same hospital hold on what product anything well this time remember muna physica or Mopani oh no she scindia or my ID on you cry yeah woohoo panty across 70 on Oprah oh yeah what's up mr. crabby oh ho no way your mom gonna Fester casado me wha yo shadow kata for sushi anyone who say and he boy because a medical negligence so I didn't also the one who I again and on one yet in Te Papa and read and so we were really senior as a doctor so Phoenician side the NY yes away whyisign any other wampum nomination work no money pain he remained Akane Tia granny Nam MSA a bar abortion ax em Bravo Dan Harmon Yesenia Marisa TCC on am Rama who can say will be a baby before Simona Rammohan emotional a duly a session on a year where one due to insist via banana papaya any senior been appear now dabbed on an album oh no no no Ramon wants a doctor Maya chin you know capacity to me le abortion mom near toaster broke all imbecile or female idiots India obeah never been denied my mechanic a crap hi ng unemotionally pub on a phobia question on a rip and acid additionally a fire phone on so mama hawk when say say say my panel park which me and a solo crane to mentor and half were being awful be a bit me Gina mama am ia a mono missile is an acid yeah using say a Kosovo ha ha Abby ha Oh mommy BIA na life is in danger and I see be a Colin Craven nice na oh na na na di ba Franny bear Papa entir no no sauna which minimum remark I mean if you are leasing a abortion ad recession 50 years of a criminal could nah criminal offenses actor okay and yeah that's what we become because they be I will Phenom Roberta so show us or do done more for so no Donna William I'm a baby yes so kitty know what dunya ready so money ma a I said weird you know crowbar any been a Tibetan I'm running a manager ng over time NT say a Cabana sonador Taniya worker down here chillin very line sense to do their way for you now what's in my okay say doctor you know I'm the anesthesia anesthesia about one one one is Kiana NSMC Manila at you know pessoa cannot see to say an idea a wondrous absorb a hospital nah mm you know say doctor me a human yes surgery and i see BB said sam needy china say nipple core core core co commission to say o exceptions number amana me say one more who claims would be abortion okay so on Canada and in Idaho we all kwok-wai enemy honorable terminally ill gay is a crime a normal year enemies who say a casa exceptional until could do for normal yesterday Mahna Mahna MMO chrome Hannah says dr. Ledesma nani Aafrin medical negligence essence a libya wanted a nice NESN Calibri be no one else a pepê lima – a I've been wanna be no Pfizer can accomplish would do room and a thorough ups I am Rama who can say you should call that one negligently causing ham negligently cost a hammer look at the nigger into Causton hell naw naw I crazy say in answer damn me and I'ma Oprah and I say BB Sabha and no no you finest a a year in someone in can get a misdemeanor no no Jane Jane yes if insane if any famous mu-1 increase in dippin if a Moonpie medical profession we have a special provision for them because of a Yamaha nanny polyfoam wha actress hua Lian negligently caused a ham which is burning katenka t need immediate action a cram walk with us hid a visa because of a dream away and reunited me soul until a bonehead mom and Auntie be a woman Ahmad say one when anaesthesia DNA do be an inner demon bruh lucious we say anaesthesia know a nonconformist into medicine an em c'mon idea twice or idea of abortion and no more complications Emre ad and kimonos they say no don't wanna and yesterday working today law at show more at the x-ray or no and yet yeah you need to mock rad just said da someone today lawyer chill moon and okay there can be an American 3d I will to our Benny moon I'm running carving from home but I don't know a different matter Emre a year or a Samuel I used to physician assistant Onofre Felton medical Santa ho no no Sanjay a NASA say no impossible SHINee Babar just idea we all laugh Wow what my warrior problem or furnace ammonia here today and I was saying yeah yeah and the point biography pregnancy no number four how Emma they said it'd be a beer if you know your mom I your to what we're using to of me I forgot in a bay and my papa yeah okay yeah a di da we never stayed you know where the other copy there we get like through an imbalance watch what some children yes I'm a pineapple show back I cry or did not trim panel change the NSA well hooning t unanimity on normal corner rule nothing you say our Papa show you're near my monkey crew to a year as a rudimentary Abby Mannion for Moya who by every news animal all right asana Murchison or within jackc every fertile Medical Center doctor floor Mensa a my gosh arena and now Queenie ammonium a a and medica car to lot larger answer mmm say Oba aside normal mine see he says new Rapinoe America for Libya and Apollo or problem be a one in Sonoma a medically unison and once si means unit was Vanessa Marano and I am I here know someone oh gee I'm sorry okay Boston was somebody who say a very dangerous it's hero yeah did you know and then Rosanna yeah can a person feel quite a fast release in my craft ready when you're ready I'm Accra now I get to me I prevented abortion say yes it is ahoy maty yarmulke critic I know you name family planning family planning idea at the ball using the species we know it's a baby remove a Hanukkah crabby na na hoona got was oh he kind of a yellow condom I mean enemy Maria a memory milk on my wall a muscle at the Iranian abhi Emma and he mill condom law submissively Oberman rainy Indiana law a bomb by it milk on Domino bomber by every means him in see what say I know the condom Nimmi what y'all not see in many you I'm sorry about Kosovo yeah oh you know we owe said no way yeah if you CBO Benassi answer be yes yes indeed what the condom no no any camera I was gonna be a and she never go okay but then column little bit meeting in the Atia and India Monica a year from fast uh-huh in CNEA and uh yeah war injection oh ho honey yeah pannier okay uh no no yeah 101 months no I meant to do home I might've been a key time huh general Bush maybe I was maybe alcohol engineer injection one Monty be any other three months gozaburo slope Anya in the three months the NEC no I don't know I feel no no a bear for the for trade 12 aha the four times per depo-provera into Wow Bosnian said be a bumble for three months no hacen yeah we had three months okay Anna yeah walk near this shit yen seminal and we said yeah ha see Aniyah or three years or five years we had three years you know in the regime in saying it's yeah the kazooie inside rod key to it it will see ba l co SSA okok Alicia if you're Billy three years now or there man and now family planning Oh Sabri enemy even so much abuse you crap Librium in cnk median a popular cause would to me one who knew me knew bandages was a monk or boredom and everyday time no crowd no money Taliban oh gee say Oh Bianca onion dosa we are three years three years Anna yeah what five years do hmm banana Joe dad oh yeah kitten kitten assume none yet really now with their bucket we're for my guess basically five years you know five years ending me Anna yeah well ten years with Yoho it's okay we Akita miyazono about our deal I wouldn't say be Madonna Nene nothing in the Nikora see the elevation C on that year Copa now as I said boom boom you see a baby BC nah I'm amazed I saw ya betta butta Queen side maybe Beca about a week and of course it okay so I'm on the move uh-huh would you wear yeah we know I have only seen ru one that would get my holiday implant enough we are you deciding enjoy trying device yeah that's it we're near 10 years to a0 and I'm a dependent Bioshock realms will be a better man than this week and as a whole calculation oh yeah yeah or three months and here we are three years ten years did you wanna pay and now you walk me and mom are you all right one the man Yama and Ernie awarded it Bo Burnham better nobody and I'll meet my buddy Oh her walking at the end it will call family planet normally Burma and it did BR and yeah well imagine see one major contraceptive and no no why have this X now your own protected mode within 24 to 72 hours oh no now Arnhem but here comes at the earlier you take it no lab at the batteries yes monitor in some studies also should say sir CBO way I think above 70 kilograms yeah and also I Rana and yet my until oh yeah I see and also I know you walk permanent one bandy I mean yes or say you we are for this year Narnia demon woman you know yesterday and he did wha abortion Oda I know before I am a physical man on one phenomena so she's often FSA cardia I'm ready to be on sin any ammonia money Adele Guha above him and buy enough a hour per year and you know maybe a lawyer who they are law so sure actually about a you saw opposition on Saturday it is a yeah do you money the energy work and the NE peut pas moi mean in case beer will be Co well well you know town new job on him Sammy my yes but I tell me who you are known as I say I don't know so what you are so cry but effect in vbm a Cabana she knows what Imran Oh amazing you see a me say sir Mnemosyne a bar there are sides of it we have the civil aspect of it and then the human aspect several New Year sir BBC da-dew Bonnie and I say Oh be a fool can be sir no civil action all names are kindness or a p.m. pata every Senate panel and I said oh cool yes on depended on and we say and I say a private hospital will be soon private hospital miss you dr. nesse you private hospital now Oprah Ampata say it's an SI yeah my he was out prison and I said Presidio Miami wanna sue named Gino wiry say and they say Marco come see in India one patoshik I said and I said I don't know who I am yeah which me it's you I said man why the before so Institute a civil action on your behalf in their composition in crosswind yeah Nana would be aqua Donaghy million dollars if he confirmed me yeah Johnson Johnson & Johnson from say I'm about the Dina of course a concept the idea will be millions of civil action idea Rubin Ampata now criminals better Nana make handy against a doctor for a much more money Sonny say circumstances of New Year you know ammonia DME 1900 km Anandapur monopoly in teasing from so bad and I mean a missing you Khun khrap any misdemeanor decriminalization idea en carrozza be Brisa mmm empathy sawano una hora Nina Hamoui several action before my buddy gave me awful nice and and a burnished Appa I said wasn't near big buildings you know I was he I said beard and then they'd our question balcony or Nubia then you for know why not one more X he a hero zero three zero two two one one seven zero one seven zero two seven zero three and a seven zero four zero three zero two two one one seven zero one seven zero two seven zero three seven zero for now a fee yeah yeah mmm no no yeah yeah I warn ya now summon a physician assistant insomnia now you're an animators yo ha Wow therefore we but story affect our over to me I will be but for New Year in the side Apollo they were permanent family plan oh hell no way yeah both your memory is our imagine huh it's a shame for near Catania vamos a abana would be enemy Alya Phoebe fallopian tube I wanna Aquilani fertilization americaís into your honey a big trap near John Mary – Oh mirror and okay I'm watching that's enough yeah no pain hey Mary a baby welfare – awesome – awesome Elsie and carry my notes even in my opinion como una so um watching I'm Potomac rum and they were pregnant you you but now Lydia would you ideally give me da ma say now I shall be sir doctor said sure when you you know for a three-year CDA no not a time now so lots of a solo okay yeah sure Pinoy some additional who sued me pan about music chef I'm a cell 0 sir soku yeah maybe I would you know P bathroom yeah we know you know bein odium agua de se esta semana so sta know pea ciao good morning faculty your five years do anything you say to me a family plan five year guarantee na million oh oh man I'm a woman I will myself a better man lam bye-bye McCoy but family problems be brave build a bit of a mess because today's nature if you added channel trucks they'd be out yeah well family planning you know mail call that's all Kohaku why problem beyond walk-on wotty that's a selfish a dog will be Becca aha I read so I want to saw Irina nope AHL me Pacho means I'm assuming may God show me face with my facial necklace and Lisa doctor say hello my name is Chu mo na me to say my warning that function must reminds me it's not nice he's a bit for me because I don't see any mommy a kiss a and know that I don't know how true that is been to me personally find me out okay the yawn oh dear mom in sua da no no no the young ho geomancy young sir yeah what for Francois – aw okay see Yin Yin I'm saving Inaba a ho ho TM far married yesterday wired to into your purser prevent about Bhumika say we are ya que CA an idea no crit but a Nubia gold Muslim be about cover super medium iam a cos Omega C but a Nubia internal or family planning Nepal avoir a better material lacking at least what the yarmulke Saudia started with injection or shake what start with injection on me say abuela then you move on say Orianna alone wha then you you do they'd be a three years you know I don't know another no sir what happened a or China hua Zhu yo me llamo he at least try Mubarak reality and across yee-ha quasi because because you saw yes a way to know prompt oh yeah best Aditya yeah with my footage at when they say especially a coma young ladies and so obviously a manual reproductive union try say yeah baby a family planning no I'm on and I say a when you're maybe up as over abortion nah yeah Imran Omaha yeah I don't know yeah nah call a better place Anna accredited facility ah you bitch me I am out and I'm a judge was that way yeah Wow were yeah NASA CB mm-hmm from the suit was well but more bearish about hospital Nanyan Toma Sonya you know it's a sannyasin occurred this year on a news item say teenagers near the sex a multimedia sound is on the rise Angie Angie yeah na yeah na yeah you moody and a bedrock remain until hockey a celebration I am Colin ok pronia 18 years away family plan Imran fatty Umbra muneca lady 16 years ax a war a French I appreciate from 16 years announcer yeah it would give sexual consent in the from 16 before I'll be DT now you can get married yeah war some apprenticeship or not money but more mana yeah in see a doctor Naaman a zero two four four four six zero four four nine zero two four four four six zero four four nine dr. Filmore Mensa okay the number and non auntie Anna PDMPs for Aramis a for Papa say it will suffer much in Australia Abba ashram or al decay no monster Nataniel appeal could be any age age and in Guatemalan say a crew for more bossy Mobe FD a s and H we know in advance and Isaac in emmanuel de bon happy birthday in advance and common wanna pay yo moon CA na sister sandy be a guy Adriano separate wazoo media fear among quoi Tomoko

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