Abortion Wrongs

Infowars tomorrow's news today in 2014 undercover investigators from the human capital project posed as a fetal tissue procurement company they met with several senior members of Planned Parenthood who explained to them on a hidden camera the business of selling human infant body parts they explained how even though there is a market for every body part including the lower extremities specific organs are in greater demand especially the liver they explain how they schedule abortions according to specific body part demands and they explain how Planned Parenthood abort babies using ultrasound so they can preserve the body's most valuable organs for sale tens of thousands of dollars can be made by selling the harvested organs from each aborted human child and while negotiating on the price of body parts Planned Parenthood's medical directors council president dr. Mary Gadar joked about how she is working towards a Lamborghini partial-birth abortion is a federal felony and killing a fetus extracted intact and alive during an abortion is homicide Planned Parenthood's senior director said that these laws are up to interpretation and medical director dr. Deshawn Taylor after joking about power biceps get a good workout by performing abortions says that it depends on who is in the room when they decide upon performing the illegal partial birth abortions these are serious crimes and so Planned Parenthood fought back by attacking the investigators with lawsuits they claim that the videos have been heavily and deceptively edited but on January 17th the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that the videos were undoctored the court noted that an independent forensic firms review of the undercover footage found that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited Planned Parenthood is profiting from the illegal sale of human body parts and they stand to make a much greater profit if they can provide living human tissue which is precisely why the state of New York has legalized abortion up until birth and it is why Planned Parenthood has paid out 2 million dollars a Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who is now pushing the limits even further do you believe that you should have a say in what type of society you live in do you want to live in a society that openly feeds off of its young for news wars.com this is Greg Reese Infowars tomorrow's news today when it comes to rebuilding your energy convenience is key while coffee candy and other sugary products can give you a short boost the crash can leave you more tired than ever turbo force from Infowars life is a powerful mix in energy packet that utilizes vitamins amino acids and extracts used for hundreds of years to provide you focus clarity and a boost of energy on the go simply take a packet mix it into the indicated amount of water and enjoy with 14 servings per box for a two week or more supply this is the formula to stock up on whenever you need a boost perfect for work in the car or at home turbo force is the ultimate answer to a sluggish day don't let your day slow you down perk up with turbo force at infowar store calm

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