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  1. Two aspects of double moral, kill an unborn person do an abortion, or kill a grown person use a gun.

    Killing is killing.

  2. Intercourse is for PROCREATION not RECREATION! If Ya can't be mature & responsible enough to bring the baby into the world , shouldn't be making babies! My mom always taught me that We are supposed to wait until married,cause it is a sacred part of the sacrament of matrimony! Thanks Mom!

  3. All the people killing these babies should be given the same treatment. Except not with there head in a vagina. 🤷


  5. If anyone here thinks that Pro Life is anti woman. Think about this. How many aborted babies would have been born female? Which side is anti woman now?

  6. A lot of people say that Pro Life is anti woman. With that being said, think about this… Every year approximately 40 million babies world wide are murdered through abortion. How many of those babies would have been born female babies? Which side is anti woman now?

  7. It was outlawed in most cases by the 2003 Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which was upheld in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart.[1][

  8. +Lola Velmar Rutgers Medical School must be churning out daft physicians at their low acceptance rate and high standards . My "research" is first hand from my cousin that graduated at the topOf his class plus my paralegal degree . Thank you for the suggestion tho . I will be sure to further my degree.

  9. The young people on my tab won ….. the battle
    against abortion, by waiting till marriage…….. yes!

  10. according to Jewish tradition and the Holy Bible
    Psalm 139: 13For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. 14I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. (have a great day)

  11. I'm not a Christian. I'm agnostic and a naturalist. After 22 years I've turned pro-life instead of being pro-choice for so long. I've seen parents keeping their child, loving it unconditionally even though society deemed it 'ugly'. I admire their humility.

    I've been bullied a lot by my peers and even my parents. After maaaaany years I finally managed to forgive them.Now I focus on helping others (volunteering), climate change and animals rights (veganism). My life has become better than ever.

    I value all life equally now. I don't have sex unless me and my gf want a child. I masturbate only when I can't control it. I lowered my greed (needs) through meditation and mindfulness.Idon't curse anymore. I still have fun with my friends at my sorority membership. I don't feel sorry in trying to better myself as life is about learning, not shaming as no one is perfect. I think in qualities instead of deficits. I love science and use it for good.And I never drink, smoke and use drugs anymore.

  12. D and E procedures aren't performed unless the mother is at risk of losing her life due to pregnancy/birth or the fetus will not survive until a viable age. Also in cases where the fetus will die immediately after birth regardless of medical intervention. This is where the moral debate comes in. If mom will certainly die do you sacrifice her life to save the fetus? If the fetus will die within minutes after birth or be born dead do you put the mom at risk of complications/death when the outcome for the fetus is the exact same as a D and E? From a surgical point of view I can tell you nobody is ever excited or interested in performing this procedure and generally opt out of it when they can. Just some food for thought for both sides.

  13. Pro-Abortioners call this the funniest joke they've ever seen. They laugh about it. Someone got an Abortion and LAUGHED at the baby. Someone saw it as a heart-warming story. Some rubbed the chip off their shoulder and collapsed laughing. Saying it was the RIGHT thing. Some Pro-Abortioners claim they're Pro-Choice even though they say Abortion is the best way and only way. Go to the Dump, you'll see LOT'S of halfed and dead Fetuses

  14. I'm a 43 year old man, my wife and I had our son when we had been married for 4 months, we were planning to get married a year later but she got pregnant early accidentally and we figured oh well, might as well get married earlier, at least we will be married before the baby comes. About 7 months after our son was born my wife got pregnant again only this time we said we can't have 2 right now and decided to get an abortion, we live in NYC and were liberal democrats or at least we thought we were because society made us think we were, we then got pregnant again another 5 or 6 months later and again went for the abortion rout as an easy way out of responsibility. now about 11 years later our son has no siblings and asked us why doesn't he have a brother or sister and both me and my wife both deeply regret what we have done, for the past few years I have been spontaneously going into thought of what my family would be like with 2 more children and I cry every time, I recently for the first time admitted to my wife that I have a hard time dealing with our decisions on aborting the 2 children and she told me she deeply regrets the stupid mistakes we made as young inexperienced people. Please think long and hard about this kind of decision, think about the fact that your conscience will not let you live in peace and these babies will haunt you for the rest of your lives, you will cry every time you think of them and who they could have been. This is not about lift wing, right wing, democrat or republican, pro choice or pro life, its about your humanity. don't give into pear pressure about how being pro choice means you have a choice and making a bad choice is OK because it is not OK, for us It will never be OK.

  15. This procedure is illegal in the US and no longer practiced ; 2: med students are expected to do whatever it takes to become TRUE DRs even if it means applauding something they don't agree with .

  16. This procedure is illegal in the US and no longer practiced ; 2: med students are expected to do whatever it takes to become TRUE DRs even if it means applauding something they don't agree with .

  17. for all those pro-abortion believers, just think about it , if your mother had performed an abortion, YOU !! would not be alive today.
    So yes it is murder.
    But keep believing it is some kind of woman's choice or something……………. (whatever makes you feel good).

  18. They're clapping because they all feel guilty but want to reinforce the idea that they're not doing anything wrong, the clapping rewards and reinforces the clinical and unemotional action and lets everyone in the room feel that they are not being morally unjust. I wouldn't be surprised if the Nazis reassured themselves in the same way too.

  19. Father frank, I thank you so very much for posting there's videos to bring awareness to our very naive community of ppl who just don't care. I being of the catholic faith, you know even if I wasn't of the catholic faith, I would still be immensely against the act of murder that so many call abortion. I don't care if you are one day pregnant or 5 months pregnant. It's murder no matter how you look at it. I guess the commandment thou shalt not murder doesn't mean anything to anyone nowadays. I know there are quite a few nay Sayers out there arguing with my post thoughts not a life until it's out of the womb and breathing on its own. Well father, I am certain you will agree with me that anything that has a heartbeat and brain waves after 72 hours of conception IS life!! It IS a gift from god that didn't ask to be here. God saw there ppl fit to be parents of one of his angels, and what do they do? They turn around and slap god across the face by doing away with the gift he so graciously gave them. Forgive me father for I have a sin, but it is times like these that I wish god wasn't so forgiving. I really wish he would make these heartless ppl and monsters that like to call themselves doctors learn a lesson. The good news as we both know is that that precious gift now lives with god again, is it wrong of me to feel this way? Should I be praying for these ppl instead of having such horrible feelings toward them? I can't help but feel the latter of the two. I hope that makes me only human and not a bad person.

  20. I live in a society where the baby made from rape is killed with approval and the rapist gets a short prison sentence. This is a first world country!

  21. Sad so sad. I don't support it. But yet we are not all put in the same situation. I just wish there was a way a women can find an other way to see a solution for the situation that she is.

  22. Partial Birth abortion are needless. Just have it and put into adoption! You selfish people!. I know birth control is frowned upon but you people really should be responsible and have a little self-control! If you're going to do the deed then get what you need. There are a lot more things like STDs (some you will never get rid of) you need to worry about on top of pregnancy. 

  23. You are doing God's work. Dont worry Frank about the negative comments. God is with you. Ill keep you in my prayers. 

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