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abortion has a very polarized subject because of how emotionally charged it can be unfortunately within the abortion debate there are a lot of misc being thrown around that greatly affect how they feel on the subject and also the choices they may make this can lead to laws that restrict abortion or even cause it to become illegal in some places in this video we will talk about those myths and explain what the truth is some of the content may be triggering as we talk about rape and also show pictures of will photoshopped fake abortions and fetuses and real abortions and fetuses one of the most basic abortionists are that contraceptives like hormonal birth control an emergency contraception like the morning-after pill cause abortions that's totally false the way that hormonal birth control and the morning after pill work is by releasing hormones that stop ovulation from occurring it stops pregnancy by preventing the egg to be fertilized an abortionist removal of a fertilized egg that is grown so obviously they aren't the same thing on a related note a lot of people think that instead of getting abortions people should just use things like birth control emergency contraception condoms spermicide of course it's great to encourage people to use these things and we do need to work on programs that help educate people on their options as far as birth control and make it more affordable and easier to get but that only reduces the use of abortions and doesn't eliminate them the reason being no form of birth control not even abstinence is a hundred percent effective even if you are using the pill the condom and the pull out method together sometimes the condom breaks through you forget forget to take a pill or sometimes even when nothing goes wrong pregnancy can still happen and those people still may need an abortion you may be wondering about that students comment or usually told abstinence is one hundred percent effective the fact of the matter is rape happens even if your abstinence sometimes something bad that you can't prevent happens and you may need an abortion besides that a lot of people don't realize that abstinence means different things to different people some people think that being abstinence includes anal sex or grinding genitals together anytime semen goes near the vulva pregnancy is possible and you definite in our course for that to happen thanks to incomplete sex education a lot of people don't realize the risks some people think for some reason that legalizing abortion makes people more promiscuous less likely to use abstinence or birth control and will cause more abortions really in every incidents where we see an abortion legalized and therefore there have been more education about it and people actually talk about abortion and birth control methods they're usually were less unintended pregnancies and people are having safer sex or no sex at all also legalizing abortion reduces deaths and injury due to pregnancy and likewise banning abortion in no way makes it go away it just makes deaths due to botched illegal abortions or attempts to induce a miscarriage much high it doesn't save any now on to miss that involve abortion directly a lot of times pro-life advocates will show startling pictures of cut-up babies or tiny babies that can fit in the palm of your hand there are no babies involved in abortion and fetuses embryos and zygotes don't look anything like babies for the majority of the development in the first trimester it's not yet classed as a fetus and doesn't look very human in fact you probably couldn't pick out a human embryo from a line of elephant or dog embryos this is how development goes the count of weeks actually starts before ovulation and fertilization even occur the day after your last period which is usually about two weeks before fertilization actually occurs is when the counting starts this is because everyone's cycle is different so there's no way to really tell when ovulation started after the egg is fertilized around week three it becomes a zygote which then travels into the uterus and the cells start to divide at three weeks it just looks like a bunch of microscopic cells at four weeks it becomes a blastocyst and it actually implants into the wall of the uterus at about five weeks it becomes an embryo you can see a hard spine and beginning of a brain the heart begins to be with one chamber embryo at this stage is about the size of a tip of a pin at week six you can see bumps that kind of resemble facial features n-dubz that kind of rows and balloons I think it looks like a dinosaur according to a lot North Dakota abortion is not possible after this week week seven is when the brain and spinal cord continue growing and lungs livers being spleen and kidneys begin to develop the limbs look like paddles and in size it's a little bigger than the top of a pencil eraser it doesn't even have a digestive system or look anything close to human but in North Dakota it is apparently worth more than a parent's choice at eight weeks the digestive tract starts to form and eyes are visible at ten weeks it's about half an inch long and it begins to develop the eyelids to protect the eyes it has fingers at 11 weeks generals start to develop the head still makes up half of its link but the length is now about 2 inches at 12 weeks you're in the second trimester you may start to show a little bit it is about two and a half inches this will soon be the cutoff date for abortions in Arkansas at 13 weeks the fetus produces urine which goes into the amniotic fluid tissue that will be boned begins to form around the head its bones are not yet fully developed but in Arkansas this fetus is more important than the parents choice at 14 weeks the fetus is three and a half inches and you can see the genitals at week 15 the skeleton starts to develop bones at week 16 it's about four and a half inches at week 17 fat begins to store on the fetus at week 18 the fetus can react to auditory stimuli and is about five and a half inches long at 19 weeks the uterus in the fetus may form at week 20 you may feel movement and it's about six and 13 inches some states will in abortion to this stage at 21 weeks the fetus is able to swallow there's no way it would survive outside of the womb but it's more important than a parent's choice according to these laws at 22 weeks it begins to grow hair and is about seven and a half inches at 23 weeks fingerprints start to form 24 weeks is really the earliest fetus may possibly be viable and this is the cutoff date for most abortion laws except in the case of health issues at this point it is about eight inches in weeks 25 to 26 the fetus can respond to familiar sounds and the fingernails are fully formed it's about nine inches even during this time any fetus that is born will need intensive medical care only about half of them would make it and many that do would have permanent disability 27 weeks is the end of the second trimester but the fetus still has a lot to do and needs to open its eyes it can feel pain it needs to finish bone development continues sexual development practice breathing and gain a lot of weight at 37 weeks the fetuses full-term and anytime before that if it is born it may require a lot of extensive medical care any time an abortion is performed during the third trimester it is usually due to the death of the fetus or a very extensive disability where it would not survive at this point it is usually wanted baby and refusing abortion even forcing the parent to carry the dead fetus to term and go through delivery which is what many abortion laws cause is incredibly traumatic a lot of times if parent may want to bury or cremate the remains and form a former funeral as that can be very therapeutic to the type of trauma that they go through which brings me to my next myth but people will wait until the last possible second for abortion abortion just because they feel like it there are many reasons why I purchase and may not know they are pregnant until the second trimester spotting and bleeding that can be mistaken for a period can occur regularly during pregnancy they may have irregular periods or even be taking birth control that causes them to skip their periods they may not keep track of their periods and not notice they may have been abused or raped and can be too afraid to consider abortion until now they may have had trouble finding a clinic in their area they may not have been able to find a pregnancy test they may have had to hide this from abusive parents and just now found a ride they may have had to raise funds they may have had a bed sex education so they didn't know what was going on on their body they may have been traveling and I'm able to find a clinic they may be disabled and have trouble finding a doctor that will help them they may have been conflicted and not know what to do then are there are many reasons why people wait for pregnancy and I've never heard of someone putting it off just because another reason why someone may not seek an abortion until it is too late it's crisis pregnancy centers these are clinics sometimes set up near plan plant Planned Parenthood clinics or other places that offer abortion and give out false information in an attempt to keep you from having an abortion they may tell you it's too late they may frighten you away with false propaganda they may discourage you from using birth control or even tell you you're not pregnant when you are and the other myth they like to spread around is that there's garbage bins somewhere are filled with boarded fetuses really what happens varies from place to place someone brio's are frozen so that scientific research and medical training can be done some are donated for Reproductive use but usually all tissue is destroyed just like every other former medical waste incineration one of the scare tactics a lot of crisis pregnancy centers use is graphic photos and descriptions of abortions that are totally falsified they also don't really tell you that there's multiple types of abortions available the abortion pill is used in early abortions up to nine weeks you just take a pill of the clinic that has the hormone progestin that causes the uterine lining that the embryo is attached to to break down the second pill can be taken up to three days later it contains miss Burroughs doll which will cause some cramping and bleeding to flush out the embryo you may have some large clotting but may not even be able to see the embryo depending what stage it's in there rarely are any side effects most times some dizziness or nausea usually it's no worse in a period for abortion medications for abortions that need to be performed later than that the most common is vacuum aspiration which is used up to 16 weeks you'll be given pain medication so you won't feel a thing just like in a pelvic exam a speculum will be inserted into your vagina I'm like a pelvic exam dilators will be used to open your cervix and a2 will be inserted into the uterus to gently empty it remember from nine weeks to 16 weeks the fetus will be anywhere from half an inch to four and a half inches from anything after 16 weeks dilation evacuation is usually what is used this is pretty much identical to vacuum aspiration although sometimes extra material may be removed and it usually takes longer after 20 weeks the fetus is no longer they're small enough to come out of the cervix in one piece it does have to be dismembered in the womb a lot of people talk about late term abortions or partial birth abortions the fact of the matter is most abortions occur before 12 weeks 12% occur after and only 1.5% occur after 20 weeks when they do occur around that time the fetus would most likely not be viable and be removed dead and most of the times they may have a severe disability that would cause them to die during the procedure or soon after birth or the length of the parent is at risk in the case is that the fetus would be born alive a surgical instrument would pierce this goal and a tube sections out the content so it collapses and can be pulled out a lot of people think that of a fetus could survive on its own it shouldn't be boarded and rather delivered but there are some problems with that in a lot of cases the fetus we need a lot of medical treatment as it would be born premature and may have disabilities who pays for this expensive treatment the person who gave birth and doesn't want it may be because they couldn't afford it or a perspective adopted a parent parent even though premature babies and disabled babies are less likely to be adopted than other healthy children or should it be the state after later abortion procedures you may have some bleeding and cramping the spotting can last up to six weeks it can take four to eight weeks for ministration to go back to normal it's normal past clots as well you really want to take it easy at first if you have really heavy bleeding or severe pain or a fever nausea vomiting or any other signs that you're not sure about talk to your doctor abortion is one of the safest medical procedures out there but there's always going to be some risk which brings us on to our next group of myths that abortion is incredibly dangerous it's really not as I said it's one of the safest medical procedures available fertility is usually unchanged especially in earlier abortions later term especially if you have a bad doctor or an illegal abortion where things aren't as well regulated there may be some problems with fertility because the cervix may have been hurt during the procedure but earlier abortions and legal abortions usually don't have this problem in fact it's possible to get pregnant right after abortion which is something that a lot of people don't realize there's no relation to cancer and it definitely doesn't cause breast cancer in fact more people die yearly from pregnancy than abortion relatedly a lot of people think that regret and depression are high after abortion but that's really untrue although some people can have some trauma there are places available that will help camps Council usually what people say they must feel is relieved another myth is that pregnancy isn't that big of a deal so it's really not hard for the parent to just remain pregnant until they can adopt off the baby when it's born this is so untrue for one pregnancy and childbirth are incredibly dangerous according to the World Health Organization one person dies every minute from complications during pregnancy or childbirth look at how long this video took and just imagine that one person died every minute of it through childbirth and pregnancy that's really important every seven minutes someone dies from an unsafe illegal abortion which is really important to think about that other problems that can occur include gestational diabetes anemia high blood pressure hyper missus gravidarum la cinta previa preeclampsia infection and serious depression it can all endanger your life during pregnancy pregnancy can come with all kinds of symptoms not just morning sickness and cravings it can come with fatigue back pain feet swelling headaches acid reflux many more even if you do somehow avoid the major health issues that can occur it can definitely keep you from performing a lot of the duties that you have to it can keep you from working and get you fired when you absolutely cannot lose your job if you do somehow make it to work despite the pain and vomiting it's definitely hard on your body and can be hard on the fetus it's also really expensive to be pregnant going to the doctor and buying prenatal vitamins as well as many more financial issues especially if you lose your job it's many people physically or mentally can't to stay in a pregnancy and putting them through that can be physically or psychologically damaging also adoption isn't always an option our chill our adoption facilities are overcrowded many children end up growing up in foster care bouncing from one person to another or with no parental guidance at all disabled children children who aren't white children of certain ages children a certain genders and LGBTQ qai plus children are much less likely to be adopted we need to work on issues our programs currently have before we rely on them and of course adoption is a substitute for raising a child it's not a substitute for being pregnant there's no such thing as a type of person who has an abortion one in every three people able to get pregnant will have an abortion in their lifetime sixty percent already have children 16 or divorced separated or widowed 83 are single forty-three percent are Protestant 27 are Christian thirty-seven percent are black 34 white 22 are Latino thirty-three percent are in their early 20s and seventeen percent are teenagers these statistics and any information involved in this video were provided by medical organizations like the World Health Organization and not by sources that were either pro-choice or pro-life I hope that this has helped you understand what goes on during abortion and more about the abortion debate and I hope that you can make decisions that will help protect people that can get pregnant thank you for listening

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