Abortion’s Devastating Impact on Women

besides the obvious death of the baby abortions greatest impact is felt on women the mother of these babies today my guests will explore the devastating impact abortion has on our nation's women women who deserve better and we'll hear about critical legislation designed to protect them and their babies it's eye-opening content so stay with us Charmaine Yost is the president and CEO of Americans United for life the legal architects of the pro-life movement they've been involved in every life related case before the US Supreme Court since Roe vs. Wade Charmaine and AOL's legal strategists worked to save the lives of the unborn as well as protect women from the many emotional and physical ramifications of abortion there's very serious psychological consequences for women coming out of abortion the suicide rate for post abortive women is much higher than the general population and that's something that's important to talk about is I think a lot of women go into abortion they're told it's not going to be a big deal that they'll feel a sense of a sense of relief and you know maybe many many women do feel a sense of relief but then it's followed later on by a sense of what have I done so the fact that some women suffer from depression and increased alcoholism and other kind of different kinds of ways of dealing with emotional trauma really highlights the fact that abortion isn't just any old surgical procedure what kind of physical complications from surgical abortion or chemical for that matter have you seen inflicted upon women the consequences and the complications of chemical abortion are actually sometimes much more significant than surgical abortion chemical abortion is being sold in our culture today as hey pop the pill and it's just the easier simpler or more private route of abortion and yet what women find is that there's a much higher rate of hemorrhaging and very significant bleeding situations and they're told hey just go to the emergency room and tell them that you've had a carriage that's very very dangerous for women Alison Huckabee was only 19 years old when she became pregnant for the third time already the mother of two children and living in an abusive marriage her doctor recommended Alison have an abortion he told her there could be risks and complications due to the abuse she had suffered after being persuaded by her husband and mother Alison had a late-term saline abortion what she didn't know what she had been carrying twin boys the abortion was physically and emotionally painful and Alison was unprepared for the ramifications she faced in the following years afterward did you instantly regret the abortion I did I was really angry for a long time I'm very depressed and then I have to go back to that abusive situation was even you know another challenge within itself and still having two children at home I had a lot going on emotionally and mentally and I really had no one there to help me or help me understand any things that I was experiencing at all so you were left on your own emotionally and physically were there any physical complications down the road I start having as I had more children later on I started having medical issues a lot of bleeding as years went on I had my last daughter wound up happened to have a full hysterectomy and my doctor started looking back at my history and she pointed to it's because of the abortion and the type of abortion that you had has caused you to have to lose you know your uterus and then from there I had a lump in my breast which the doctor pointed back to the same and they gave me percentages on you know women who have abortions have a higher risk of hysterectomies have a higher risk of some type of lumps in their breasts and so forth and so how did you cope with the pain I didn't I pushed it down go to Walter now that and the challenge with that was was that certain timing of the year between October November never knew why we get so depressed to the point where it couldn't I get out the bed sometimes and it was because that was the time around the time that I had my abortion but I covered it up so you know I could function and go through life but for me it was not I wasn't really living coming up we'll learn about Alison's journey toward healing Angela Anderson of Cincinnati Ohio is 37 years old and the mother of five children at 19 she was already the mother of a six-month-old baby girl when she became pregnant for the second time Angela was terrified she already had to forego college for her first daughter and feared she wouldn't be forgiven by her family for getting pregnant a second time Angela's fear and shame led her to choose abortion Angela kept the secret from her friends and family but she could never forget her choice to abort her baby did you instantly regret your decision I was extremely regretful and already beginning to feel grief grief I guess from the very beginning it was an emotional roller coaster there was a lot of denial that took place immediately there would be things that would immediately punch me in my gut or just slapped me across my face to remind me of what I had done and instead of dealing with those in a healthy way I would often turn to self-destructive behaviors especially in the first and probably the first year or two of drinking and if I could if I felt like I couldn't handle it sometimes I was be very aggressive you could say my anger was very much in control of me and I grew up a very passive kind person and I would be very aggressive I'm very defensive I couldn't understand how I could still be a nice person I couldn't understand how it could still be a person who could love the daughter that I have knowing what I did to my second child as the years went by were there certain things that would trigger memories about the abortion oh absolutely so during the abortion the thing that really stayed with voice and me the most were the sounds were involved in the abortion so I cannot go to a dentist because of the suction sound with the dentist shop vacs were out of the question for a long time whenever I would see a bill blur for pregnancy centers or I would still receive the right-to-life newsletter and they have that little tiny picture of that torn apart child I couldn't handle it like I just couldn't handle it Angeles Road the healing began by sharing her story years later first with her sibling then with her new husband and finally with her oldest daughter who always struggled with being an only child after receiving words of support and encouragement Angela knew she needed to continue her journey toward healing she reached out to the Eve Center an organization in Cincinnati of Christian women committed to providing emotional and spiritual healing for women I had to go through their heart program which is the 12-week recovery program it's a group study and it is amazing it is truly an amazing process and every woman is um I was just compassionate and kind you know you're safe you're in a safe place you think you're gonna go in and you're just gonna talk about your abortion experience but that's not how it works right because we chose an abortion for a reason which is from your past experiences so you go back and you pull out all of that terrible stuff and it's this whole complete picture and then you walk to your abortion experiences but you don't stay there right then you have to go into your life and now so it's not just looking at the the mess of your abortion experience it's looking at the mess of your whole life but the 'center is a safe place to do that that program was the program that broke all those remaining chains because I needed Jesus Christ to come and do it I could not do it on my Allisyn Huckabee sought out the eve center as a resource for a young pregnant girl whom she was helping after meeting with executive director Cindy Roy Allison felt called to volunteer with the organization to help women receive support and encouragement Cindy informed Allison that before she could volunteer she'd need to complete the heart program and work on healing her own past abortion wounds I think my first couple of weeks at heart I didn't say a word cuz I was so angry I I cannot believe that she wouldn't make me come here and sit I still could not identify myself with these women and identified the fact that yes you've had an abortion and you're hurt what made the dam burst I think it might have been like on the fourth week we had to do homework on something specific I couldn't even get to the high works I was in a field position the pain was that bad there were times that I couldn't even talk in class it was I couldn't share anything I was just filled up with emotion how did you feel afterward I felt very light I felt relief I felt relieved what do you credit that turnaround to Christ he used Cine as a as a as a vessel to say hey she's a knucklehead and she needs to help she needs healing shows even realizing and as much as I loved wanting to help women I couldn't help somebody if I'm already if I was broken as the years has probably have progressed I'm able to function within it and keep moving it's knowing that yes this thing happened to me but I'm healed by the blood of the Lamb and because of that I can keep moving forward and I can help other women when we return we'll hear thoughts about the recently released Planned Parenthood videos and the abortion industry's concerned for women you after seeking and receiving healing from the emotional and physical ramifications of abortion Alison Huckabee and Angela Anderson chose to volunteer with the Eve center they found many women are unaware and ill-prepared for the various physical and emotional consequences of abortion do you think the average woman understands going into an abortion decision what the possible ramifications can be I will tell you a thousand percent no they do not because the light has been set up already the lie is is that it's just a mass it's not a human being or you'll be okay you can go through life you can go through life but you're not going to be okay it is life changing I did not understand the consequences that my abortion would have on me for the rest of my life do you think women have a right to know absolutely I do I think they have a right to know I would have needed to known this before I got pregnant because once I got pregnant that second time and that she'll came around me because I was so terrified and so shameful and so already degrading myself for the choice that I made I don't know if I would have even heard what anybody would have been trying to say to me right so as soon as they're old enough to discuss what abortion is they need to understand the full side effects of what abortion does in the summer of 2015 the Center for medical progress began releasing a series of undercover videos showcasing Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts penny Nance is the CEO and president of Concerned Women for America the nation's largest public policy women's organization while penny admits the videos have been difficult to watch she believes they've given the pro-life movement the fire needed to unite and show the world how the abortion giant treats women and their born babies 32 $100 that's the price of a little baby heart liver lung brain that's the price that Planned Parenthood figured out or has been able to profit from the remains of an unborn baby they've been hiding behind a veneer of respectability that is fake they have pretended to do mammograms for women that they don't do the little bit of health services they do is just a ploy to get them in the door so that eventually they can do their abortion which is what they really profit from they're about big abortion and we have been propping them up the federal taxpayer in some states have been propping them up to the tune of half a billion dollars per year these videos really pull off the mask and show the ugliness behind this fake perception that they exist as a safe place for vulnerable women Planned Parenthood has been exploiting women for decades Angela do you think the abortion industry is Pro woman hmm no I don't think they're pro woman I think that they refuse to acknowledge the short-term and long-term damage that an abortion does to a woman I hear them say well it empowers a woman but it does not it really takes her power away because if she knows the truth then she has time to think about other options I firmly believe that part of the calling for the pro-life movement is to is to be there in advocating and helping women to understand that abortion harms women that we are on their side in this this is the abortion industry preying on women who are in difficult situation under the leadership of Charmaine Yost Americans United for life has been at the forefront of pro-life legislation they're pursuing a unique mother-child strategy the text them from abuses by the abortion industry well another thing that has really been emphasized through the videos is the fact that women don't always know what's happening when they they're not given fully informed consent and that's I think that's deeply deeply troubling really focusing on informed consent is a way to ensure that women are getting information it's a way to help them know about abortions harms to women if we require the doctor to tell them about the increased suicide rate before they make their decision these kinds of things are all important and can have a really deep and lasting long-term effect in changing our culture do you think this incremental approach the legislation is having an effect right now on the number of abortions well we're seeing the long-term trend of the Worsham turned downward this is a long-term strategy and and the abortion industry is is really scared of the increasing rate regulations for example we saw this in Texas we passed an omnibus pro-life law that had multiple different components to it one of them was increased clinic regulations instead of complying with regulations that would protect the health of women and the safety of babies they shut down so we can have a long term impact and make a tremendous difference by focusing on legislation that that moves the ball down the field in a moment we'll hear advice for women coping with the ramifications of abortion the effects of abortion are wide and far-reaching impacting not just the baby but the mother father grandparents siblings the list goes on it's our responsibility to inform women of this tragic aftermath and we must continue to push for legislation that will protect women and their babies from the devastation of abortion I think when you're talking to a woman who is in the midst of making the abortion decision it's important to ask a lot of questions she she's grappling with exterior problems she maybe doesn't feel support from the father of her baby she maybe feels pressure these are all issues that we need to address with women when they're when they're looking at an abortion decision and by helping them to understand that abortion itself is a further damage in a situation that she's confronting what would you say to women who are still struggling with the emotional or physical ramifications of abortion and just haven't gotten to the engine there are a lot of women out there who are first blindsided by the effect of abortion in their life but there is help available and there are groups out there that are really wonderful for helping to work through the grief that both women and men feel after abortion when women finally understand what they did was not right something may be in their lives they matured they had other children they had experiences that that confirmed that what they did was the wrong choice it's scary to get out of that pain fear denial and shame because you have to acknowledge it and if you acknowledge it it's real and if it's real you killed your baby and if you killed your baby who are you so you're stuck because you don't want to open it up and look at it because it is nasty and messy she needs to know she's not alone that is why we need more post abortive women who said I struggled like it wasn't this cakewalk I totally struggled but I made it through here you can make it through – we're not gonna guilt you we're gonna walk you through life and help and get you to the other side there are women who are ready and equipped and able to love you and help you get through your process who will understand everything you've gone through we're not here to judge you our responsibility is to help you once you've made that decision it there's a whole lot of living to do at the end of the time charmagne do you think we're actually going to be able to end legal abortion someday Brad that is my deepest deepest hope and that's our mission is to move toward that day where every person is welcomed in life and protected in law that's what Americans United for life has been committed to for over 40 years now the thing that I'm most offended by from the abortion industry is their continued emphasis on the idea that somehow abortion is about female empowerment you know what it what a tragic irony that the abortion industry that holds itself out you know feminism as being about women and power they're the ones who come to a woman at her most weak and vulnerable time and say we don't believe in you we don't we don't think you can cope with this I believe that the real message of women and power is that we will come to a day where women facing a difficult pregnancy will say I can do this that's how we end abortion is moving into a place where where being a mother and embracing motherhood is seen as the most powerful part of being a woman we know abortion for the human tragedy that it really is the body count so far is over 57 million babies killed that's equal to the entire population of the states of California and New York combined for most women abortion is like a cancer it may sir kills everyone in its wake that's why it's so important we end this modern-day Holocaust of abortion thanks for watching for more resources about the emotional and physical consequences of abortion our website at facing live TV while there find out how you can order a copy of this powerful episode on DVD and blu-ray to share with others you

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  1. In 1979, two years after a double procedure abortion; In which my baby turned and turned mortally wounded for fifteen minutes. When l delivered my last child l would ever be able to carry in 1980. My Doctor had said, my baby would not weigh five pounds because l had a waistline. He said that a week before l delivered a 7 pound 21 inches long son. He grew on my pelvic floor. My hips are bad, they have tested me over the years for MD, nerve damage. They did an MRI TWICE. They thought l had Cancer because they cannot get a biopsy. My uterus has become so tough, they can't get in. I told them at the Cancer Center l will not have a hysterectomy. I have damages, not CANCER!!!!

  2. God bless you and your efforts. I've miscarried..and had emotional scars from that. I can only imagine what coercion and guilt on top of that might be. I've seen Unplanned!! Please get it for your high school kids and churches!!

  3. If my people , who are called by my name , will humble themselves and pray and turn from thier wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven , and heal thier land .
    ( Pass it on ) PLEASE ?

  4. Thank you for making this video… Knowledge is power.. Thank you for being a voice to the voiceless and for the courage of telling the truth.

  5. lying propaganda. no facts what so ever in this video. if you truly want to reduce the number of abortions push for comprehensive sex education and free or low cost birth control. abstinence only education does not work and making abortions illegal will NOT stop women from getting abortions but will cause the deaths of hundreds of women. WOMEN WHO HAVE AN ABORTION DO NOT INCREASE THEIR CHANCES OF GETTING BREAST CANCER! That is an anti choice LIE

  6. if you are pregnant regardless of if you plan to carry to term DO NOT GO TO A CRISIS PREGANCY CENTER please seek professional medical assistance. if you are seeking an abortion and the clinic does not list pricing on their website and will not give you pricing information on the phone THEY ARE A FAKE CLINIC report them to the site where you found them to help stop them from luring in any other women into their evil clutches

  7. Watching this reinforces to me ,even though I have always been passionately pro-Life because my mum was a member of the LIFE charity when she lived in England,how right it was to have my baby. He is now a fine, strong young fella of 18,big and bould as we say here in Ireland,lol! Not so bould really,he's lovely and I am so proud of him.It sounds like Eve are doing wonderful work- more power to ye and God bless ye all!

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