Abortion services clarification

that's with dr. Allen's Alex Allanson mhk who is a common Swank's radio to speak about abortion legislation dr. Alan Alan Stan Friday the 24th of May was a landmark day in the isle of man with the abortion legislation being introduced however according to a number of people on Twitter including the campaign group calm Isle of Man it seems that its introduction in terms of the information made available has not been the best so what's been going on I'd agree with you there that I think the Department of Health didn't put out clear information straight away um first thing in the morning um the Department Health had a bit of a battering last week in Tim moulds we had some major debates about the structure and function of them they've been busy with that you broadcast news about multiple sclerosis drugs as well there's loads of different uncomplete competing priorities for the department but they I think they should have hand of it handled this better the reality is that we are the first place in the British Isles where women if they have an unintended pregnancy they can actually phone an advice line they can get the advice and the counselling they need they can get direct access to abortion services one of the problems that that calm highlighted was it was unclear whether those services would be provided on Ireland or Ireland those services if a medical terminations will be on Ireland for the first time but there may be some surgical terminations in in the an interim period where women may still have to go across to the UK but that would be fully funded and organised by our NHS and the difference between medical and surgical is medical terminations are done in the early stages of a pregnancy in progressive countries where you have access to abortion services they account for up to 85% of cases now and women can be given off the full counselling tablets to basically induce a miscarriage and can do that at home in the in their own environment and surrounded by support from their friends and families and this is the big change that we will be able to provide this on Ireland instead of exiling women to the UK and we've heard terrific stories about um I'm miscarrying on their way home one of the things that calm has been really successful in doing is highlighting those personal stories of women on the Isle of Man and I applaud them for that and I also applaud them from for making sure that that the pressure is kept up to make these services as good as possible although Friday was a landmark day it doesn't stop here we can still improve the services we offer we can improve the the services we offer for women across contraception and reproductive services and one of the big things about Tim all debate was putting the patient at the center of health care and I think this service being the newest service providers is no ideal opportunity to do that surgically though if a surgical procedure is required women still always will have to go off island for those not always we've got an interim period whereby some of those may have to go off on and some of those may be able to provided at Nobles as we develop that service I hope all this all the services can be provided on the Isle of Man but there are some particular training requirements we need to make sure that we have the right number of staff who are available at the right times to provide a resilient service as well and so I think that having the support of be pass in the UK to come over and do that training to do that support we can actually have our own service here that that can last and can provide what people expect it seems now going on the reaction of the likes of calm on Twitter that there has been clarification at least so because they did seems to be great confusion there on social media and not to lots of small amounts of disquiet about that as well I think I think it was anger I think women on the ala moana wait in 50 years for this it's not a big celebration because these services should have been provided years ago but when women wanted clear um you know instructions as to what they could access and how they could access it there is now a booking information number six four to five to one it's open from 7:00 in the morning to 11 p.m. every day where you can phone up and get advice they will know if you get tell them your postcode rule from the old man they can tailor that advice to you you can get them to phone you back there is that clear confidential unbiased counseling available so that women can make the right decisions for them and their families and so just finally and just to make things absolutely clear if a woman now requires an abortion on the Isle of Man and I'm talking you know from the very start of this service now they will be able to get one medically on the Isle of Man from this point that's correct if a woman Oh over the weekend as a pregnancy test find shit find out that she's pregnant is I'm sure that she wants to go through with that she can phone a number she can get that advice they will steer her in the right direction she can have a termination up to 14 weeks on request on the Isle of Man this is groundbreaking legislation which puts women at the heart of reproductive health care and I think really provides the services that women need however we can go further we can make this even better and we can make the service far more responsive

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