1. Thank you for all the love and kind comments!! We've had many requests for an update on the dogs. Watch a recap/update video here: https://youtu.be/BFqznuBldcs
    We also adopted a Puerto Rican Street Dog. This is his story: https://youtu.be/IQoO5m-AFog

  2. I just love your video! It shows how much love you all have for furbabies. Still am not understanding why the vet who said to terminate the pregnancy is even practicing anymore. What a horrible thing to say and even think of doing. Every furbaby deserves the chance to live. And how awesome was this video and how you shared the incredible journey of Gracy's precious puppies. Thank you for what you did for those beautiful, adorable, and loving pups! God Bless you all! Love From Iowa Forever and Always!

  3. that was cute I did not have my puppy years with my dog and I wish I would have he would be raised with love

  4. You guys are the best for letting her have her babies. Our morkie and Chihuahua mix had 2 litters. The first was a girl and boy. Second was 4 girls. We kept 3 out of the 6. They can get aggravating but they are a joy. They all like to cuddle. The oldest pup lillee is the mouth of the south. She barks at everything. If you are hugging her brother or sister . she will jump into your arms. She is so jealous. We also did this years ago when our bubble headed neighbor left behind a cat she so loved who was pregnant. Humane society said they would give her an abortion. We kept her she had her 4 kittens 2 girls 2 boys. Found homes.

  5. What a lovely story! Loved seeing the pupsters all grown up, and of course, YOUR infant. What a beautiful job you did. Thank you!

  6. Y'all are awesome for getting another vet…giving these puppies a life and letting them live!!!

  7. God bless you and your husband♥️
    What a beautiful beginning, a beautiful journey and a wonderful experience.

  8. Wish George lived he was a very good pup that deserved a long loved happy life now he at least in a better place and hope he meets my little pup Chance as well up in doggy heaven and become great friends. Chance born 10-31-17 passed 11-2-17 the pup at 2:56 – 3:00 looks just like chance when he was born.

  9. Thank you for the before and after pics of those PRECIOUS ADORABLE DARLINGS!!!! My heart MELTED LITERALLY seeing your video! Thank YOU! 👍🏽

  10. Thank You So Much for sharing this beautiful video..I wish you all a very Happy Happy Life
    O'Yes Congratulations on your most recent arrival into 🌻🌻🌻

  11. Glad to herer that they where all sdopted into a forever loving home, and that you where able to keep Riley. I don't agree with what the first vet said, about terminating her puppies , I am so glad that you found a second or third opinion with another veterinarian. Ps. Congratulation on your new baby as well.

  12. Amazing video well done, best statement vet wanted to put puppies down so we found a new vet, clearly first vet was seeing $$$ signs

  13. You're a lovely woman and MOTHER to be!!!You have renewed my hope in people.God bless you and the pups and of course your BABY!!!

  14. Oh y'all are so sweet. Yes there's too many in the world but killing viable life isn't the way to help with that.
    Congratulations on all your little bundles. I hope your pregnancy went really well.

    Almost time for kindergarten for the human baby. My time flies.

  15. I rescued a doggie from some POS kid who was trying to leave his dog at the bus stop on a hot day on a busy street. He refused to give me his name, so I called him Mr. Doggie, he was so sweet and perfect in our house, he even slept in the bed with us on the first night. We made a bed for him on my side of the bed, but he like sleeping by me.
    I found a great no kill she alter who’s luckily and 1 opening, he was fixed after a week then the next week an older couple cane in and wanted a traveling dog. He looked at them and walked right up to t(em, they said “Can we have him.”
    He loved them, but I was sad after 3 months of having him, but my Chihuahua was full of jealousy and not to nice sometimes.
    God gave me the chance to step up and say NO! And have him in my life!

    I also rescued our little girl from a family that said she was a Christmas present they didn’t want. They paid $1500-00 she had papers but no shots, nothing.
    I said I’d take her ight unseen, and boy does she have us triad,! Her name is Miss Tinkerbella Isabella Eckert. She the bell of the ball when she goes with us shopping.
    She’s also a registered stress dog for her daddy. He’s a veteran and has a social anxiety issues. She knows when he’s getting stressed she will jump on him and put her face right next to him, nose to nose. Saying “Focus on me Daddy” and it calms him down immediately.
    She has a stroller and a dog harness that has her sitting up against me. She loves to go bye byes, and loves Starbucks pupa chino.
    She’s 6 now, and we couldn’t breathe without her!
    Big hugs to all you Anipal lovers, thank you for loving and caring about God’s gift to us!
    All in Love and God’s Peace. ☮️🐾🐾❤️🐈❤️🐱🦋🦄🐷🐮
    Adopt don’t Shop. ❤️🤓😉
    P.S Sorry I wrote a novel

  16. You have done wonderful job with theses dogs you need a medal and congrats to your beautiful baby all the best thank you for sharing ♥️

  17. Thanks for not listening to the vet. These pups and their mother are beautiful. You all make a wonderful family.

  18. "We changed vet"
    Love this !!!!!!!
    I doubt if they had find a hurt, pregnant woman, anyone would dare tell her to get aborted because there are too many humans on this earth.
    Why would we with a dog ???
    They're living, breathing beings and deserve respect.
    Such a great home 💜💜

    They're all so lovely ! I hope they found their forever home

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