37 Replies to “Abortion: Science vs. Myth”

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  2. I wonder why they didn't depict the 'fetus' or the removed "tissue", or tell us about how late one can get an abortion and what that entails. This is advocacy, not education.

  3. I'm not religious. I don't believe abortion is okay ethically and morally. I understand why women may decide to do it but sometimes their reason conflicts with other beliefs I have about men and their role in this matter as well as their responsibility in whether or not they should be forced to accept her choice or defend and protect the chance of life in her that is technically 50% a part of him from facing obliteration.

  4. Abortion is murder you psycho sadistic witches. Repent before you end up in Hell for all eternity.

  5. Doesn't matter what you call it, infanticide is infanticide. I don't understand how a woman can kill her unborn baby for any reason? I just don't get it. Maybe that is another of the fundamental differences between men and women (differences that apparently don't exist)

    You don't have to be religious to oppose the killing of unborn humans. Any sane and rational person with an ounce of morality knows it is ethically wrong

  6. Our individual DNA process is a continuous process, unfurling from the moment of conception. There is no later stage of our existence that is not dependent on earlier stages of our existence, as a continuous entity in space and time. Our DNA process is continuous in both space and time from the moment of our conception, to the moment of our death.

    Acceptance, rationalization of the termination of an already unfurling DNA process, once invited to unfurl, requires the irrational acceptance of a temporal bias. In the continuum of space/time, that continuously unfurling DNA process is not a complete individual human 'yet.' That is because we are not regarding that human over the complete time-space continuum that it exists in. But, the only thing required to see the complete individual human is the passage of time.

    We are of course much more than our unfurling DNA processes, but whatever we are, the basis of our life, cannot exist without the unmolested possession of that unfurling DNA process.

    The fetus is a concrete example of a new individual DNA process, unfurling. There is and has been a conflict to define the most fundamental aspect of an individual — the term of its existence. The resolution of this conflict — between the newest individual and others — is resolved by others, based on whatever philosophical or moral guidance they bring to the conflict. The rationalizations in support of abortion boil down to the convenience of the others, based mostly on a shaky temporal bias that is permitted to stand, unquestioned.

  7. Perhaps people should understand the severity of their choices. Dont want an unplanned pregnancy? consider masterbation

  8. They harvest the aborted fetuses. Planned parenthood targets brown and black and native babies. Big business. They wont tell you this. Margaret Sanger Eugenics.

  9. This video is distinctly one sided. I thought your channel revolved around news, not propaganda. I'll unsubscribe now.

  10. Conservatives live in a state of perpetual victimhood. Whether that be victims of the media, the government, social media, or in this case, scientific facts and evidence. I couldn't imagine living in such a way, where everything that doesn't conform to/validate your worldview triggers you out of your mind.

  11. I am very heartened that most commenters have descried this slaughter and only a few apologists are worried enough to spout off here. Love will prevail.

  12. You think that missing work or education justifies killing a living organism with unique human dna.

    And then you say the people who oppose you are evil.

    Selfish, disgusting humans.

  13. White People kill your unborn babies so Illegal Refugees can take there spots in our society! ONLY IN CLOWN WORLD

  14. Seems like there is one big glaring fact that wasn’t mentioned here: abortion is still killing a baby. The fact that this lady interviewed is proud and seriously downplays what she has done is disturbing, to say the least. For medical reasons, in the case of rape and such it’s understandable, but let’s be real folks, it’s still killing an unborn child.

  15. We need to focus on reducing the Reasons! why women get abortion, such as monetary instability, relationship instability, and birth defects. That will reduce abortions, not this 1 dimensions pro-life argument.

  16. This video does Not tackle myths but promotes them 1 pro life is not a 'religious' believe per say 2. The fetus isn't just Tissue, Tissue by itself does not have a Hart beat 3. Pro choice people do not present the 'facts' thus video is debunks that 4. Abortions are done for convince, the woman in the video says thats what she did, and then the man says no so yeah

  17. Wow global way to leave out any information. 20% of all viable births in Canada every single year are aborted, that’s 1 in 5 women every year aborting their child, 1.4% of abortions are done because of rape, incest or early pregnancy complications, 2.1% of abortions end in medical complications for the women. In Canada there are 0 abortion laws meaning a women can abort a child 5 minutes before birth and give any reason for it, including because she’s mad at the father. Only men have to deal with the legal consequences of having sex, if women are allowed to chose when they become a mother, men should have the right to choose when they become a father.

  18. This jean-claude schartz dude in the comments is getting TRIGGERED by the dislikes. Let's TRIGGER him some more 😎Pepelaugh

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