Abortion Law Barely Changed After Woman’s Death

ireland is a one of those strictest
countries when it comes to abortion they do not allow abortions in cases of rape
or incest and if you guys could recall earlier this year we did a story about
an indian woman that had moved to ireland needed a life-saving abortion and was
denied that abortion and as a result she died uh… well after that incident occurred
al lawmakers in ireland decided to allowed for abortion in the case that
the mother’s life is in danger don’t think that things are going to
change that much and island because abortion is still a legal in cases of rape and incest and also
this is something that was actually supposed to be implemented back in
nineteen ninety two when the supreme court in ireland had rolled that if if a woman’s life is a danger usual out the
abortion to happen it was involving a fourteen-year-old
girl who got rates not she got pregnant as a result of that
rate and she was suicidal because she couldn’t get an abortion she tried to travel out of the country
to get one an authority stop her from doing stuff now of course issues not
suicidal uh… they still to this day would now
already in abortion even though she’s a forty-year-old got raped there is no rape exception so now i a windows this it’s good it’s a
tiny step in the right direction but basically it’s affiliates russell crowe
in gladiator screaming at my dot softball no not to merciful brazilian let that
poor woman died because of your ridiculous outlaws in the first place
and uh… sandoval this is very small change thermal you’re all completely wrong about the
bible so small tiny point it doesn’t say you shouldn’t have an abortion ineffective some portions of the bible almost occurs in a book near potions vina prius is supposed to
give end of the woman was cheating on you it cause a miscarriage ivy an abortion you’ve built up your whole belief in religion based on line some stupid wrong interpretation the
pope major hundreds of years ago when they thought the sunroom wilder on the earth and that the stores were a little falls it didn’t
have in the government and i’ll take you tried to reason with
the most you’re absolutely paloma planet acronis tragic story happened in ireland after an innocent woman died
because she was denied medical care that she needed to save her life you still
have clowns in ireland elected politicians they’re still arguing that even in the
cases where awhile man’s life is in danger we probably shouldn’t let legalize
abortion in fact i’ll give you a quote from are run in mali and he’s an
independent irish senator who was obviously very religious i find it entirely appropriate that we
we join in solidarity with the people with the children who died in
connecticut let’s be sincere about that but let’s
not slip into double think either however where we forget of whole category of children in our own
country the children who are sites uh… those laws that are really
important though was the reliably of courses with officers across the world was a child is born again at the end of
the for help but get a free education health care who says whatever money old no cell no ditches is one of the poor the navy so of course we won one help for the
needy is that we can’t make a both thing about abortion that isn’t even in the
bible and focused all of our energy resource into that made a fiction and a
book that by the way is a true anyway

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  1. ya I know they don't happen daily. I was just showing the amount of zealot nature he showed. We don't have regular school shootings just like you don't have deaths from abortions everyday. I was merely playing along with Anti. To try and slyly put Columbine and Sandy Hook in the same category is just retarded. To act like Ireland is a less violent country makes me laugh though. Were we have random acts your country has well plot out acts of religious zealotry.

  2. so much in this video is just rubbish. the majority of irish people that i know who are against abortion do not have that belief because of religion, they just think its wrong. Cenk we do have free education including all universities (there is a registration fee but it is low), we do have a medical card free health care system. Guess where the funding for pro lifers Youth Defence is from? you guessed it, the USA. sort out your own country before judging mine.

  3. Morally fucked bitch please your just pulling shit out your arse now and whats the IRA got to do with anything especially coming from a guy whos own country used the exact same tactics against the exact same country.

    and your last point makes no sense i'm said that because you seemed to imply because you hadn't personally witnessed gun massacres that they didn't happen the only way you could have such retarded figures earlier.

  4. and how fucking dare you call us morally fucked when your country tortures people butchers innocent people with your fucking drone strikes and kill hundreds of fucking kids.go fuck yourself.

    in fact go out and buy a gun and add your sorry ass to the other 1000's of gun deaths in your fucking bloodbath country.

  5. Yes and that convenience is one of the things holding back legalization here.Many moderates don't see the need for us to have it since we can literally take a one hour boat to England to have it done

  6. This isn't an issue with people here 85% support abortion for life of the mother, 82% support is case's of rape/incest and 36% for abortion on demand the same as most countries. Abortion is easy for Irish women to get and we know there has been 100'000 terminations in the UK since 1980, but the number is more then likely way higher.
    If our politicians would take notice and listen to the people and not the well funded pro-lifers we would have had abortion on demand or near demand since the 90's

  7. Abortion should be legal for rape and incest, but normal abortion should be decided by the countries' people. I try to look at both sides of the picture.

  8. Whats a girl to stop claiming she was raped by the guy since that would be the only legal way to get rid of it? Back when i was in highschool girls used to call rape all the time even when they weren't.
    Nice idea though but i wouldnt see it working out

  9. How about. Now get this. You don't ever have an abortion in your life if you are against it. However, you have a right to free speech and can tell people why you don't agree with abortions, but you keep out of peoples lives. oh and stop wearing mixed materials you moron read the fuckin bible pal.

  10. I personally have never had an abortion but I have taken the morning after pill about 5 times in the last 3. Im prone to anxiety so it might not have been necessary. But I am so grateful that I have that option, that I don't have to worry until I get my period. Ironic how all the legislators of abortion laws are men. They'd never have to know the anxiety surrounding pregnancy like women do.

  11. actually the bible is pro abortion. Its also pro infanticide (thats after birth if you don't understand) and pro genicide. Can you not find someone in the compound to read it to you?

  12. pre birth its not a child. Its a zygote, then a blastocyst, then an embrio and then a fetus. The different names distinguish the different stages when it goes from single cell through to the child that is born. You really need to get someone to read to you about the stages of pregnancy.

  13. I thought god murdered mullions in his flood. In fact I found a site that did a count of the amount of deaths attributed to god in the bible vs the number of deaths attributed to satan. 2,391,421+ – number of people in the bible, killed by God

    10 – number of people in the bible, killed by Satan

    Satan must love us more.

  14. make sure you run to a catholic church especially if you are a child. The recent scandals have meant the preists find it hard to get a good ride nowadays

  15. Cenk, Irish welfare is a lot better than American. They give money (dole) and housing benefits to the unemployed, so how dare you imply the Irish are some sort of hateful race who like to see the poor suffer. We actually look after the poor, we have free education and cheap (free for poor) healthcare. Just because abortion is illegal (and you disagree with it, as I disagree too) doesn't give you the right to lie and make out that Irish are horrible people and hate the poor/unfortunate.Biased TYT

  16. Get off your hobby horse.He didn't imply any of those things that you mention. Anyway, none of those initiatives like free healthcare, free education were pioneered by the conservatives in Ireland. Try watching the post again with both eyes open this time.

  17. ye he did. He's talking about ireland a if we were a bunch of right wing american republicans that bible bash our way through our lives. Also the parties that are in power in ireland now have a plan to implement free healthcare and the last time they were in government they passed free third level education. THe same government has also passed civil partnerships and is looking at introducing gay marriage too. TYT know noting about ireland apart from a few articles they're ripping off.

  18. Ireland is really really not right wing, unemployment benefits are great, education is free. The minimum wage is $11:50 per hour. Everyone has 4 weeks paid holidays.

    There has been no decision on abortion yet… so tyt is wrong there, it's still being debated. Cenk and anna are subbing in their opinion on far right american republicans because he knows pretty much nothing about Ireland.

    Also the opinion of one independent senator is hardly a litmus test for public opinion here.

  19. Yeah he did, he took one opinion by one man and labelled an entire country by it. It's a gross over-oversimplification of complex issues. By doing that it basically translates as lies. He also is far too American-centric, he views Irish politics as a mere extension of American politics because they simply share a common denominator of being religious societies. Ireland is different, they are more progressive towards gays, free healthcare and free education for everyone etc.Its so ignorant of TYT

  20. Cut him some slack. Would you really expect Cenk to be conversant with the in's and outs of daily Irish politics. But he does a good job here by generalizing, 'As with all Conservatives around the world, they care more for the unborn child than they do for a living one'. That's a fair point. Anyway the story of Savita and the protests is quite well known around the world even without it being covered on TYT. My point is – Ireland, forward in some areas, backward in others. Take a chill pill.

  21. "the most irrational people on the planet"? have you suddenly forgotten about the cunts you elect in america? nobody in europe is quoting from genesis, if anything these guys in ireland are still far less crazy than the goons across the pond.

  22. He was talking about conservatives in general I think. Not about the Irish so much is the impression I got.
    Why are the irish lawmakers so backward w.r.t abortion? Religion. The same religion that pit brother against brother, protestant against catholic. That most evil of concepts that plagues the minds of so many.
    It's shameful. This is why I feel that religion needs to be banned. All theocratic law revoked.

  23. I heard an alternate report: the woman died of infection, not because she was denied an abortion. Also this report said doctors in Ireland may always terminate a pregnancy when the mother's life is in danger.

  24. I am SOOOO pro life that if a womans life can be saved by aborting a fetus who would die anyway I say hell no and let them both die together.

    I mean… they're going to god together now!

  25. Senators in Ireland are not democratically elected, they are appointed positions with no actual power; their opinions hold as much weight as some random guy on the street.

  26. OK to the men who feel abortion should be illegal. I believe that life does not begin at conception but at sperm generation. Being that just as a zygote will form a baby so will spermatozoa. Also the Bible does not mention abortion but, does say that spilling your seed for reasons other than procreation is a sin and abomination. Therefore I believe we should regulate the sexual use of the penis and discharge of sperm enforceable and punishable by law. All men that agree please like or comment.

  27. Nothing about the Savita case or Ireland's abortion law was "well plot out". The law does not change due to the ignorance of the electoarate who still think that all foetuses are entitled to the same right as people.

  28. I know the professionals involved were faced with a difficult choice which might have lead to legal proceedings but to say you are a religious country (I talking more about the professionals here) an then be more concerned with keeping your job than someone's life is just amazing to me, I am a child care worker and I would put my job on the lie every day if it meant saving the life of a child in my care

  29. well yeah the doctor did say "this is a catholic country" when he denied her the abortion (now HOW he said that is a different matter, he could have meant it apologetically or he could have been callous i simply don't know) which is not as true now as it would have been 20-30 years ago (i'm not saying ireland is a religious country but we undeniably WERE).

  30. So what? Almost never is not never. In the instance that it does occur, we should abort the fetus without a moment's hesitation. It should be illegal to not do so. Just like it is illegal for a hospital to not help a person in critical condition.

  31. In reality, prior to Victorian times religion had no problem with abortion as long as it happened before the "quickening" (when the baby started moving in the womb). It was the rise of doctors as a profession and their desire to destroy their competition (midwives) that brought about the demonization of abortion. But the church went along with it on "moral" grounds- and because it resulted in greater control over women. But it was a societal thing, not a religious one, at its heart.

  32. No dumbass. Think of the pain of pregnancy! It's even worse if the mother doesn't want it. No mother just randomly destroys the fetus just cuz they can. Abortions are emotionally and physically painful regardless if she wanted it or not. What if she's just not ready?! It's not about convenience. People don't go to their doctors out of convenience dumbass they do it bcuz they need to. You don't know ANYTHING unless you've walked a mile in their shoes.

  33. What the hell??!!! My dads Jewish & I have friends from all those religions! You have no right to judge a religion based on the people's actions.

  34. ah but who killed more in the Bible – god or satan? Look it up. Your god is fine with killing. Now away from imaginary things this is our issue in Ireland. We already voted pro choice on this issue 20 years ago but our politicians who are bought and owned by the highest bidder failed to act. This will be rectified. The big question is when are we going to fuck christianity out of our country.

  35. Most women in Ireland actually go to England for abortions, if you did any research you would know that. Just because you didn't get your facts right doesn't mean you can simplify a problem that women are simply forced to have a child in Ireland when they get pregnant, they have options which you blatantly ignore to prove a point.

  36. Read what I said again then look at what you wrote and slap yourself in the face. If their options are to get an abortion by LEAVING the country (even leaving a state like in America is too much) then there is some seriously stupid thing that you ignore about this issue.

  37. It's a bit extreme to say that women would rather commit suicide rather than take a day journey to England. It's unnecessary and silly but not to the point where people would rather carry a child for 9 months or do a home abortion instead. I think its an issue you over-played before saying women are in "doom" and committing suicide because of it and there's no other option.The ultimate solution is to have abortions in Ireland, but there's no point in exaggerating like women will suicide en mass

  38. I was born and still live in Ireland and most women here go to England for abortions, but some may not be able to afford this so having such stupid laws is ridiculous. The reasons of this laws is the Catholic Church in Ireland, which is the most corrupted society in Ireland with all the rape children and so on. Also most of the politicians are idiot's who don't have brain in their head and are being paid far too much for these recessionary times.

  39. But on the other hand women who have been raped or the result of incest, or maybe the baby is putting their life at risk should be allow their abortion. I do not agree though with teenage girls and older women who get pregnant and just want rid if the baby, the child has a right to live and they should have a deal with their decision.

  40. I couldn't help but completely ignore the larger point and focus on the following piece of minutia: Russell Crowe didn't scream "Am I not merciful;" Joaquin Phoenix did.

  41. there almost no evangelicists in Ireland and actually the people want abortion but it there needs to be a referendum before we can change the constitution. which makes Ireland far more democratic than america, add on to that we use proportional representation instead of the electoral college which puts us miles ahead of you

  42. i really liked these people before this but they tried to talk about something they clearly know nothing about, what about the huge number of people who took to the streets. the worst thing is i don't see any retraction or apology and i really think that one is deserved because in a lot of cases they were flat out wrong

  43. I just want to throw this out there: if you're in favor of banning abortion to *ahem* "save a life" then you also need to let fatal plagues run free, you can't wash your hands, and you can't treat yourself for any fatal condition you have. Because that would be killing off this little organisms that aparently have the same right to live as a sperm who hit the egg.

  44. Should you also save cancer cells and not wash your hands? Hmm? Because if you wash your hands: that means you're killing off all this little micro orgasnism that have the right to life. Just like a sperm.

    Fucking idiot Christian..~when're you going to realize you're faith is wrong? And even if you belive it's right you can't force other people to your values?

  45. a hot older woman turks probley think its coming on to him.turk probley think its funny look at them on russain women rapes10.but she,s 14weeks pregant&whants an abortion&he knows who fetuscides are do,nt&do,snt what her victumise what custity of his child.

  46. thought way fetuscides are done she,l have vaccum or sciccor or a tube down her vaginia.she should,nt feel forced unless child can be removed alive.realy problems is having to care the child.&im for preventive care notice is us term fetuscide instead od abortion because thats when brain function feels&thoughts start&its anthore being in there.but heres some thing you susticaly would have never thought about.a boy gets raped has proof but do,snt say any thing because he,s boy he,s supost to injoy

  47. i would,nt expect anyting from this story.any one who knows any thing about the medical world knows miscarige di,nt cause infection infection caused misscarige.&about the rape is in many ways its become a sound bite them.what a women would do,what women who was agenst fetuscide would do.i look up some victums& lts of times there vews are streathened right or rong.female prolifer would,nt let expirence changer.but every happening for reason dna is not destiny.works beter on pro choice side.even

  48. Your the same an intolerant, evil theist. Of course life is valuable. But reading a book that you haven't authenticated first is just asinine. Also, there is corrupted people in your faith, but they go to heaven? Your god is a stupid imaginary concept. No matter the evil you did and then you repent and get saved you get to go to haven. But only if you've shown that god even exists, which you haven't… Can you do better?

  49. "Intolerant and evil" Says the man who claims everyone who isn't a christian like him isalso evil. Your irony and stupidity is thicker than a brick.

    That "human life" is no more valuable a life than than the particles in a log of crap, other than the fact that it has the potential to be a human life.

    Quote from the bible all you like. basic knowledge can tell you it's made up.

  50. "How do you find me on multiple videos?" Becuase your stupidity and arrogance isn't bound to just one, evidently.

    "If you're a christian"~ That's your fucking problem! The entire world isn't Christian! And you can't force people to YOUR beliefs! God or not, that's basic fucking logic. Now get it through your head.

  51. It's worth pointing out that the woman who died was literally in the process of having a deadly miscarriage when she sought medical treatment that would have essentially just sped up the natural process and potentially saved her life. If she was having a miscarriage, I'm pretty sure the fetus was already dead anyway. So good luck justifying denying her an "abortion".

  52. Ronan Mullen is a clown, it's not that our government are right-wing, it's that they are afraid of the right wing lobby which are a minority. Finally legislating for the X case makes the current government the most progressive in the history of the state.

  53. Actually the other party in Government Labour is anti-church and pro abortion , the laws and legislation is being worked on right now and a refferdum will take place

  54. A professional immigrated to a country in which abortion is ILLEGAL, accepting the laws of a new homeland. As a highly-educated person, she knew she'd have to leave the country, or go without, if she ever wanted/"needed" an abortion. It's not complicated. I'm surprised the country compromised & modified its laws, even slightly, on such a serious issue. Why should it?

    The Bible doesn't say, "Thou shalt have/shall not have an abortion," because no such medical procedure existed in those times.

  55. Wellll TECHNICALLY..cancer cells are simply humans cells that have gone haywire..but human (contain human DNA) nonetheless!! So, therefore, by your standards of course, people should not attempt to undergo chemotherapy to kill said cancer cells, since human DNA is apparently sacred simply because it's human. Get what they were trying to say now?

  56. Bacteria are living organisms like zygotes! They have feelings too! Every time you wash your hands you kill billions of innocent lives! Stop the murder!

  57. While these laws are due to the power previously held by the Catholic Church, I would argue that that is not the reason that our law makers took so long to legislate for these issues (e.g. abortion, contraception). Religion is almost never mentioned by politicians nowadays due to the distrust many Irish people have of the Catholic Church and (for some) organised religion in general.
    Our politicians just hate to take a stand on any sensitive issues, for fear of upsetting anybody.

  58. Wow. Just when I thought these clowns intelligence couldn't appear any lower and my opinion of them was already at the sea bed. Lol, clearly the liberal equivalent of Fox News, though, I'm left to wonder which one is more full of $*!¥.

  59. Well, cancer and sperm aren't actually independent organisms, but parts of the larger organism, thus why they are genetically similar.

    As far as bacteria is concerned, humans tend to be VERY speciesist. This a helpful trait as were are omnivorous.

    Also, faith cannot be proven wrong nor right scientifically, that is why it is called "faith." You are being every much the religious zealot in your non-belief as you are accusing others being in their beliefs.

  60. Humans are naturally speciesists, deal with it. An unborn child is genetically human and genetically different from the mother. And don't try using the parasite falacy, as science doesn't define young to be parasites to the mother/father respective to species.

  61. Don't want the baby? Adoption is a good path. That was the common choice 60 years ago when my mother was born and given up.

  62. I love how a bunch of the pro-abortion crowd are marking comments as "spam" because they don't like the comment. Way to support freedom and individual liberties. If you mark a comment you don't like as spam, you are the LAST person that should be talking about not infringing on the rights of others.

  63. it lives inside them and feeds off their nutrtions rather than make their own, that's the defintion of a parasite. And if a pregnant woman wants to get rid of it (No, it's not destroying a life. Get over yourself, it doesn't even exist at that point) that's her right to do so.

    Someone should ruin their life because you're uncomfortable with what they do with their own life and body?

  64. See, its the pregnancy part that's the problem. Women cant really swap uterus at will. No one will ever force me to be pregnant.

  65. I'm surprised they stopped that teen from leaving the country…at that point I wonder what they would've done if she had killed herself….

  66. A parasite is an organism of a species such as a tapeworm that gets its nutrients within or on another organism of another species such as a human host.

    A fetus or embryo that develops within the uterine cavity of the mother an organism of the same species and gets its nurishment and protection from its mother..the mother being the vessel for the developing offspring. There;s a big difference.

    google Liberterians for Life Why The Embryo or Fetus is not a parasite by Thomas L Johnson.

  67. It is a complicated case. She was having a miscarriage but the baby was still alive and the medical personnel didn't know what they could or couldn't do. Some argue that any potential abortion wouldn't necessarily have been life-saving anyway.
    To say there is no abortion in Ireland is wrong though, we have abortion, we just outsource it to Britain. Somewhere in the region of 4-7,000 Irish women travel to Britain every year for an abortion. That to me is a clear sign that abortion should be introduced in Ireland.
    It is not all a religious issue either. I know a lot of the older generation are basing their views on what the priests have told them but I have had discussions with numerous younger people, who are very liberal in other issues but are totally against abortion for various reasons but religion never gets mentioned.

  68. Please let me say that the death of this woman still echoes through the streets of Ireland, and is in no way a representation on the Irish people

  69. my aunt got an abortion in 2001 when her life was in danger and we live in Ireland so i dont know where they came up with that fact saying it is illegal

  70. 1:36–2:17 Umm, Cenk, could you understand what you're talking about before you mock something? You seem to be struggling to find words there.

  71. Please remember that that the majority of people here in Ireland agree with legalising abortion.
    Our government officials won't hold a referendum. Due to the length they have left in office and there own religious beliefs

  72. This horrible tragedy was a shame to Ireland and Irish people. We need to rid the country of archaic, religious laws. What really disgusted me was that it wasn't just old men who voted against abortion, but younger women too:(

  73. Cenk, i love you, you are very funny and charming but you have a serious misunderstanding of the Catholic Church. Read into it more and you will see its consistency and the fact that it is the truth. Lastly, you cannot just select random sections from the Bible and quote them as if that's what Christians believe. The Bible is a fallible item which therefore needs to be INTERPRETED, which is why we have the Vatican and officials to do that for us. These people have studied history and Bible scriptures for years and have the Holy Spirit to guide them, which Jesus Christ always promised he would keep with the Church. xxxx <3

  74. Abortion is murder, all those who wish to have or perform abortions are murderers and baby killers.

  75. That was the country's fault that they didn't get her help so 2 people died but if she got abortion then 1 human dies. What if that kid had a special talent that could have changed the world and you killed him cause you couldn't live with him. What if you were in his shoes, you would at least want to be in a foster home? And there is no good reason that you should call out Christians and call the bible a lie. You are the person that needs help. So go kill a baby, you call yourself animals, am i right? Heathrens.

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