Abortion survivors share life stories at pro-life event in New York City

thousands gathered at Times Square Saturday afternoon for a pro-life event and today reporter penny Jo has the story according to the organizer focus on the family more than 10,000 people attended a live from New York the event comes four months after New York legalized late term abortion but for some this issue is more than a political debate they induced her labor and of course believe that I would be delivered as a successful abortion and I was accidentally born alive abortion survivor Melissa Oden said many people don't believe that children ever survived abortions but that her very existence and that of the 286 other survivors she has contacted is proof to the contrary I have my medical records I have the admittance of my biological family I've been United with some of the nurses who've cared for me Clare Cole well another survivor said her birth mother was promised a life that would go back to normal after having an abortion abortion hurt her and it stole her happiness for far too long at the event the heartbeat of an unborn baby was amplified together with ultrasound images Vice President Mike Pence wrote in a tweet that the display is demonstrating the miracle of life civil rights activist and dr. Martin Luther King Jr's niece alveda King said she was pro-choice as a young woman an ultrasound she had in the 70s changed everything and I saw that little sonogram and I realized that was a little person and that I have been lied to during and before the event on Saturday counter-protest sprung up defending New York's abortion legislation this pro-life supporter says she also prays for the counter protesters and wishes one day that they will see the value inherent in life I look over at them I feel so sad for them because they don't understand the love and joy of life how could you ever want to take the life of a little baby penny joke NTD news

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  1. And abortions and 9-month abortions we are overrun by a Democratic Party that are actually witches and warlocks

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