40 Replies to “Abortion Restrictions Explode In United States”

  1. I’m strongly against abortion! Be responsible! If you don’t want to have a baby, that is simple! Avoid it! You take a birth control… There are so many ways to avoid that… but you don’t be a murder of your own child…You know why? Because you have a life, a soul inside of you! When are you going to have a sex fun time! Think about your possible baby before you! You must to take a pill, use a coil or so…YOU MUSTN’T BE A KILLER OF YOUR BABY, OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE A HEAVY KARMICAL EFFECTS AROUND YOUR PERISPIRIT.

  2. But we can tell the whole country that you cannot use drugs, which, based on the president of 'it's your body' would be alright.

  3. I find it interesting and also very disturbing that both hosts referred to the unborn fetus as "Child" and "Baby".. But in the context of defending someone's right to tear him or her out of their mothers, ending their lives. Can anyone explain to me why they acknowledged that who they are talking about are children and babies, and yet they still somehow support the idea that to kill them should be a right? Is killing your child a right in America?

  4. Personally I think no abortion after 20 weeks is reasonable, because they had plenty of time to, but that's just me. Prove me wrong if you want and thumb me down. Which is what will obviously happen.

  5. You know what? "Pro lifers" are exactly like the communists. In communist states too abortions were always illegal, as well as homosexuality. Come on, face it conservatives, You want those regimes back. They have a LOT in common with you guys. They also wanted impose their values on other people.

  6. so what? if that woman takes it into her hands, she deserves to die then! abortion is sick and unsafe and if she wants to take that risk then she'll suffer the consequences

  7. People are made of cells so yes, "cells is a person". And do not associate me with those scum called catholics you pathetic inbred moron.

  8. its not a child its not a baby it is just cells that are still apart of the woman which makes it just apart of her not its own person so are you saying you can scratch you arm because its killing skin sells

  9. I don't think men should have the right to make any decisions regarding the termination of a pregnancy because it is not his body undergoing the trauma of pregnancy. If he had a right, he would basically have control over the woman's body. If a man does not want the child but the woman does, a simple solution would be to give up all parental rights to the child. He wont have to pay anything if he does so. If the man could hold the fetus in his body then this would be a different story.

  10. even if abortion is illegal, if you starve yourself you will eventually miscarry, that's my plan if it's ever made illegal

  11. Its always about the woman. What if a man does not want the kid?? He has no say in it. If he has no say in it he should not be held responsible and should have a choice to be in the childs life or not. Just like woman have that choice.


  13. In 1939 a 5 year old girl gave birth. Someone doesn't do research before commenting. Everyone hits puberty at different ages and some people hit it extremely early.

  14. You are an incredibly stupid and self righteous hypocrite. Do you think it is okay to kill someone to save your own life?

  15. We all know why Schwartzenegger and John Edwards were pro-Choice now don't we. A marriage is not necessary to collect child support payments for 20 years as long as you don't destroy the DNA evidence necessary for the paternity suit with an abortion, Women who settle for abortions not only lose child support but better social security than the Atheists in Europe have been able to give Greeks. Abortion also logically kills more stupid atheists who support it than religious opposition to it, d'oh!

  16. Cover it up with an abortion so the rapist can get away with his crime which is not even reported and you may not even be informed ever happened, making it possible for the rapist to continue raping women and children and possibly even men increasing the odds of death by AIDS for everyone who has sex and making social securtiy go bankrupt? That's the politically correct answer right now according to the NY Times.

  17. A fetus is not baby, abortion is not murder, and U.S. law is not based on your "holy" book. If you don't like abortion, don't have one.

  18. I do have a serious question. What would you do if your 10 year old daughter was raped and became pregnant?

  19. Actually this affects civil liberties, and more
    children increase= population increase.
    Now funds are a tremendous amount,
    more of issue when you have tremendous
    amount of babies.
    The super vision,
    beneficially health care,
    and a control on divorce rate.

    Im not pro abortion! just saying.
    the effects of pro-life

  20. This is an attack on evri1's civil rights,
    Women are seen as a weak point ATM. Bosses are capitalizing on recent 'feminazi' abuse of women by Paulbots. (yet fake feminist 'save a whore' ads IS Paulbots)
    Real feminists are regular women standing up for civil rights.
    + Attacks on immigrants, employers hope to lessen worker solidarity, attempting to divert away from real issues of inequality.
    Build worker solidarity & dignity. Refuse to compete in a miserable rat-race into worse fail.

  21. Also I'd like to add, I saw someone comparing a woman that had an abortion to hitler… Let me just say… How fucking dare you say something so thoughtless and ridiculous! That's two completely different levels of fucked up! Hitler was pure evil, and a single woman that had an abortion doesn't make her evil or a bad person! I swear don't u ever say something so stupid again…

  22. Ok, so I'm religious… And I believe in god… But seriously, this shit needs to stop! Religion and government should not be mixed! If ur against abortion, then dont have one! Or if u got knocked up and u don't want it then have an abortion! Or theres always adoption! It's no ones business but the woman who has to make that decision…

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