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over the last couple of months we’ve
been talking so much about aeration and seeding whether or not it’s something
that you should do liquid aeration with or when to put it down and just various
fa Q’s we’ve done so many videos about it but we haven’t really done just an
example of what aeration and seeding looks like so over the weekend
Jimmy Brandon and I took a trip to our VA lawn loves Eric’s house to help him
out with aeration seeding throw out some X start fertilizer and get things
growing so I wanted to show you guys what that looks like so that you can see
firsthand a picture perfect core aeration and over seeding well you should know by now that I’m
going to of course ask you to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done so
already you should also come in below and keep me up to date on your aeration
seating I’ve gotten great testimonies from a lot of you so far about whether
or not you’ve even put seed out yet or if it’s something that is on your radar
for October so be sure to comment below I love hearing from you guys to know
where you are in your own adventures as well as what you’re up to this time of
year and the weather that you’re experiencing across the country once
you’re done subscribing to us be sure to hop over to Eric’s channel as well at
our VA lawn love he is doing amazing things from the DIY side and is a really
really fun personality to watch and learn from so be sure to check out his
channel as well so in this video we are using our turf Co xt8 stand on aerator
for that core aeration service and doing double passes which is what you’ll
definitely see for a big part of the service video as well as our z spray jr.
36 riding spreader sprayer to apply multiple products so we’re putting out
liquid air 8 a liquid aeration as well as the core aeration so we’re really
looking forward to Eric talking to us about what he sees happening differently
with these two products working together as well as spreading out granular X
start starter fertilizer from carbon earth company and a triple blended blue
tag certified fescue seed in about a month we’re gonna be doing a video
that’s breaking down for you guys some test plots that we have running on core
aeration versus liquid aeration and then with and without that X start starter
fertilizer so be sure to stay tuned for that as well but for now check out an
aeration seeding service in 2019 with picture perfect and our be a long love every sheet you guys taking the time to
watch this video with me if there’s anything that you have questions about
in terms of aeration seating or any other fall services be sure to comment
below we’ve got a lot of great content coming up over the next few weeks in
terms of when to winterize your irrigation system and a lot more so be
sure to stay tuned for that again I appreciate you guys watching and I hope
that you have a picture-perfect day you

8 Replies to “Aeration & Seeding with RVA Lawn Love Featuring Turfco XT8 Aerator! | PPLM | (804) 530-2540”

  1. We're in Spring in Australia. Reseeding soon with Perennial Rye once the temps get up a bit more, then Summer. Keep the videos coming.

  2. Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh another PPLM video. Can I ask what the drop rate for the seed was? I am getting ready to over seed tonight now that I see a break in the 90° weather coming and just wanted to make sure that 4.5 to 5 lbs was the right rate? Thank you

  3. Awesome video! I’m about to seed this weekend! Going to be doing tons of videos on lawn renovation as long as a vlog doing all 15 of my other aeration and seeding lawns. Going to be wearing my PPLM hat in the videos! Going to applying tons of different stuff… stay tuned!

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