good morning guys welcome back to my channel excuse my parents you guys I don't even know what day it is today I have no idea what time it is I just woke up we had such a rough night I'm Charles wouldn't sleep all night basically so I think he has his days and nights reversed at the day he would sleep all day long he would take three hours naps and he would fall and fall asleep into like a deep deep sleep and then during the night time he doesn't want to sleep as soon as I feed him he what kind of doze off I would put him down in his bassinet and then he wakes up so that's where we are right now of course I have like no sleep luckily my husband is home from work for like a week so he has been letting me like take naps here and there while he watches both of them or just vinson right now they actually went to I think they went to a library or something or like Walmart just so he can take like Vincent out of the house but while Charles is sleeping hopefully he will sleep I'm thinking I'm gonna add in my labor and delivery vlog because I need to put that up for you guys and I think I'm gonna work on that so I'm gonna go grab my computer and also I'm gonna try to luck today I know I've been vlogging kind of here and there I'm not really sure if I'm just gonna combine them all into one vlog or I don't know what I'm gonna do with the footage but I'm vlogging because I want to capture all these like little memories and Charles being this little and newborn so that is why I'm vlogging sharing my life with you guys my real life like hello I wanted to ask you guys if you would want to see what I actually used in my hospital bag because this is my hospital bag right here I haven't touched it haven't touched my purse this is my new diaper bag for now and I wanted to see if you guys want to see what's in my hospital bag before take everything apart and put it away and wash it so let me know if you guys aren't interested in that because I could film that it hasn't been touched yet and this diaper is actually I used it for the first time yesterday I got a target and it's nothing fancy I think it was like under $40 and honestly and I like how spacious it is I literally just throw everything in here and take it with me with toddler and you born you need a lot of stuff with you when you get out of the house so this has been working really well so far I do plan to get like I guess a nicer diaper bag so when we let go out or whatever I can have a kunai sir one but this one is perfect for like everyday use it has a bunch of pockets like on the side pocket here and there's also like a pocket in the back and a huge pocket here so has been really nice I really liked it and like I said it was really affordable I do I hear you got a shopping cart did daddy get it for you that is so cool it that is like the coolest little thing ever than you wanted this we have a truck in there Vince that's so cool what you got in the shopping cart can I see oh my goodness she's got a whole bunch of stuff you have some chips thank you for me thank you whoa daddy spoiled you today it's Twizzlers daddy bought you a whole bunch of – why'd you get so many what else again oh we gotta cut that Vince okay do you want to put your food over here now scan it for you okay do you want to put your food over here now scan it for you yeah okay some me orders table potato noodles fun divorce some more granola bars perfect lettuce lettuce I can't act when you enter and pepper it will be fifty dollars please okay okay perfect here's your receipt have a nice day sir wanted to share with you guys the app that I used to keep track of my breastfeeding tines because let's be honest you can't keep track of everything in your head like newborns eat every hour every two hours and it's so hard to keep track of everything so having an app is so much easier and helpful so this is the app that I use it's called it's this one right here baby tracker I don't know if it's gonna focus it's this one right here it's the same app that I used with Vincent here you can keep track of the feeding time you can also record diaper changes sleep time which are used for Vincent like all the time to keep track of his naps and stuff how long he slept and then also if you're pumping you can keep track of that but right now I'm feeding so I would go on here I would select nursing or if you're bottle feeding and then you would just select like which side you're feeding on so right now I'm on right side and then this the time will start so it will track for how long you're feeding and then once you're done you just hit stop save it and then right here it will show you how long it has been since you fed a really great simple app to use and like I said I use it with Vincent you can add as many you know kids as you want like right here I have Vincent I use it for his nap times but for Charles Charles I just keep track of his feeding times it's a really great easy simple app that I've used ever since Vincent was born so if any of you guys are looking for an app this is the one to get it's called baby tracker and it's free look who woke up from his nap baby Charles had such a long nap I missed you ah do you love your baby brother you love your baby brother like open yeah his eyes are open his done sleeping he wants to play with you now is he really soft it is halting your finger is he holding it really tight he wants to give you high five gentle gentle high five there you go oh look at this munchkin chubby little cheeks he lost chillin is he loves when daddy's holding him love it what's going on what's going on you

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