Abortion: It's Not Just Your Body Anymore | Ep 141

hey guys welcome to relatable today we are discussing abortion now we have discussed abortion many times on this show I encourage you to go back and listen to previous episodes episode 113 talks about the spiritual battle that we face those of us who are on the pro-life side when we are talking about abortion and we or when we are talking to people who advocate for abortion there was an episode called Colleen evil good I believe that was about the New York legislation specifically we've talked about the Georgia legislation the Alabama legislation we have talked about abortion a lot today this is going to be just like all of the other all the other episodes that you guys have heard this summer this is going to be a basic kind of introduction into what abortion is and how to combat some of the most common lies or common arguments that you hear for abortion so I don't have to pretend that I don't already have my mind made up on this you guys know this is something that I am extremely passionate about that I have been arguing for the sanctity of unborn life for a very long time I do it in speeches I do it on my podcast I do it on television I do it in articles it is something that is so clear to me that it's very hard for me sometimes to wrap my mind around how the other side thinks until as we discussed on episode 113 when we discuss spiritual warfare until you realize this is not a flesh and blood battle this is truly a spiritual battle and you just have to understand that people are being deceived that's the bottom line and if you don't believe me hopefully you will agree with me by the end of this episode there is truly truly not a single logical argument not a single good argument that I have heard for abortion now there could be some very sophisticated academic arguments out there that I haven't heard I obviously would not find them persuasive but maybe I would find them somewhat logical I just have not found that and look I look for arguments for the other side of things I really do because I want to know how to respond to them so I don't just pick out stupid arguments and say well this is what the other side thinks no I see it as beneficial to myself and to my side of an issue to really fully and accurately understand what the best arguments are for the other side of the issue because I think it makes me stronger in my position it makes me better and having a dialogue about these things it makes me more thoughtful and I think all of those things are good so just understand if you are a pro-choice ER listening to this or if you are pro-life or listening to this it doesn't matter and you think that I'm someone who just hyperbole Isis the other side or who doesn't understand the other side who hasn't really thought about the other side know that that is an incorrect assessment I think that it is not beneficial to me at all to misrepresent the other side of any issue including abortion so while I am passionate about my position and I'm passionate about the rightness of my position on this issue my desire is not to mischaracterize the pro-choice position it's not to exaggerate it and it's not to lie about it I promise you that I don't see that as positive in any way for either side of this so as I'm going through these things know that I am trying to be as accurate and as exact as possible in what the protoid side says and beliefs that doesn't mean I'm not gonna offer my opinion this whole thing is going to be what I think about abortion but I I don't have any desire to like I said lie or deceive you in any way about what the other side thinks even though you already know my position on this just know that I am giving as much deference as possible to the other side I don't I don't even need honestly to exaggerate the other arguments because I find them so easy to refuse so just understand that as we're going into this ok guys I gotta tell you about simply safe so I didn't know that I did not know this but the majority 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are the police able to get there but this is 3.5 times faster which is awesome there's also no contract when it comes to simply safe there are no hidden fees there's no fine print it's really easy to order it's easy to set up usually in under an hour simply safe has won all kinds of awards from CNET to the New York Times wire cutter the prices for simply safe are always fair they're always honest and the around-the-clock monitoring is only 15 dollars a month that is unheard of so make sure that you visit simply safecom / Ally when you do you will get free shipping and a 60 day risk-free trial you really don't have anything to lose it's a great deal so go to simply save dot-com slash Ally my name is spelled al li e so they know that I sent you that is simply safe calm / Ally so let's talk about what is abortion so I just decided to take the definition given to me by Google so if I just type in on the search bar what is abortion to Google here is what it gives me the deliberate termination of the human pregnancy most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy well that's just amazing for many reasons and we'll talk about one of the reasons it a little bit but uh the first 28 weeks of pregnancy like that is really far along by 27 weeks you've been feeling your child move for at least 7 weeks so there's no denying at that point what this is inside your room but again we're getting a little ahead of ourselves if you go to Planned Parenthood com and so they're the largest abortion provider obviously in the country and if you look for what happens during an abortion here is what their website will tell you so it says suction abortion is the most common kind of abortion procedure a nurse or doctor may give you medication to help open your cervix before abortion sometimes they also put small dilator sticks called lemon area into the opening of your cervix a day or a few hours before your procedure the lemon area absorbs absorb fluid from your body it's amniotic fluid by the way and get bigger which slowly stretches your cervix open then they examine your uterus they put a speculum in to see your vagina inject a numbing medication in to or near your cervix stretch the opening of your cervix with a series of dilating rods if you haven't had them put in earlier insert a thin tube through your cervix into your into your uterus use a small handheld suction device or suction machine to gently take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus they may also use a small surgical tool called a curette to remove any tissue that's left in your uterus or check to make sure your uterus is totally empty so if you will notice out what is missing from these definitions is any mention of what or who is actually being removed here Google defines abortion as the termination of a pregnancy Planned Parenthood defines abortion as gently taking the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus so it should at least make you curious if you are a pro-choice person right away when you observe that our greatest source and purveyor of information Google and the largest abortion provider in the country Planned Parenthood are obscuring what abortion actually is even if you are pro-choice even if you are this on the side that advocates for abortion you should wonder if this really isn't so bad if abortion really isn't that big of a deal then why can't we say what it actually is you understand no matter what side you're on what an abortion does it doesn't just into pregnancy though technically it does that but what is the ending of a pregnancy a Planned Parenthood describes it as removing pregnancy tissue or removing remaining tissue out of the uterus it takes a human being this is what abortion does youyou know what it does it takes a human being that was alive and growing whether it is at six weeks gestation or 20 weeks gestation and kills him or her I mean that's it that's not an exaggeration that's not unscientific language that's a scientific in as exact as it gets um if what is inside a pregnant woman is not alive then that's not an abortion that's a miscarriage if what is inside a pregnant woman is not a human being that she is not pregnant and there is no need for an abortion okay so we know that it is in a live human being if a woman is pregnant and she is getting an abortion if a woman is pregnant then scientifically medically exactly speaking she is pregnant with a living human being okay that's just basic logic it's really amazing that in 2019 we are going over this so it does not matter if you are pro-choice that is the unmistakable reality that you have to accept if you can't accept that then you should ask yourself as a logically thinking person why do I find myself unable to come to terms with a scientific reality if taking the life of a human being in any way makes your stomach turn or makes you feel defensive or angry or makes you emotional if you find yourself ignoring the scientific reality in exchange for emotional arguments like my body my choice you should ask yourself really why you should also be asking yourself why if abortion really isn't that big of a deal if abortion is just a choice that some women make and then get on with their lives if it's nothing more than a trip to the dentist why can't Planned Parenthood or Google say what it is why do they have to use euphemisms why can't they be more clear about it why do they ignore in both of their definitions the existence of a fetus if the fetus if the fetus doesn't exist again this is not an abortion they say it ends a pregnancy true but how a Planned Parenthood tells you what the procedure is like for you but any curious person no matter their political leanings should wonder what what does it do to the fetus how does the fetus die so that you're no longer pregnant and this is not just Google and Planned Parenthood this is the entirety of the pro-choice ID the use of euphemisms in an effort to obscure what actually happens in an abortion there's not just one person involved there's not even just two people involved not just a woman in the doctor having an abortion by definition is the ending of a pregnancy pregnancy by definition means that you have a human being inside of you if you are a human being that is just basic biology choice reproductive rights own body autonomy freedom health care all of these terms in regards to abortion do the same thing they obscure that another human being is involved yes you do have a choice you do have reproductive rights you do have autonomy over your own body you do have freedom to do with your body what you will you can have access to health care but all of that is redefined all of that looks very different when it is no longer just your body involved but someone else's to and from the point of conception onward there is another body inside you whether you like it or not whether you acknowledge it as another body or not again that is a scientific reality that is not a religious person that is not a moral position that is a fact from the moment of conception there's a human being with distinct DNA who unless aborted or miscarry will grow into a fully formed baby and Lord willing a toddler a teenager and adult etc every single one of us all of you listening to this podcast me everyone in the entire world was once a zygote okay that is simply a stage of development that is not a degree of humanity we don't become more human the older that we get we often hear from the pro-choice side that an unborn child is not a human well that is unscientific nonsense no doctor or scientist no matter how pro-choice they are will tell you that when a woman is pregnant she may or may not be pregnant with a human never in all of history has a woman ever been pregnant with anything except a human being any member of the Homo Sapien species from the point of conception to the point of death is a human being and even after death they're still a human being it does not make sense to arbitrarily assign humanity to someone whenever we see fit again that is emotional that is illogical that is unscientific hogwash every adult living today was once a human zygote it is just an early stage of development unless you are willing to say that a newborn is less human than a toddler simply because the newborn isn't as developed as the toddler which of course would be illogical there is no reason for you to say that a newborn is more human than a zygote same thing if you said that a 25 year old is more human than a 17 year old because their frontal lobe is more developed or they're yeah they're more human than that that doesn't make any sense now what pro-choice people really mean and what they actually mean when they say that a fetus is not a human is that a fetus is not a person human is a scientific term that cannot be refuted person is a philosophical turn that ascribes value and in America guarantees you basic rights that is why abortion legislation whether it's New York's pro-abortion legislation or Georgia or Alabama's anti-abortion legislation defines a person not a human because any sane person knows what a human being is from the point of conception but a person New York defines a person as a human being outside the womb Georgia defines a person as a human being with a heartbeat which typically starts at six weeks gestation now states do have a right to define personhood as so the question we should ask ourselves when does a human being become a person and why well here is here's the plain truth I don't know any other way logically to think about this defining a human as a person any point after conception is arbitrary and therefore doesn't make any sense and therefore is immoral so if you say that a human zygote isn't a person okay why wind does as I go turn into a person when they have a heartbeat okay well why does a heartbeat define personhood the zygote is still alive the woman hasn't miscarried like we've already noted we all start out we all start out as zygotes so why logically does a zygote magically become a person when they have a beating heart and who says that you do you say that most pro-choicers are okay with abortion though after the harvey far after the heartbeat has already been detected so if it's not when the heartbeat starts that a human being becomes a person when is it when the baby can feel pain so like sixteen weeks or a little after that okay why is an adult that is under anesthesia or are they any less of a person is it viability when a baby can live outside the womb so around 20 for weeks is that when they become person why then there are plenty of adults with special needs who are dependent on machines and their parents to survive are they not people is it when the baby exits the birth canal is that when they become a person so they weren't a person five seconds before that so it would have been okay to kill them five seconds before they were born they're not people they're not people then who says you do you determine that why so as you can probably see a signing personhood to to a human being any at any point after the point of conception becomes really arbitrary it becomes subjective and even what I would call superstitious it's based on nothing but your own feelings and when we're talking about a human life it probably makes the most sense that we should be exact about it that it shouldn't we shouldn't be playing the game of determining what innocent helpless humans get to live and die based on our own subjective feelings that just makes the most sense because if you carry that reasoning out to its logical conclusion you see that people determining who gets to live and die based on their own subjective standards of personhood hasn't turned out very well throughout history any human rights atrocity that you can think of from slavery to the Holocaust has been justified by people who decided that a certain type of human was not a person by their standards and therefore didn't have value and therefore was okay to kill so if you are Pro twice and you find yourself doing the same thing ask yourself why you feel the need to deny reality to make yourself feel better why do you feel the need to either deny that abortion into life and revert to the anti intellectual my body my choice thing why it's not just your body therefore it's not just about your choice and say you are a pro-choice er who is honest with yourself you acknowledge that a zygote a fetus an unborn child is in fact a human being okay good so you've entered into the realm of scientific reality now will you come to terms with the fact that a human is a person and this isn't just based on now you feel it is what makes sense because remember any reasoning that you get for why a human in the womb is not a person can probably be applied to human beings outside of the womb so age size location dependencies sentence self-consciousness these are all characteristics that describe many humans outside the womb – particularly babies or people with special needs so if you're willing to say that an unborn human is not a person because they are at an early stage of development then ask yourself if logically you would say that as we've already said a teenager is less of a person than a 25 year old if not then why if you are willing to say that an unborn human is not a person because they are small because they're in their mom's body they're dependent on the mother they're not sentient they're not self conscious ask yourself why logically logically a human being size location level of dependency and intellectual capacity makes them any less of a person because again these are all characteristics of people outside the womb – are you okay with killing them for these reasons if not why your answer is probably because they're not in their mom's body well you've just gone back to your faulty illogical definition of personhood why does someone's location or level of dependency determine their personhood their value or whether or not they live or die and where does that end and who decides that is that you so if any of these factors do make someone any less of a person in your mind then I would say congratulations you now share the mindset of every eugenicist that has ever lived a eugenicist is someone who believes in in purifying society by killing certain members who are not adding enough value typically includes mentally disabled the elderly the poor and of course in the case of the Holocaust some religions and races – so that's something that you should maybe consider and I just want you to be really honest with yourself could it be could it be just have a moment of frankness could it be that you've been lied to could it be that Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in the country aborting more than 300,000 babies a year a donator of millions of dollars to the Democratic to Democratic campaigns an organization founded by Margaret Sanger who was in Al who was outspoken about abortion being the solution to eliminating quote Negroes is publishing propaganda and calling it PR could that be could it be that they're pushing eugenics in the name of empowerment considering that the vast majority of babies being aborted are black and brown babies it doesn't feel like that much of a leap and that they're pushing maybe misinformation in order to stay afloat in order to make more money in order to keep funding the Democratic Party you think that's possible I do now typically at this point a pro-choice person gets very defensive and frustrated you've probably noticed that if if you spent any amount of time engaging with the pro-choice person they'd move the goalposts a lot first they might say that a fetus isn't a human you disprove that then they say a fetus isn't a person you push back on that then they say even if the fetus is a person they still don't have the same rights as a mother and you say sure they might not have the right to vote they might not have the right to bear arms for example but they are a person and so at the very least they should have a right now to be killed right like you would agree that all innocent people are entitled to not be dismembered or poisoned right like at the very least they won't answer you but they may say well okay I'm not for it I'm further choice I wouldn't have one myself but women should have the right to choose they would say then you ask why do you apply that reasoning to rape or any other form of murder should people legally have the right to choose to murder should they legally have the right to choose to rape someone they might say well that's different the government shouldn't have a say and what we do with our bodies okay well almost every law that exists dictates what you can do with your body it you are free to use your body how you want until you use your body to harm someone else or someone else's property rape laws are a restriction on your body theft laws are a restriction on your body murder laws are restriction on your body telling you what you cannot do to your butt or with your body and no one is free to do what they want with their bodies when they are harm someone else with it okay they'll say but bn8 abortion doesn't stop abortion it just makes it more dangerous coat hangers and all of that one first you should ask them where they got that information because I haven't seen the data that actually backs that up the number of women who were dying from illegal abortions was about the same before Roe as it was after Roe and – even if that were true does that mean that there shouldn't be a law against it murder laws don't stop all murders rape laws don't stop all rape so should these things just be legal no law stops all crime but we have laws anyway why because we value human life and therefore we believe that there should be a punishment for abusing or killing it because that is justice so if you're going to argue that we shouldn't have abortion restrictions because it's not going to help much anyway then I'd like to see you make that same argument for other restrictions and other laws then they'll probably just ignore you and they'll say okay well what about rape and incest – what you say I think racists are the most racist rapists and racists are the most vile human beings to ever walk the earth and they should go to prison for the rest of their lives and should be punished as harshly as humanly possible for their disgusting crime and family members who do the same who who rape should possibly be given even harsher punishments yes the dad who rapes his 13 year old daughter and gets her pregnant should go to prison for the rest of his life and solids and solitary confinement if I had in my way and unless he repents and knows Jesus he is going to spend the rest of all of eternity rotting in hell he is disgusting and the scum of the earth so you would say I feel your anger towards these people and I feel your sadness for these victims however rape and incest account for less than 1% of all abortions so it would not make any sense to create an entire law based on a small exception to the rule which is what most abortions which is that most abortions are done for convenience and the solution by the way to rape and incest is not murder there are right now thousands of families thousands of families waiting to adopt in my saying that I am happy for someone to carry a child's term after she has been raped absolutely not absolutely not I wish that that had never happened to her but we have to be able to separate the atrocity of rape from the reality of unborn life no matter how that life is conceived it's still a life because again there is no logical reason to demon unborn life no matter their conception anything other than a human and if a human then a person and if a person then a value and then they say well what about the cases where a mother's life is at risk while any pro-life law is going to have an exception for the life of the mother when it is a physical life versus a physical life not the physical life of the baby versus the emotional trauma of the mother not the physical life of the baby versus the convenience of the mother but truly a physical life versus a physical life and we believe that these lives are equal in personhood then yes a choice must be made now many mothers will choose if they can to risk their own lives for the sake of the child and that's fine but the law is always going to allow for that choice it should be noted however that there is no reason there's no reason to abort a viable feat of fetus to save the mother so past 24 weeks the safest thing for the mother and the child is to deliver the child at 24 weeks the child is viable meaning they can live outside the womb at 27 weeks the child has a 99% chance of survival so there is never any reason at this chaya at this point that this child should die to save the mother none it doesn't even make any medical sense whatsoever so that is important to note then they say well what are you going to do with these babies in the adoption system and the foster care system they say you're Pro birth you're not pro-life well they say this because they think that in order to care about people you have to believe in big government programs that take care of people of course that's not true pro lifers are the ones at pregnancy centers helping these women find shelter a parenting class is even helping with a citizenship process the adoption process it is pro-life Christians we're doing the majority of the adoption in the fostering by the way so if you are a pro-choice person ask yourself what you are doing because if you were talking to a pro-lifer chances are they are doing a lot more than you are to help people who are already born that's just true I mean the statistics show time and again that it is conservatives in particularly conservative Christians that are paying them that are giving the majority of charity in this country that are donating their time their energy their money doing the most volunteer work these are people who are pro-life particularly pro-life Christians who are doing the bulk of this work they don't just believe that we vote for a politician to be compassionate on our behalf they are actually out there on the ground doing it so if you are a pro-choice er who is going to launch that kind of question as a a pro-lifer know that you're actually going to get a tangible answer for what they do to help the born and if you don't have an answer for that I would just go ahead and not ask it Planned Parenthood by the way does not help victims of rape and abuse people who don't have homes or shelter or who need help with citizenship or Parenthood classes they don't do anything for them they kill their baby that is the extent of their so-called compassion then a pro-choice er might bring up war or the death penalty well if you think that joining the military voluntarily or executing a violent murder is the same as dismembering and unsuspecting helpless moving a living child inside the womb that I don't know what to tell you anyone using a quarter of their brain can see the difference in ads in both the death penalty in a war the people being killed had a choice in war the choice they made to join the military as a valiant choice for the murder it's a cowardly choice that they made and in both cases though it is a choice the unborn child who's killed does not have a choice now I have also talked about the death penalty on a previous podcast and I'm trying to remember which podcast it was probably back in May at the beginning of May I don't remember the episode but I have talked about the Christian perspective of the death penalty before if they try to give you if a pro-choice or tries to give you this the whole okay you're in a room and you can only choose between the five-year-old and a thousand embryos that are being frozen for IVF or something like that and they say okay you have to choose and they say if you choose the five-year-old now obviously means that you don't believe that unborn life is really valuable and that's why abortion is okay well that's stupid because that situation doesn't actually parallel what happens in an abortion you're not choosing between a thousand embryos and a five-year-old or you're not choosing if you want to try to parallel it to abortion the mom and the child it's not a life and a life this is not a life and death situation that you're talking about here you're talking about the convenience or the emotional health or whatever of the mother and the physical life of the child so it's not the same thing at all and just because you ascribe more value to one person doesn't mean that the people that you don't choose aren't actually people I would choose to save my daughter over a thousand other people but that doesn't mean that those people aren't valuable and that certainly doesn't mean that those people aren't people but yes of course I value my daughter over the lives of other people but that doesn't take away the personhood or the objective value of everyone else so this is just a it's very stupid it's very stupid in everything in every argument they want to obscure the fact that there is actually a life inside the woman's body they want you to focus on just the woman on her convenience on her future on her mental emotional health whatever it is they will tell you that someone or that this child is going to be poor that this child is not wanted but again are you saying that because someone is poor because someone goes into the adoption system because someone is unwanted that they're not worthy of life they shouldn't be given a chance at life okay then why don't you apply that to people outside of the womb why don't you believe in killing orphans now why don't you believe in killing homeless people now if being poor or being in the foster care system is really worse than being dead then you must also believe that the most compassionate thing to do is to kill orphans and homeless people but of course you're not going to say that most pro-choice people will go back again on the faulty premise that while a child is still in the mom's womb okay so what that's location are you gonna kill someone based on their location again based on their stage of development why it just becomes very illogical you might also hear them say well this is just men controlling women's bodies this is the patriarchy again that's not true it is majority of women in the pro-life movement it is women who lead pro-life organizations it is mostly women who run the pro-life clinics that doesn't make any sense at all I do not care what you do with your body you do have the freedom to have as much sex as you want to have unprotected sex I'm not gonna say you know anything about that from any kind of legal perspective I don't care what you do with your body but when there is another body involved when there's another human being involved yeah I believe that you shouldn't kill that human being of course just like you believe that I shouldn't kill another human being of course the thing is everyone in the pro-choice movement is fighting for themselves everyone in the pro-life movement is fighting for someone else it's not about control it has nothing to do with bodily autonomy it has to do with what is right it has to do with stopping violence against helpless individuals who happen to be inside the womb and there are so many resources headed up by pro-lifers particularly pro-life Christians that help not just children inside the womb but children outside of the womb and the mothers who find themselves in crisis from a Christian perspective we understand we understand why there is no logic to the pro-abortion movement because they have been completely deceived they are darkened in their Sandeen as Ephesians 4 says they are callous they are hardened in their hearts again I would go back to episode 113 and listen to that and some previous episodes where I talk about the pro-abortion position from a Christian perspective we understand that this is exactly what happens the glorification of abortion is exactly what happens when you exchange the god of scripture for the God of self when doing what you want becomes more important than doing what is right convenience becomes a sacrament if something stands in the way of your happiness you remove it or you abort it that's what happens in this self-centered culture and we're all supposed to bow down and say okay as Christians there is never a reason for us to be for abortion Psalm 139 is clear and we have talked through that before God values unborn life from the point of conception onward and we are supposed to reflect that love and reflect that care and so when you are confronted with these kinds of illogical arguments in regards to abortion it's important that you do have an answer but more than anything it's important that we share the gospel it's important that we put actions to our words that we are helping these women who are in crisis that we are showing than the love of Christ and that we are active in our faith and active in these beliefs not just debating people on Twitter which is really fun and actually can be useful if done in the right way and done in a wise way but also we are being the hands and the feet of Jesus but just to remember there is not a single there's not a single abortion argument that you're gonna come across that makes any sense there's just not you might hear some emotional anecdotes but the plural of anecdote is not data so just remember that and it's certainly not the a synonym of anecdote is also not truth so I hope that this was at least a little bit helpful and if you want to go back and listen to those episodes you can and please subscribe on YouTube if you'd like follow me on social media and I will see you guys again soon

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  1. I love this, this is so densely pact with good facts and perspective and I’m gonna have to watch it again. Thank you Jesus. And thank you Allie.

  2. Great stuff! You might like this.

    Our individual DNA process is a continuous process, unfurling from the moment of conception. There is no later stage of our existence that is not dependent on earlier stages of our existence, as a continuous entity in space and time. Our DNA process is continuous in both space and time from the moment of our conception, to the moment of our death.

    Acceptance, rationalization of the termination of an already unfurling DNA process, once invited to unfurl, requires the irrational acceptance of a temporal bias. In the continuum of space/time, that continuously unfurling DNA process is not a complete individual human 'yet.' That is because we are not regarding that human over the complete time-space continuum that it exists in. But, the only thing required to see the complete individual human is the passage of time.

    We are of course much more than our unfurling DNA processes, but whatever we are, the basis of our life, cannot exist without the unmolested possession of that unfurling DNA process.

    The fetus is a concrete example of a new individual DNA process, unfurling. There is and has been a conflict to define the most fundamental aspect of an individual — the term of its existence. The resolution of this conflict — between the newest individual and others — is resolved by others, based on whatever philosophical or moral guidance they bring to the conflict. The rationalizations in support of abortion boil down to the convenience of the others, based mostly on a shaky temporal bias that is permitted to stand, unquestioned.

  3. A person becomes a mere body if and only if the following chemical reaction ceases to take place in each cell of the body:

    6O2 + C6H12O6 –> 6CO2 + 6H2O + ATP

    Therefore, a body must be a person if the above chemical reaction is taking place in each cell of the body; and the above chemical reaction has begun to take place in each cell of the body by the time the body has implanted in the mother's womb. So, even if the zygote is not a person, the implanted embryo is a person; and since a woman cannot know that she is pregnant until implantation has taken place, every termination of a known pregnancy is a homicide (the killing of a person by another person).

  4. I love Allie’s podcasts so much! They really inspire me to be more bold and strong in my beliefs. I’m just a little weary of the abortion topic. I understand how important it is and I appreciate of Allie for standing up for the truth. I just feel like she has done soooo many podcasts centered around abortion that I’m a little bored of hearing about it. Despite that, I love what you’re doing Allie! You are inspiring so many young college-age Christians like myself who have felt opposition from our peers because of our beliefs.

  5. Biblical Law says an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life, & requires death penalty for somebody who kills their baby. Nobody in political realm is advocating this, & it’s not the church’s job to enforce law, so we can’t let the left say pro-lifers impose religion on folks

  6. Steven Crowder also explained it well: if a woman is pregnant with a baby boy, does the penis belong to her, or the baby?

  7. If the baby were "the mothers body," then if the baby is a BOY, does that make the mother a male-female hermaphrodite? If so, she'll have a lot of explaining to do to the guy who got her pregnant!! 😵

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