abortion once more

JOHN WE BEGIN TONIGHT WITH POLITICAL COVERAGE. JOHN A FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKED PARTS OF MISSOURI’S 8-WEEK BAN ON ABORTION TODAY. JEN OUR MADISON HEVER HAS BEEN FOLLOWING THIS STORY. THE LAW WAS SUPPOSED TO GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW — MADISON TELLS US HOW THAT CHANGED TODAY? MADISON PART OF THE LAW WAS STALLED EARLIER THIS MORNING BY A FEDERAL JUDGE – MEANING THOSE RESTRICTIONS WILL *NOT* GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW. THE LAW THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW NOW WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL A COURT CASE IS DECIDED. THE LAW BANS ABORTIONS AT OR AFTER EIGHT WEEKS OF PREGNANCY. IT INCLUDES EXCEPTIONS FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, BUT NOT FOR RAPE OR INCEST. IT’S CALLED HB 126. AND WAS PASSED BY THE MISSOURI LEGISLATURE ON THE LAST DAY OF THE 2019 REGULAR SESSION. (Elijah Haahr/Speaker, MO House of Representatives (R)) “Obviously we thought it was really important position for us to take. A hundred and something votes in the house we got it passed through the senate without them needing to break a filibuster, the governor signed it. Missouri is a pro-life state and this legislation reflects that we are a prolife state.” PLANNED PARENTHOOD, THE ACLU OF MISSOURI AND A GROUP OF LAWYERS THAT SUCCESSFULLY FOUGHT FOR GAY MARRIAGE RIGHTS ALL CHALLENGED THE STATE LAST MONTH ON WHETHER THE LAW IS CONSTITUTIONAL. (Elijah Haahr/Speaker, MO House of Representatives (R)) “I am also abundantly aware that there are people on the other side of the aisle that strongly disagree with this legislation. that is what our legislative process is for is to try to find that position that we believe is best for the state and citizens of Missouri.” THE RULING CAME DOWN JUST AS THE LAW WAS SUPPOSED TO GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW. (Dr. Dan Ponder/Political Science Professor Drury Univeristy) “A lot of times that’s what happens is you kind of go up until to see if there’s any kind of resolution. IN THE JUDGE’S RULING, HE SAID PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND THE ACLU WILL LIKELY SUCCEED IN THE LAWSUIT. BUT IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE RULING DOES NOT MEAN THE LAW WON’T GO INTO EFFECT ENTIRELY. (Dr. Dan Ponder/Political Science Professor Drury Univeristy) It just stayed the law, that it cannot go into effect. it didn’t get rid of it. It did not overturn the law. PARTS OF THE LAW WILL GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW — THAT INCLUDES THE RESTRICTION ON SEEKING AN ABORTION BASED ON RACE, SEX OR THE POTENTIAL FOR DOWN SYNDROME. MADISOIN THE FEDERAL JUDGE SAID THE CASE COULD TAKE MONTHS BEFORE IT’S DECIDED.

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  1. That judge is an idiot ! We are a pro life state I am very angry we got a judge that ok with this? Wow that judge need to go!

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