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  1. I've been saying for a while now, have it only available from Hospitals on medical advice, no Planned parenthood.
    That way it's there when it's needed and can't be used as contraceptive.

  2. I'm a monster. I think anyone considering getting an abortion would have been bad parents and don't need to be parents.

    It doesn't help there is a lot of conservative assholes who are also pushing back on fucking sex ed of all things, and making it more difficult for teens etc to get birth control. This mindset is more prevalent in states where this abortion bill has stuck. The whole reason the religious nuts want this passed is a punishment for people who want to have sex. Ever.

  3. > Claims a fetus is "just a bundle of cells"
    > Uses the word "child" to describe a fetus multiple times

    Yeah, sure.

  4. Abortion should be illegal with the exceptions of rape, incest, and if the mother's life is at risk because of the pregnancy. Change my mind.

  5. If the aborted baby is advanced enough to have organs that function enough to be transplanted into another baby than that baby was murdered, not "aborted". And when you give blood you volunteer tondo it. Did the aborted baby volunteer?

  6. 12:30 "The issue with abortion is men telling women they can't have this choice..well women should have it."OH MY FUCKING GOD! WTFH SCRUMP!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!? aRE YOU BEING REAL RIGHT NOW?!?! Why in ther bloody fucking shit slinging hell are you using the most fucking retarded braindead leftist npc argument?!?! YOU SHITTY FAT CUNT! What about the fucking women who voted those pro-life/anti-abortion men into places of power?!?! HUH!?! Who gives a god damned fucking shit what whores in California say about what goes on in geogr ia or ohio or Kansas!?!

    I'm so fucking sick of cunts using this single digit iq argument. And you fucking say you are red pilled. Fuck off, shut up, and learn to think. More women than men are fucking anti abortion/pro-life. Also to Dev fuck off too, abortion was never settled.

  7. ShortFatOtaku
    yourself made not long ago a video about the "do not have kids" , well the limitation of ABORTION is all about kids lives !

  8. Fetal heartbeat is overly emotional? Sounds to me like a very accurate description of the situation. A fetus whose heart is beating

  9. SFO, that was a monumentally bad argument attributed to religious stances, you talked out your ass there and I'll call you out because I respect you. One symbolic story in Genesis vs Jeremiah 1:5, Psalms 139:15-16, Isaiah 45: 9-10 and 49:1, Job 31:15, Amos 1:13.

    The religious argument is super clear. Whether or not you want to take it seriously is one thing, but if you broach it you need to broach it right.

  10. Has Lilith ever been around a newborn? They don't survive independently either. Independent survivability would give an argument for abortion up to 10 years old lol. Yes, this was silly hyperbole, BUT her argument is silly because just because it passes through the vagina, doesn't make it independently viable.

  11. Raz0rfist makes a strong argument against the roe v Wade decision, that the supreme Court made the law on the matter when that isn't their job.

  12. Abortion is still not a black and white issue, as Lilith put it, it's a PR spin . It's beyond me why you still have two groups, one being completely for and the other one being completely against it. Abortions should be investigated case by case, i.e. is the pregnancy the result of rape or just because your guy was too lazy to put a condom on. It's infuriating to know, for me at least, that people can just abort a fetus because they did an oopsie.
    And let's be honest here, these women protesting are doing it for this exact convenience, because taking responsibility, let alone for a life, is too much of a challenge when trying to do as much dudes during college as possible.

  13. I am an unapologetic pro-life supporter, and I, for one, am not at all opposed to a bill limiting the procedures for abortion – I am fully aware that sometimes it is entirely necessary, but it should be rare.

    Abortions have been incredibly common and in the rise because people carelessly and recklessly have sex, realize that they’re pregnant, and then kill the baby before it has a chance to live.

    Don’t wanna have kids? DON’T FUCK EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY. Be more fucking responsible with intercourse, you screeching harpies.

  14. I think people being proud of having an abortion is the same thing as being proud of having AIDS. There’s nothing wrong with having it, but you screaming about having it and thinking it makes you superior is fucking insane.

  15. In the US, the SCOTUS can overturn older opinions from a previous SCOTUS if they believe the decision was flawed or there are new arguments that justify it.

  16. You make me sick, advocating for murder and irresponsibility. How about instead you learn about what abortion does to a woman, not to mention the murder of a human in its most defenseless state. The human fetus doesn't go to be a horse, or a radish, it's a human at all times!
    You know how you avoid pregnancies? You keep it in your fucking pants! I can't believe we are having this discussion when there are so many alternatives to risking a pregnancy, just have oral, even anal, or just masturbate FFS!
    Check this, it has all the explanations possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcKLKc8MWSI

  17. Developed pro-life argument side:

    I think the definition of what life is hasn't been sufficiently answered by any particular ideological structure, other than via the scientific method, which I think given that the alternative is heuristics built on heuristics, is a stronger way of deciding where life begins.

    And life begins at conception. That is when an individual strand of human dna is created, and becomes more than the totality of its parts. We could argue for days, coming up with other points at which life begins, and I would be able to point out where inconsistencies lie in each and every point.

    Example: Heartbeat? Okay, so anyone whose heart stops shouldn't be resuscitated.
    Example: Feeling pain? Okay, so anyone whose nervous system is temporarily damaged can be killed without repercussion.
    Example: Consciousness? Okay, anyone in a coma can be killed without repercussion.
    Example: Anyone inside a woman's body, that she put there? Okay, so if she puts your dick in her mouth, she's allowed to bite down without repercussion.

    When we talk about removing personhood, we need to be extraordinarily clear and consistent.

    Example: If they don't look like a person, they're actually not a person/are a parasite. Okay, then anyone with a different skin color than what you're used to can't be considered a person, so enslaving them should be legal.

    Abortion at its root is the assumption of the lack of personhood, then the assumption of ownership over the non-person, and then the harm of that non-person. The exact same process used to justify slavery. This should at the very least give pause.

    Developed pro-choice argument side:

    Even assuming everything above is true, the moral cost of forcing someone to give birth, the social cost of taking care of that child, and the limitations of contraceptive purposes need to be taken into account.

    An argument could be made to dismiss the first point, that it is the lesser of two evils, but a utilitarian argument like that doesn't ultimately remove the fact that harm is still being done.

    An argument could be made to the second point that childcare should be subsidized for low-income families and single-parent households, but conservatives don't like the idea of social programs, and without them being run somewhat efficiently, harm is still being done.

    The third point, however, is the most interesting. Contraceptives can be broken down into two different categories; proactive, and reactive. Proactive contraceptives are condoms, the pill, vasectomies, the female equivalent of such, sponges, abstinence, pulling out, or simply non-vaginal sex. Reactive contraceptives are abortion and the morning after pill. This is the main problem; while the morning after pill is very effective, it's also expensive and carries with it side-effects. If it were cheap and there were various generics on the market with different side-effects, then like any other medication, one could find one that works for them, and then abortion would be unnecessary. Again, though, conservatives don't want to solve this problem, because they generally seem to fear new technology.


    I think as new technology comes to the fore, abortion will become less and less necessary (imagine a future a hundred years away where we clone wombs and keep them sustained in artificial birthing chambers, where surgery is almost completely automated, and a woman would never have to give a natural birth unless they feel like it, with the whole process being easy to afford, and child care being of virtually no cost to the parent. At that point abortion could only be considered an act of malice!) and be seen more and more as an unnecessary evil, rather than a necessary one. As it is, though, if conservatives want to ban abortion, they need to deal with the gaping hole left behind by doing so. If not, they'll create left-wing reactionaries, and we'll see more new york style abortion laws. And I don't think anyone wants that.

  18. This was so uninformed I had to unsubscribe and just for the sake of future listeners please don't have that woman on again her voice is terrible.

  19. 40:30  Wait, wait, wait…  you have two fetuses, one is going to be aborted and the other needs a part from the one to be aborted cause it is fucked up somehow…  And you are making the ethical decision to kill the healthy one to give the healthy organ to the one that isn't to be aborted… the one that is fucked up to begin with?

    Sounds legit…

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