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  1. I met my husband really late in life. We both understood we shouldn’t drag out our time with children. I always understand that to conceive a child in my age is rather difficult. And after numerous failed attempts to conceive naturally we decided to see a fertility expert. The specialist suggested to try the IVF procedure. And as a result, I had 5 failed rounds of IVF. It was so difficult to get over it. My husband and I even thought about adoption. But this procedure is really long and emotionally draining in our country. I started to chat online with women who also struggle from infertility. One day one lady shared her plans about surrogacy procedure in Ukraine. I became also interested in Ukrainian surrogacy. I was surprised but the cost of this procedure was affordable for us in comparison with the price of European clinics. We made a request to the biotexcom clinic. So, now we are waiting for a reply. I hope that this clinic will help us to solve our problem. Because we are dreaming to have a little baby.

  2. This video finds me at the perfect time. I have been on fertility treatment for about 2,5 years. My first and only pregnancy thus far ended with losing my twins to water broken at 13 weeks and ever since it hasnt worked again. Now just finishing my first IVF cycle which failed. I'm gutted, but your video helped to comfort and be less pessimistic about the road ahead. Maybe it can work out after all. Thank you

  3. I just came across your video after getting my 2nd Fet has failed as it was my last embryo. Thank You for giving me the hope on keep going as I’m not giving up.

  4. Just had a failed ivf. I was devastated the first day, still am of course, but I'm trying to not let myself fall into depression again. I bounced back, keep myself busy, still keep hope, and trust in God. I'm surprised at how well I've handled it, but I just know, I cannot lose faith and I can't allow myself to breakdown! One day my dream will come true and I'll have that lil baby in my arms. I'll never stop hoping nor fighting. Rooting and hope the best for you!

  5. A brave video and unsurprisingly not as many views as other videos. It is such an intrusive process to go through and such disappointment when it doesn't work. I would recommend Jodie Day's book, Rocking The Life Unexpected for help and suggestions for dealing with failed IVF. Thanks Nikki for this video

  6. Dear Nikki, this is an incredible important and powerful video for so many of us. I have a grown up baby now BUT I have added to my positive attitude in listening to you. Delighted for you and hubby in becoming parents to two lovely little ones. It’s just great and so hopeful for others going along the IVF path. Well done and thank you again. Xx hugs Karen xx

  7. I was so upset the first time it failed,then angry the second time. The third time I do believe they had implanted as I felt very sick at certain smells from about day 8,but ended up spotting before my period started. But mentally and physically I couldn't do it again. I have a lot of gynae pains and all the drugs had me in agony. But you are so right about keeping calm. Loving the twin journey. In fact if it had worked first or second time for you,you wouldn't have these gorgeous boys now. Same if it had worked for me I wouldn't have Harry. The only thing that use to make me mad was when people would say everything happens for a reason 😳I wanted to punch them as all I ever wanted was to be a mummy. When I was going through it there was no social media or anyone to talk about it,very lonely and anxious at the time. But I have me cheeky monkey now and I'm so grateful for him,even if he does push my buttons at times 😂😂. You are looking fantastic. Xx

  8. Great advice 😊I went through 2 full fresh ivf/icsi cycles one was abandoned due to no fertilisation and I got pregnant on the 3rd transfer with frozen embryos, my twins are 8 months old and I still look at them and I can’t believe they are mine, after trying for 10 years with unexplained infertility I got my miracles in the end but I must say I put up a good fight and I never thought of giving up. To the ladies going through failed cycles Please don’t give up. It can take a few tries for it to work for some people. There is light at the end of the tunnel. X

  9. Thank you you have given me hope that this can work for me as well. I’m the same as you I’ve had two failed frozen cycles. Next year I’m going to start another frozen cycle . I’ve got 3 Frosties left. Last year was a difficult year as I run a restaurant but it’s true what you say about stress. I have cut down my hours and ready for the next cycle. I have found that you learn a great deal about your strength and the relationship you have with your partner etc. I am a similar age to you so you give me hope. Congratulations on your beautiful boys they are lucky to have a mummy like you xxx

  10. thanks for this… Our fail was in may, since then I just can not talk about it… I should be going again with second transfer in the next few days hopefully… Im going for my 10 days scan on thursday, so hoping We will be ready to follow with transfer soon. Its hard, really hard, but we belive it is going to happen this time;) Your boys are soooo cute <3

  11. Thank you so much Nikki! It’s not an easy subject to talk about but really appreciate you sharing your experiences. We are about to start our third round of IVF after a miscarriage last time. 🌈 But as you said your journey give people like me hope. You’re an inspiration love and hugs X 😍😘

  12. Hi Nikki. I’m currently almost 14 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby and although I’m incredibly lucky to have conceived both of my babies naturally I feel a lot of this advice could be said to someone following a miscarriage too. It could be the hormones but when you said “dreams do come true” I instantly burst into tears. I’ve got a long way to go with my pregnancy but I feel positive that my rainbow baby WILL be in my arms next May. I’m a big believer in mindfulness, it’s an incredible tool and it’s helping me through my anxiety following my loss. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us xx

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