About Birth Gestation Series – WEEK 22 ‘Childbirth education and tools to work with in Labour’

– Gestation YouTube series, Week 22, Childbirth Education and
tools to work with in labour. You’re 22 weeks, and you’re about halfway
through your pregnancy, and what we wanted to talk about today is actually doing some
childbirth eduction. So hospitals provide some basic classes, and they’re good to do
because you can actually become a bit more familiar with the birthing environment that
you’re going to be going into, however they don’t have
real skills to teach you in strategies to work through
the labour and the birth. – I mean I think that the important thing to take into labour
are tools to work with. So when we talk about tools,
we talk about things like breathing techniques,
relaxation techniques, massage, ways for your
partner to support you. – [Both] Positions. – All those kind of things.
– Working with your body, working with your pelvis, opening it up. – All those wonderful things
that really can assist you in having a smooth birth experience. In our experience, any
independent education is often a good one. Doing a course like ours on line is one of the best that you can do because it provides you
with all the information that you need to know. But education is power
when it comes to birth. If you don’t know your
options, you don’t have any. So it is worth doing some education, putting the time in,
and then learning about this incredible period in your life, because giving birth, really, is one of the most extraordinary things you ever do as a woman, isn’t it? – Absolutely.
– It challenges you, physically, emotionally, psychologically. And so being the best
prepared that you can is one of the best steps to ensuring a good, positive experience. – [Narrator] To learn more,
visit aboutbirth.com.au.

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