Wow playing the lottery is easier than that this isn't and well I accept you knew it was you and we knew it was you and what the other stuff they were just all confusing it yeah but it all sorted itself out yeah it always does and I went with the crowd which is what I do which is what we were just talking about right exactly what we were just talking about this isn't anything I haven't heard on your many tapes for several years but I'm hearing it in a different way I have my questions I have my statements my statements are I'm not worthy life is hard all of that and as people sit in the hot seat all of that melts away yeah it changed didn't it it changed yeah yeah and I've started doing something different I've got some time off now and I'm working out every day and I'm on the elliptical and reading the vortex it's the first time I've read you although we've had the book for a long time and there is something in the physical sweating and breathing and that alchemy of releasing and the positive endorphins with reading something spiritual that takes me to another level and I'm hearing things in that book I'm seeing things in that book that are striking like for example you write about how there is a somebody in there their office and their boss is a bully and so they quit their job and they go to another job but the and of course you write no matter where you go there that there you are and what struck me about that was B you said that the energy of them moving to another job or a state or an apartment is less than the energy of their vibration their vibration energy is stronger than the physical moving away well we are always speaking about the leverage of power in alignment and when someone is unhappy where they are and they identify the reasons that they are unhappy and then they move to another place thinking that they will be happy they never are because they didn't accomplish the vibrational shift before they began to take action so of course the next environment has to produce for them the same results because they didn't shift at the core yeah that never really struck me in a very powerful way I have been dealing with a couple of beliefs but I what I do is I've been pivoting I have the belief of I am not worthy and so then I shift to I have a line and I have that little sentence and then I shift over to I am worthy life is hard no life is easy and I shift over in those moments and I've been finding specifically that I can't have it is an underlying it's a stream under the street that's been running my life for a long time when we say to you that words don't teach that it's only life experience that teaches we really mean that so let's say that for whatever reason maybe through environmental influences doesn't matter but you came to believe that you can't have it whatever it is and you didn't get it so you notice the correlation you believed you couldn't have it and you didn't get it and you didn't get it so you believed you couldn't have it and one feeds the other but what you take away from it is it's a belief this belief is true because my life proves that it is true but what this conversation helps you to understand Esther said when she first met us and realized that we had knowledge on just about anything that they could ask about and the first thing she said to Jerry is oh good now I will be able to tell who's lying because Abraham would know and they would tell me so she went in turn on the television and one of the programs was a judge judge Wapner so Esther's watching the program there were two or three different scenarios each time an ester was watching the program and then she said okay Abraham which one of them is telling truth because both sides sounded pretty believable and we said to Esther a much better question to ask is who believes what they're saying not who's right and who's wrong because everything is perceptual it's who believes what they're saying and sometimes they both believed what they were saying because their perspective of it was that that was the way that it was what we want you to understand is that your point of Attraction is based upon what you're offering vibrationally and all a belief is is a vibration that you offer continuously or frequently it's just a thought that you continue to think so when Esther would say but Abraham it's true we would say that's not a good criteria for giving your attention to something because all something being true for someone means is that they focused it into reality they believed it and they focused upon it and then reality acquiesced around their dominant thought so there are all kinds of things around that are true the question is do you want them in your experience or do you not want them in your experience so when you leave aside the rightness or the wrongness the truth or the untruth and you let it be a personal decision of is this something that I want to experience in my life and if it is I'll think about it and talk about it and if it isn't then not so much I won't do that so much so that seems like a good way to define it but the trouble with that is is that once you have momentum of an idea going law of attraction is pretty much going to keep it going so you need some other way of helping yourself decide in the moment what you're going to do about it and that's why we introduced to you your guidance system that's why we explain to you that your inner being is living this moment with you also and your inner being has a perspective of this moment also for example when you say I'm not worthy it feel awful well your inner beam is having the same moment with you but your inner beam never would for a moment acknowledge you're not worthy because your inner beam knows unequivocally your worthiness so when you choose a thought that is so importantly different than that that your inner being is choosing then you feel the vibrational absence or the emptying out of yourself and I do and as of late I have been meditating a lot more and I have actually just surrendered to the concept of my inner being and the grand great greatness of that and and the smallness of my life we want to get right to what you are pointing out because everybody is living this all the time where you've got an active thought that isn't serving you so what do I do and what's interesting is you know you've got an active thought that isn't serving you and you don't want to have an active thought that isn't serving you but you can't let go of the active thought that isn't serving you because the momentum of the active thought that isn't serving you is sufficient enough that it's just kind of going to have its way with you and what you do with that is you just let it have its way with you and you introduced into that something that goes like this because everything is always working out for me then this thought that I'm deciding isn't serving me must be serving me in some way that I can't see right now at a minimum I know what I don't want which I know what I do want real small easy steps like that not trying to get yourself to stop thinking that because when you decide you're not going to think that thought you're gonna think that thought because you've shined a light on it and you're just going to think that thought this is when we like to come back to the basic conversation that when you're feeling negative emotion or know that you're thinking of thought that you don't want to think and therefore you have added clarity to the mix and you now more clearly are defining what you do want now your inner beam is going to offer up more to you of what you do want maybe even specifically on that subject which is going to give you more active conscious opportunities to choose between what you used to think and what you now say or what you humanely think and what you non-physically think about the same subject this is the conversation that we used to have with people all day every day in the hot seat but really it is so long and slow and boring bridging beliefs takes a lot of time there is an easier way and the easier way is understanding that you've asked for and it's already there and if you'll chill and stop your mind from thinking every single moment but your vibration will rise and what your inner being thinks about that will begin to occur to you that is the fastest way that has been happening a lot more because I have been meditating and getting into higher vibration so in conversation that you want to have with us in other words what brings you here we don't mean here we mean to this moment in time because we know yet some things you thought you might want to think about that we've evolved during the day so where are you now on this subject people talk about affirmations all the time and we say don't affirm unless you know you're in alignment because what you affirm is a strong statement that the universe is going to respond to so what do you now want to affirm to the universe what do you now know about this subject that we have been chewing over just now that I am worthy of all my good that I am strong and vibrant intelligent that I deserve all the good things that I think about and I think about a lot of good things every day every moment of every day do you believe him yeah yeah yeah what and I want to say thank you for the mechanics of that for the mechanics of that specific thought pivot so the mechanics were simpler than it looked but we just want to explain what the mechanics are so that you can apply them yourself anytime you want the mechanics were we went general we went back to the very beginning who you are here and here Law of Attraction responding to everything you asked you put it over there you chill you line up we just went back to the very basics of it and because the basics resonate with you in the resonating the question that you sat down with went away because it no longer applied because you went back to things that you do know and that's the process when I was young we were on a campout when we went on a hike and it was up a hill through the forest and the older Boy Scouts Charlie hate was like 16 years old and when I was 9 and there was a bunch of us and we were struggling up the hill in the Missouri heat with the humidity and there trees everywhere and he went up to the garage and he came back down and I did never forget it he says come on guys it's right up here you can do it come on it's just up here and I think that my inner self is that precise at the leading edge that's a perfect analogy you can yeah yeah come always encouraging always rooting for you always knowing always knowing always knowing and always holding that you just want to prepare yourself so you can hear that that's the most apt analogy that we've ever heard does it beaks precisely to the point that we're making you know

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