43 Replies to “Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters”

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  2. And ppl think abortions are okay. Question for the pro choice ppl. Would yall still be trying to kill the baby if it was outside the womb? Bc there is no difference btw the two. It would be muder if killed oustide the womb. But just bc it's still in the body, it gives u permission to kill.

  3. I feel like this guy who's explaining the process is actually against it and is trying persuade people not to get abortion by describing the fetus. You will hear the heartbeat. You can count the fingers and toes. He's like trying tell us that these fetuses are actually alive

  4. The only reason abortion is “ok” is if your 11 or 12 and got raped and the baby could potentially kill you because your body isn’t fully developed yet, but otherwise it’s honestly disgusting to see what happens to a baby during abortion, if you’re going to get an abortion in your third trimester just wait for that baby to be born and put it up for adoption, honesty

  5. Just to let everyone know, my mother had a very hard time conceiving me and before, she had 1 still born, a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. In both the ectopic and miscarriage pregnancies she technically had 2 abortions. After the miscarriage to prevent hemorrhaging she had the surgical one, and with the ectopic she had another one I forget what it’s called. The point is, in both cases the babies were already dead or going to die, if she hadn’t had those abortions she would have had severe pain, had to see her own dead baby in the toilet, or in the case of the ectopic pregnancy even died, so please don’t make abortions illegal because what are women in these scenarios (very common) going to do? If you don’t understand ectopic pregnancy google it the survival rate of a fetus is 1% you almost always need an abortion and if you go without one you could be unable to conceive again or rupture Fallopian tubes, hemorrhaging, appendicitis ect.

  6. How is he talking so calmly about this? I am all about women having a choice to decide to keep or terminate a pregnancy, but I could have went my whole life without seeing and hearing a step by step tutorial on abortions. The animation made it 10x worse. I'm literally sick to my stomach.

  7. I handle blood and surgery pretty well and am rarely squeamish. However I think I gagged at least 5 times during this.

  8. Wow. If people can just see how abortion really works like this video, they’d really see what’s going on. Absolutely heart breaking and very sad. I have a 1 year old baby brother, and every time I saw that baby I could see my brother. It really breaks my heart on how many lives are taken and what they could have been. 😪

  9. It’s really the woman’s choice because it’s her body. But I think if it’s past 9 weeks it’s a bit cruel kinda. And if it’s a teen pregnancy or like an actual mistake and you cannot take care of a baby then I guess I understand. I’m not getting an abortion though because I don’t wanna take the risk and in some ways it’s a bit cruel (depends which trimester for me)

  10. I’m pro choice for things like Rape, incest, or if it’s medically necessary. But I could never have an abortion myself.

  11. Maybe, we should just stop performing surgery since it’s disgusting. Did any of you think this would actually be pretty?

  12. The thing is if you had sex and wanted it and you abort the baby shame on you because you could have not had sex periodtt killing a HUMAN for no reason

  13. I'm pro choice but when he said "he knows he crushed the baby's head when a white substance comes out of the cervix, that is the baby's brain."
    That absolutely made my stomach drop and my heart break

  14. I'm pro choice but when he said "he knows he crushed the baby's head when a white substance comes out of the cervix, that is the baby's brain."
    That absolutely made my stomach drop and my heart break

  15. i’m pro choice and of y’all wanna do this to your baby that you conceived and carried go ahead and do that but i’m crying so hard right now i can’t see how you could let your baby be violently ripped apart or SUCTIONED INTO A VACUUM??!?! like that’s so horrifying…

  16. I’m sorry but this doesn’t change my mind about abortions. A woman shouldn’t be forced against what she wants to bear a child she doesn’t want and go through the pain. But it is awful to kill the baby when it can feel pain.

  17. I’m pro-choice but some of this was just, heart-breaking. I feel that you should only be able to abort children before they can feel pain.

  18. I kind of wish they would have gotten a regular abortion doctor to explain this. Obviously this guy is randomly pro life now so I feel like everything he says is bias against his cause, especially when late-abortions are very rare.

  19. The second trimester 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 omg THEN to reassemble 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Youd think they which use somebody other than a man to describe this process so he did do a good job of it it was just weird

  21. I had an abortion when i was 16, i have no regrets. It would not have been a good life for either me or my child.

  22. I just can't get one thing.. Seriously.. A woman wants to do this with her own baby?? Then why we abuse n blame the ISIS n all the Terrorists.. They are nothing brutal comparing these Baby Killers.. N those who support it. Shameful n disgusting. Now m gona even receive so many more comments supporting the mass murder.. Hmm.. Like those baby killers can change my mind.. Feel pity for them.

  23. I think it's really sad how some "pro-choicers" REFUSE to watch this, if you can't watch it – how do you support it?

  24. Interesting how the animation decides to use a 20 weeks old fetus (after 20 weeks is rare) and not mention that late term abortions are rare and occur when the fetus is no longer viable. Meaning it’s already dead and needs to be removed from the mother.

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