"Abortion" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Fantastic teaching!)

how many of y'all know I'm sure you notice that that we are in the middle our nation is in the middle of a divide it's a big divide it's multiple divides survives on many fronts it's divided between this racial they are political divides what makes the divides tough for me is people who say they're Christians often line up on a side that is a very opposite of what the scripture says Christians are thank the 17 of y'all for that rousing affirmation let's go to proverbs because I want to talk about something tonight that this church is probably divided very much on but it's my responsibility to get in your real proverbs chapter 6 here's a topic I want to read through several scriptures here and here's a topic that it's very controversial but I want you to have the heart of God about it from my from what I believe the scripture teaches proverbs 6 verse 16 it says these 6 things the Lord hates yes seven are an abomination to him a proud look a lying tongue hands that shed innocent blood a heart that devises wicked plans feet that are Swift in running to evil a false witness who speak lies somebody on your row tells lies look at me down the road you can fear who it is and one who souls dis courts discord among brethren I'm zooming in today on verse 17 because I want to talk about abortion yeah I know it's a tough topic I know if you listen to the media and television and philosophies of the world they're on one side of the coin but my job as your pastor is to tell you what God's heart is about walking through the scriptures violet amen and that's that's what I want to do tonight it's been a long time since I've taught about it and I always assume that and I erroneously assumed that people come out on the right side of things I just I always believed it erroneously but I know over the years a lot of new people have come to the church and the problem with a church like ours because we get hundreds of people joining every every year thousands of people join in they bring into the church their beliefs before they before they got saved and unless you teach them was proper what's God's heart about it they'll continue to promote and stand with and agree with what the world says the world says abortion is great fine you can't tell a woman what to do with her body no a man can't but God can daki told him everything and I you know I say these things while I'm preaching but I I don't have the time to break down in the scriptures and this is important for men too because many women have gotten abortions because the the man pressured them to do something I want to talk to y'all about what God's heart is about it and again I don't do this teaching to try to make anybody feel ashamed or guilty who has had that all gone through that or have experienced that or done that the purpose of this is not to make you feel any guilt we serve a God that will forgive you no matter what you do I want to put that out front I want to put that right up front that when we sin we serve a god that when we confess to him he will cleanse us and forgive us of all of our sin thank the 18 of y'all for the rousing information to that but what the scripture says is that God hates when innocent blood is shed and my job is to show you walk you down through scriptures God's heart about this matter alright y'all with me okay let's start off by looking at these I just got four points today that I want to share with you and the first one deals with the fact that in God's view when God looks at life it's based on the blood it's in the blood life is in the blood the world says life doesn't begin until you're physically born and take a breath that's what the world says you have to be existent you have to come out the womb and take a breath and then you have life but according to God life is in the blood the moment the blood is flowing to see a baby in the womb has a heartbeat at a certain point the baby has a heartbeat and why is the baby heart beating cuz it's pumping blood and his life and so Leviticus 17:11 says for the life of the flesh is in the blood I want you to get the heart of God then this is an important deal right here this is very important to understand that from the eyes of God life is when the blood begins to flow not when you come out of the womb that's what the world's philosophy is it's in the blood look at your neighbor say it's in the blood here's point to God views life even before you're in the world and in the womb and this is repeated multiple times throughout scripture that God knows about you long before you're even conceived God knows about you already and I want to look at Psalm 136 139 this is verses 14 through 16 talks about this is the psalmist writing this in his Vysya Psalm 139 verse 14 I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well verse 15 my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret it means nobody no human saw you and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth that's the wall verse 16 your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed y'all missed a great spot to shout Amen God saw everything about you even before you were developed and in your book they all were written every you're everything about your body your life was written by God in his book the day's fashion for me when has yet there were none of them before you even had a day to exist God had already numbered your days verse 17 is not one of my verses but it's saying say see its hollering at me please talk about me for a minute how precious also are your thoughts to me O God how great is to some of them if I should count them they would be more in number than the sand in that the way God thinks about you is so magnificent so many thoughts he thinks about you now that's important because the devil make you think that God doesn't know anything about you God doesn't care about you God doesn't think about you but your truth of the matter is God does think about you he's got thoughts about you so many that everything about you even before they were formed even before your parts were formed God already had determined what they would be why you were yet in your mother's womb even before you were in your mother's womb very important to get this concept down let's go to Isaiah chapter 44 why are we here verse 24 thus says the Lord your Redeemer and he who formed you from the womb I am the lord who makes all things who stretches out the heavens all alone who spreads abroad the the earth by myself the key here underlined is put a circle around it and he who formed you from the wall and it says who did that i am the lord who makes all things regardless of the circumstances of your conception you couldn't get pregnant unless God let it happen now when I was when I was conceived my parents were not married and I don't know the circumstances or the details but the devil when I found this out the devil tried to send me in a spiral of depression especially during seasons and times when our family was challenged and stressed and problems and the devil tried to say see we you wouldn't be in this mess and your parents wouldn't be married if you hadn't been conceived and the devil tried to just he tried to beat me up about it and make me feel bad about it but these scriptures give me an answer and what I like about it I like it says thus says the Lord this is what the Lord said he who formed you from the womb God God allowed me to be full and this thing if I had not been formed if I had not been conceived we wouldn't be sitting in this beautiful river going look at your neighbor say I'd be a jacked up joke over here for one for the pastor one boy I'd be told from the floor up go ahead tell your neighbor you'd be a jack up anybody in thanking God for the day I was born other than me he says I'm the Lord who makes all things God made you this is an important point because the world will give you all of the reasons why people should be allowed to work or to abort babies but if you don't look at it from the perspective that God allowed it and that maybe maybe the circumstances maybe the events around it maybe maybe the people who were engaged or whatever happened maybe that wasn't God's will but the fact that your daddy's firm met with your mama's egg God had to make that happen [Applause] God you know what I know about God somebody gonna shout on this God brings good out of bad circus somebody high-five your neighbors say it was a bad circumstance but I'm the good they came my father it wasn't designed the way I think it ought to have been done it didn't follow the flow the way they said all have been done but I came up out of it so I cannot tell you all that's that how important that is because of the world promotes a philosophy and a concept they take you all these circumstances what if this is what if it's that way what if the conception happened cuz it is because it added it'll it'll throw all of that at you all in an effort to say it's okay to terminate that life but we're people of faith and have people of faith we have to view it differently okay let's look at Jeremiah chapter one she shall by any read the scripture here's what it says before you were born I sanctified you I'm sorry I skipped down before I formed you in the womb I knew you there's so much right there neveress before I formed who did the form and God did the forming before I formed you God say I already knew you before you were born I sanctified you I set you apart our danger he's talking to Jeremiah our danger aprofitableday.com a God already knew your name how they lujah and if God did that for Jeremiah he'd do the same thing for you [Applause] so the galatians chapter 1 Galatians 1:15 but it but when it pleased God who's this is Paul talking but when it pleased God who separated me from my mother's womb and called me through His grace God brought him out of his mother's womb it is an act of God here's the thing I'm trying to get you to see it is the work of God God is the one who makes it happen again I want you to distinguish between the the the events surrounding the conception and recognize that for the conception to happen God had to make it happen let's go to job 31 15 where it talks about how God made all of us this is the point I'm trying to drive home this is a significant point here today when does life begin and who's responsible for life and let me say this to you as well because over the years I've taught on about this subject and I'm telling you almost every time somebody gets the message who was contemplating an abortion and decided not to have an abortion [Applause] job 3115 says did not he who made me in the womb make them did not the same one fashion us in the womb here's again driving home the point that I'm trying to make to you today that God is the one who created and made us made you it's his doing this is saying so much has to happen for a and a sperm to connect and get embedded in the womb a whole lot of stuff had to happen over nine months for that baby to grow so much has to happen now let me just throw this out disco party craves brought some challenges for some of y'all to birth control there's different kinds of birth controls and one of the types of birth controls will stop a woman from ovulating there's also another type of birth control or maybe it's the same birth control I'm not a doctor I don't know the details that when the sperm reaches the egg and they connect the son birth controls that will not let us put a fertilized egg and bed in the womb it's a spontaneous abortion I knew y'all will be acquired on that point so I say that to say to you you should be concerned about the kind of birth control that you use okay let me just leave that one off right there the kitchen neighbors say you don't want the truth tell you neighbor you don't want the truth here's number three I'm almost finished I know y'all want me to pass to hurry up get done with this you don't want to hear this but I'm trying to give you truth you know if eyes could kill I'd be a dead man right now I see the eyes y'all shooting me down but it's okay the Bible teaches that they are their penalties for shedding innocent blood and I think we need to be aware of what they are Psalm 106 verse 37 through 39 talks about the land is polluted and defiled Psalm 106 verse 37 through 39 they even his verse says they even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons and that's what we're doing when you abort a child you are sacrificing your sons and your daughters verse 38 and shared and shared innocent blood the blood of their sons and daughters whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan and here's a consequence and the land was polluted with blood thus they were defiled by their own works and played the harlot by their own deeds let me talk about this for a moment because since abortion became legal in our country the United States of America abort they have over many years 1 million babies a year now the good news is that number has reduced from a million down to around 600,000 but for many years it's my opinion is one is too many one abortions channel one child has killed his team in it so it pollutes the land it defiles the nation and we are we are in the midst of a country that is defiled and polluted let's go to Joel chapter 3 talks about desolation Joel 3 verse 19 sucks what Egypt shall be a desolation and Edom a desolate wilderness why because of violence against the peoples of Judah then it says it's but they have shed innocent blood in their land the whole shedding of innocent blood that's what that's what I believe this is about when we kill and abort babies is innocent blood Deuteronomy 27 27:25 curse is the one who takes a bribe to slay an innocent person and all the people shall say Amen curse is the one who takes a bribe to slay an innocent person so if you walked up upon a child four years old three years old a child and you discovered that that child was conceived in a in a horrible way would it be okay to go ahead and kill that child so the four-year-old child and the four weeks in the womb it's still the child right okay all right guys what I make sure y'all understand that what I was saying to you today okay let me give you this oops I'm almost finished did we read Deuteronomy yes we did cursed is the one who takes an innocent life finally let's look at first Corinthians chapter 6 because here's the big argument that I hear on the TV over and over and over and over again about a woman's body and here's what God's perspective is verse 19 of 1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20 do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God you you have a temple that God gave you and you are not your own for you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are gods our bodies belong to God finally one last verse Isaiah 45 ha what's wrong huh oh the baby crying whose baby is that crying who's that wait a baby yet it's okay yeah praise the Lord I'm glad you had that baby I don't know the circumstances but I'm glad you had that baby I'm glad my mama had it come on hallo somebody I'm wearing my mother see that baby saying preach pastor Frank [Applause] as they're 45 verses 9 through 11 says woe to him who strives with his maker that the part should strive with the parsha of the earth shall the clay say to him who forms it what are you making or shall your handiwork say he has no hands woe to him who says to his father what are you beginning or to the woman what have you brought forth thus says the Lord the Holy One of Israel and his maker listen to this ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the work of my hands you command me and consider me go back and concerning the work of my hands you command me it should be a question mark at the end of that most translations put a question mark there you're commanding me God is saying so ultimately when it's all said and done we are the creation of God do y'all get that you understand understand now here is the ultimate question who's in charge that's where the rubber meets the road who has the authority to make the determination of what can be done and one can't be done that is the ultimate question now here's the deal if it's okay to take a life si si si sin is progressive it's never satisfied the more you get involved in send the more sinned you want to do anybody here know the more will you sin it starts off slow but then yeah he said it turns to a snowball it keeps growing and growing as long so they start off with killing babies and it was okay to abort children before they're born the next what thing to do is to be able to take life at the end of life do you not know we've been fighting in the state of Maryland these last couple of years legislation that has been brought forth that wants to give people the right to end their life at the end of life it's all a question about who's in charge am I going to am I gonna do I have his where they say do I have the rights in my life so some of the legislators called me and say you know there's a there's a system here that there's a law here that they want to be able to you know you did terminally ill they want to be able to go ahead and get doctor assisted suicide and I have a thousand questions you know I asked him I said well what if the pills get into wrong hands I want to ask the question what if God decides he wants to heal that person what if they come up with an answer to whatever their dilemma is their sickness is what if three months in the process or a month in the process where they're taking these pills they say when they talk to me they say it takes 90 pills you got to take 90 pills 90 pills as if that's going to be something so so so if it's okay to end it at the beginning of life then it's okay to do it at the end of life the next step is to take life away that's not deemed viable whether you know what an element I'm almost finished I'm gonna just talk to you about this for a minute when it's all said and done it's people making the determination themselves about what's a viable life I hope you never want to get to a place in life that you deem somebody in your family not viable to live I think it's I think it's one thing that I think it's one thing you know like I told my wife if something happened to me in and I can't breathe on my own with it with what God gave me I don't want to be artificially alive I'd only kept up being kept alive for decades on machines that's one thing to say you know my will said take it up take it off let me live if I can't live by what God gave me it's time for me to go I ain't afraid to die I'm ready to go me to change I'm ready but that's a different scenario than somebody actually introducing death to your hands Sam saying so I want y'all to have the heart of God on this matter and it's getting you know it's it's hot and heavy and you know every time I turn on a TV they this is this whole cuz I know because it's a lot of Alabama Mississippi oh one of them southern places which state wasn't Mississippi Alabama then passed along I I actually salute them for the courage to do it in this day and age thank all 16 of y'all for that rousing support on that but I want y'all to have a heart of God on it I want you to understand what the heart of the Lord is about it and and I want you to have it alright I'll take questions I'm I'm finished I have a few online questions so this is a good question I understand God allow certain circumstances but how do you comfort someone who was raped in considering abortion that's a great question somebody who's been violated like that my heart goes out to them I hope they find the person who did it and that they are rightly punished for their behavior there's never that is never a right thing and we need to and what I try to say let me say this real quick – I hope I can explain this to you we are a triune being we're made up of a body y'all see the y'all see this is my body then there's a that's the outer circle then there's a inner circle that's our soul mind will and emotions and then there's yet another inner circle today that's just spirit so we're trying there's a in a most spirit in a most circle inner circle and then your outer circle which is your body I've got it body soul spirit when a person gets raped or violated that person has violated their outer source it's up to you to determine whether their violation goes past the outer to the soul in the spirit so what I try to do is teach those people women particularly who've been violated in that way yes you've been violated externally you've been violated in your flesh but you don't have to allow that person's behavior to penetrate into your mind and your heart and your soul and even into your spirit you can put a stop to it and say I'm not going to let them torment me pass what they did to you next time just a mic you can leave it in the stand but anyway faster I guess my question is everything that God has given us he's given us a lot commandment and my prayers that we as a people we start to follow God's law and then read the word and things in a niche but why don't we put Supreme Court justices and things in place because everything that God gives us he gives us a law but we don't put laws in place when we talk about shedding blood innocent lives whether you're talking about abortions shooting unarmed black men when you talk about education when you talk about all unfair housing or any of those things that turn into a snowball effect we as people kind of turn out back away from these things but we don't put not handful hand-picked people in a position god-fearing people in a position where they start to look at these things visit these things and change these things yeah because no changes yep yep I got you so one of the things we're trying to do at our church is encourage Christians to run for public office that's what we're trying to do we need more believers with some backbone very named some courage to run for office and help Institute values that are consistent with the community that you're from we have politicians now in some of these politicians that don't represent the communities that they you know they told us one thing when they would run it yes sir I'll speaker when it came time to pass it's got there's one guy when we were doing this whole thing about the gauge the same sex marriage deal he told his pastor he wasn't gonna vote for it and sure enough when he came down to vote he was the swing vote he voted for it we want people we I'm praying we got us we have a civic engagement ministry led by Reverend Thea Wilson I don't think she's here tonight but we want you we need more political we need more people of faith you know help put laws in place okay agree with the Word of God as it relates to abortion agree with your interpretation of the Word of God as it relates to abortion and abortion being a sin however where I am challenged is the criminality of abortion if you are going to criminalize abortion why aren't we criminalizing fornication why don't we criminalizing shacking up why are we just formalizing abortion because abortion takes a life when you take away a life that's a criminal act is how is that thin greater than any other thing taking a life is greater than any other absolutely and that is in the Word of God that that sin is greater than any other thing the Bible teaches when you take a life you sacrifice your whole life okay I don't know where that is yeah I'll look it up I'll get it for you okay okay all right so the answer is that that's because that sin is greater than any other thing the answer is that sin is taking away life yeah you're killing a life you're taking a life that's what the answer is you're taking away a life I have a question they say about homosexuality homosexuality sin and it's in the Bible but why is it that politics are still debating over this when to me is this I mean you can't help me you love I mean you get you gay and the people in politics are still debating about whether they should get married and what's the meaning of marriage and that's just my opinion it's like why are they still talking about it why why I said why are they talking about it because politician is it's off in the air about you know what is the meaning of marriage they like they say it's between one man one woman or two men two men but politics are still arguing over this debate whether I think it's pointless I mean you can't hopefully you love that's where you lost me when you kept saying something like that what did you say the last thing you said well yeah well I said the last thing I said ozone you can't hope will you love I mean even though you can't hope where you love yeah it's doable it's answer are you a member here yes yeah yeah the Bible you know the Bible gives us here's why it's a debate because the Bible gives parameters of what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable so the Bible gives parameters to say this certain behavior is not acceptable so you know that's that's why it's a debate that's why I still being discussed because it has passed and I guess most states have said it's okay but God said it's not okay understand yes okay good evening pastor my question is we all heard and received what you said about the spirit and the soul and how you can control that and not let it penetrate through those two areas of your life however what becomes of the child we still have a child to deal with as a result of that violent and egregious act sometimes it's incest children are born out of all kinds of different things and how would you instruct someone who suffered that trauma what do they do with the child so you know far be it for me to try to tell a woman how to handle that that's why we have a ministry led by Reverend Johnson right here about about how to help women with that I would say you know it's not the child's fault and I would say if a person doesn't want that child there there are millions of people in this world that would take a child they would carry the child I would tell the woman if she could just find it in our heart to forgive that person and I pray that the person gets penalized I do I'm not excusing their behavior but I'm also hoping that maybe she she won't hold the child at fault and let somebody who can take that child and raise that child I love that child because there are millions of people in just wish they could have a baby and I would agree with you because carrying a child for nine months under those circumstances they would need all the support and counseling that absolutely because they're also going through the trauma absolutely and then they're trying to give life and do all the right things that they're supposed to do thank you and I agree but let me just say this too in the United States because this is this what you raise is the thing that's you know the the television promotes this the number of abortions in this country that is done from a result of rape or incest is miniscule the million or 600,000 is 88% people weren't rated or incest so it's a very small number it's very minor thank you thanks let me go over here I'm sorry I didn't see this person over here yes so I'm a believer therefore I do believe that abortion is not something that we should engage in I'm just according to the will of God but I have a question more so related to like taking knife rather than abortion on the same path but what do you think about like the death the death penalty and do we have the right to take individuals lives after they have engaged in heinous crimes that's a whole nother subject tonight I would like to answer that question you know let me take that up on another night okay because it's it's not a simple answer yeah we have classes ticking ready to get your life taken but you have the opportunity to survive by taking that light inward well yeah if a mother's life is in danger we would save the mother's life if it is a bonafide life threatening thing to the mother of a child in childbirth then we want to save the mother's life so second Kings chapter 10 talks to us about nations whose leaders were killing babies and in verse 32 it talks to us about God cutting off an entire nation because of a nation are going to kill babies is there a possibility that if our entire nation continues down this path that our nation will be cut off from God I hope that God doesn't do that for our nation but there the land is polluted we were we're reaping the consequences right now so many choices and decisions that we've made as a nation but God has given us space to repent I just wanted to I guess give my mother was raped and I was conceived so just being transparent it's not easy being raised by a parent that doesn't want you but God loved me in spite of it all it took many years for me to forgive because I thought it was all my fault because it wasn't incest type of thing so I felt like I was always on the Jerry Springer Show like really this is my life but God made me who I am today I'm an interpreter you know even like pastor I don't have a college degree but I'm doing it because God put me here so anybody that does go do something like that it's not easy the bad can help and make you a great person so I just wanted to encourage somebody I know that that was really open but I felt like somebody needed to hear that [Applause] [Applause] – last question afternoon pastor first I want to give honor to God cuz I'm grateful that my mother chose to have me on number 13 or 14 children but what I wanted to give you say what did you say over 13 of 14 young mother had 13 kids 14 but I'm grateful hold a whole weight let's just celebrate her my question is I wanted to make sure that I offer this action you the answer that I offer to a young lady to make sure that I'm in line with the Word of God in the community that I live in I witness to people all the time and a young lady asks me about a child what if a child gets raped should they have an abortion the answer that I gave her is that regardless the child is going to be traumatized anyway so their child is going to need some help my offering of answering was to allow that child to have that baby and then give it up for adoption because regardless the child is going to be traumatized why put an extra burden on the child now I done killed a child which we really make that child suffer down the line people don't think that these cars that these things come back on you but down the line they do come back it's going to hunt you some kind of way so I just wanted to make sure that I gave and offered a direct answer in relation to the question that I was asked to allow that person to have the baby but give that baby up for an adoption because there's always people that want babies but why put an extra burden on now that the child will have to deal with killing a child yeah and you know since you raised that question on TV this is the thing that they do they raise impossible where circumstances to justify abortion and they'll talk about children being raped and being pregnant and they'll raise all those kinds of issues but those are rare deals you know they just stay the storm they don't account for them six seven hundred thousand abortions that we do every year in this country we use abortion has a birth control method we shouldn't do that but thank you for your coming I appreciate so what's that line with the answer that I gave that's what I'm I need a response we believe I believe we're here's the point I'm driving home life starts the moment of conception that's when life starts at that moment you know you're never going to get me to be able to say is okay to kill a baby never right you'll never get me to be able to say it's all right the only exception I would say is when a mother's life is at danger and one of the other has to be have a loss of life then you save the life of the mother that's the only time that you ever hear me has to pass of this church has a man of God woman all right thank you all righty thank you all for listening to me today share one of my convictions I have such a strong conviction about this father I thank you for this your word the clarity that you give us the direction if I lie believe maybe somebody in this building maybe somebody watching online is wrestling or know somebody who's wrestling it is our prayer that some truth would be embedded in their hearts that that child that's yet in that womb would live their life I pray for women God who have in their past made that error made that mistake committed that sin pray that you forgive them in washer cleanse them give them freedom from the guilt of what they may have done in the name of Jesus and father we pray that because of your word and your truth that even those who who have found themselves the product of circumstances like that would know that they have value and life and purpose in Jesus name we pray [Applause]

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  1. Great teaching thanks pr Jenkins Lord forgive me and have mercy upon …I was lost by then but now am found

  2. “Man can’t tell a woman what to do with her body but God can”….WOW! I kept seeing this video and did not want to click on it, I had an abortion and at the time I was relieved and indifferent. As I grew in Christ guilt came. It’s taken a LONG time to forgive myself. This preaching opened my eyes . I believe God wills that I share this information with someone I know struggling with it. Plus it’s a hot political topic. Keep saying the truth with the Bible pastor J. 💜

  3. I am not ashamed that my mother and a married man made me because when i was just 3 years old God blessed my mother with a wonderful husband and me a awesome DAD i never saw him as my stepfather i thank God for how he used 1 to make me and #1 to raise me my parents were saved and have went on to be with the lord and i will always praise God for the life he gave me thank you lord for giving Pastor Jenkins such a timely message as this GLORY to your name JESUS.

  4. Mighty…. Pastor Jenkins Sr, a TRUE Pastors Pastor. May God Continue to Use YOU and the Holy Spirit minister to and through you, in Jesus Name.

  5. Fantastic teaching! Wish I were there, to seek clarification on a seeming mismatch/contradiction, between the teaching, and the answer given to the question asked by the gentleman @45:14, about, in a life threatening situation, whose life is more important – mother or baby? Pastor suggested that, choosing the life of the mother, over the child, is more important/priority. I would agree to that, except, this whole teaching revolved around the premise, that, we are God’s design, and that, we belong to God, even before conception. And that, God punishes the shedding of innocent blood – backed by a lot of Scripture. If that is what we accept, and, if every life is indeed, God’s gift, then, who are we to decide which life is more important? If God is, “In-Charge”, even before conception, then, when two lives are at stake, mother or child, who are we (really) to choose one life (mother), over another life (baby)? If we say we have a choice, in that situation, to say, the baby is, “LESS IMPORTANT”, than the mother. Then, does that make the blood of that baby… any less innocent? Is it okay to sentence that baby to death? And… should not that choice, of who makes it, and who does not, be left entirely to God? When does it become right for us to start playing – GOD?

  6. Thank you Pastor Jenkins for TEACHING this subject. Bless you for opening the floor to allow questions the nation has!

  7. I tell you now God dont see someone else sins worse than yours. Sin is sin and everyone in hell right now are there for the very same reason. They didn't repent and didn't want that free gift of salvation wich was only possible by a holy God to become like us and take on our sins paying the price with his own blood and suffering .when we stand before God something we see as a small sin is seen great sin in heaven .somthing we would of seen small of giving in heaven is seen great giving and in what manner you did it in

  8. Ok iv gotta give you my story with my four children me and my husband before we got married we kept trying for a baby and nothing for months then i asked him being a freshly born again. Lord if me and Richard are meant to be together and hes not the one you have planned for me one marriage until I die then dont allow me to have a baby I know your the one stopping it .and I know we should be married first ect …. immediately I did another test where it was time to see and i was pregnant. I didn't promise God I'd go get married or anything but he knew it would then play on my mind and it did i couldn't live like that no more it wasn't right so we walked in and walked out no big do or anything no dress ect I was just turned 19 on that same day we got a call asking if we wanted this house I said omlife yes and we got the keys and signed the papers same day .it was a wedding gift from the lord we had been waiting a year to move out of his mum n dad house lol so funny .and my three other children was conceived first time and at my third we said we didn't want anymore however God had other plans the chances how my 4th child managed to sneak out lol reaching my womb if you know what I'm saying 😂 and I knew it was going to be my second son one because I saw him in a dream but also I my five year old daughter said it's a boy Because she asked jesus for another brother lol and before my third we had lost twins so he blessed us with another boy .so you see even though we had plans to stop having children God had still a plan for another one with or without our say so! His will be done always!

  9. God bless you pastor, this is a true Bible believing and teaching church..God's word remain the same regardless of how the media and government try to tweak it..

  10. First time I've ever heard abortion taught/ preached against. An end-times message. This is God's doing and it is marvelous in His sight! Hallelujah 🙋

  11. As a child of God I and all of us are Sinners and fall short of Gods Glory but with Repentance Obedience Submitting Acceptance Redemption Belief Great Faith the Lord will forgive us. Personal testimony when I was in my twenties I decided to have an abortion. It weighed heavy on my heart throughout the years after getting married I conceived two beautiful boys and they were and are the most joyful blessing in my life. They are both adults now and I wouldn't trade being there mother for Nothing in the World. I am so thankful for the Lords Mercy and Grace towards me and my sons he is a loving God who's always Worthy To Be Praised 🤗🙏🤗🙏🤗

  12. I'm saving this to my Great Sermons Playlist! I am so grateful I can show this to my kids! This was preached like I've never seen before, and that's the truth! I'm truly grateful for his unapologetic firmness on the scripture without trying to cross into politically correctness. God is Worthy to Be Praised! I don't even know where this church is, can't remember when I subscribed, but so blessed that I did! Refreshing and Anointed sermon!
    Edit: Preach to the beautiful people, Pastor! Growing up, some of the black churches would not touch abortion. Generations lost…But for the Grace of God!

  13. My thoughts on the difference in the sin of abortion is, abortion takes anothers life. Fornication takes your own, spiritually. Abortion is a shedding of blood. Just my thoughts

  14. Wow…a product of rape in the midst sharing her story. Look at God!! Showing us that even that LIFE MATTERS! Their life is worth living. Glory!!!!!!!!

  15. Murder is criminal. That is God's law and man's law. We punish murderers. But the world has not criminalized abortion. It is still legal.

  16. My doctors alluded to me the idea of abortion on my daughter, who i am currently pregnant with. I belive by the stripes of Jesus she is healed and free from sickness and disease in the name of Jesus Amen. Let the doctors be astounded and God be given the glory when i deliver a perfect normal and healthy daughter in Jesus' name Amen.

  17. Powerful message 🙏🙏🙌🙌🔥🔥 God bless you Pastor Jenkins 🙏🙏🔥🔥🙌🙌 AMEN, PRAISE GOD 🙏🙏🙌🙌

  18. I hear what he's saying but its ALWAYS a MAN that is unable to be impregnated, quick to speak against abortion. I don't believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control 4 sure but there are women who are raped by strangers, family, and the familiar. I can't knock them 4 terminating their child. A man cannot tell a girl that was gang raped and impregnated that she's WRONG for having an abortion. He can quote all of the scriptures he wants because it's not him or his daughters. I'm not knocking the pastor all I'm saying is it's easy to say it's wrong until it's ur daughter , granddaughter, niece, cousin, goddaughter, friend, and so forth. Imagine looking ur rapist in the eyes while he's violating u and weeks later u find out ur pregnant. That's something that a WOMAN has to deal with NOT a man. In that situation, I don't feel abortion is wrong.

  19. There were circumstances regarding my mother conceiving me; I'm so greatful the lord allowed my mother to bring me in this world.




  20. I love when the baby started crying and pastor said “ it’s okay!!! I’m glad you had that baby, I’m glad my momma had me”

    It was so divine the baby started clapping on his own 😍😍😍💚💚💚!!!

    To have your baby in BIBLE STUDY shows so MUCH thirst for the Lord and his word💚 I have no EXCUSE💚

    Thank you Jehovah 💚💚💚💚

  21. Amen, 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏. I love watching your sermons. Keep speaking the truth and setting people free from sin

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