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  1. It's pretty much impossible to monetize this shit, so I thank anyone who can support this shit via the links in the description. If not, thanks for watching, even if you fucking hated it. Love ya.

  2. Boy…. you will not be popular after this one…. I am in the extreme position of agreeing, and then saying, "you first."

  3. Let's tell alot of morons to perform a suicide pact blood sacrifice on a secluded island in the pacific. Then the population will reduce down to at most 76%

  4. Went to your YouTube profile and under videos this one wouldn't pop up I had to go thru your Twitter link wth

  5. Little to nihilistic TJ. The answer is easy, gotta pass an exam to drive a car but not reproduce. Lets fix that eh?

  6. Kill Paul, or at least make him live in Kansas, where he has said more people could live. Never mind there isn't enough water for Denver.

  7. women in Third World countries produce far more babies than women in the West. The only reason why we have such a low birth rate is our economic wealth

  8. Sterilizing vapers? I like the idea. Environmentally speaking, that sterilization stuff should also be loaded into meat. I'm not telling you you have to stop, but facts are facts, and meat is way more resource expensive to produce than vegetables.

    Meat-eaters are putting a greater strain on the environment, not to mention, causing a ton of animal suffering, and they'll teach their children to eat meat, until maybe a few of them decide to reconsider their dietary choices.

    I get that this is gonna be unpopular, because meat is convenient and tastes good (like having kids feels good for some people), but this is honesty, so try not to get too butthurt about my preaching.

  9. Why is it that the same nihilistic types that support gun control also support abortion? And why is it that the types who support both of those also tend to support global government?

  10. I'm totally in favor of making people infertile until they apply to have a child and can prove they are able to take care of it.

  11. Yo TJ, I thought you were all about personal freedom. How is forcibly sterilizing the population even remotely democratic? That sounds like something an insane dictator would do.

  12. This is pretty funny if you just take it as comedy. I don't think this man understands men's and women's desire to get pregnant and have families though. That is still a beautiful thing. It's not for everyone but it is the most meaningful thing to do with your life.

  13. I hope this man never has a child…….he would be miserable. Having babies is a great experience though and I say leave it up to the individual whether they want to get pregnant and have a family or not.

  14. His arguments:

    1: Overpopulation. There are other ways to fix the overpopulation issue other then by killing humans. Deforestation to create farms and GMOs are 2 ways to increase the carrying capacity so overpopulation is minimal. Another way would be sending humans to space for the purposes of colonizing other worlds.

    2: Less people, less problems. More people, more GDP per capita. This is why urban areas are better off then rural areas in terms of GDP per capita, because they have higher population density.

    3: The human race will disappear(due to overpopulation): Read #1.

  15. If I ever find myself needing an abortion; I hope that T.J. is at the very same clinic that I go to, I want a basket full of candy! : )

  16. we shouldn't kill babies or anyone I am Pro life hardcore most of the time I agree with what you say but I can't this time. what we need to do is have the people who shouldn't have kids get fixed girls and boys. There are horrible people out there who shouldn't even be around kids. Also there are people that will never be able to take care of kid and people that never want kids. Those people just need to be fixed.

  17. We need a lot more abortions. I mean shit, I will coat hanger abort any bitch that needs it just msg me.

  18. There's other ways to lower the population. Here in America I think it'd probably do a better job not giving welfare bennifits to Mom's with 10 kids in tow so they stop having kids. Maybe make contraceptives more potent or more well known. There's so many other things that cause less harm than abortion. Even sterilization

  19. overpopulation happens because poor people make more babies and poor poeple dont have enough money to boy all the food..
    also in the western countries the birth rate is faalling the only way to destroy overpopulation is to help the poor countries

  20. Can I get a post-birth abortion, please? Does my mother need to be there, is that how it works? or can I post-birth abort myself ?? Can I get a clinic for this? I think that would help thin out the population a little bit. Help the people that don't even want to be here in the first place 😂 I didn't ask for this world

  21. Eh… I don't really agree with abortion… I just think people should use condoms and birth control… use condoms and birth control to prevent the baby…. and if you do happen to get pregnant, keep it….

  22. I disagree with your over population argument. There’s hundreds of miles of unused space in the lager countries. United Sates mid west is severely underpopulated. A lot of China’s space is unused because they cram all there 1 billion + population into large cities. A lot of Russia is unused, very cold but still livable. Iceland and Greenland are very underpopulated. We have plenty of space for a few extra billion people. All it takes is a little extra farming and breeding of animals. That’s something that could be easily prepared for. It’s not as if tomorrow 2 billion extra people spawn on the planet (that would surely be an overpopulation issue. However when we have time to plan and prepare, we have plenty of space for a good 10billion people.

    PS. This in no way has any say on my stance on abortion. Which I’m pro choice. I simply disagree that we’re overpopulated. If it seems like we’re overpopulated due to world hunger, then it’s simply because we’ve become apathetic about the issue.

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