1. This is the worse thing you could possibly watch who in their right mind would or could do this to something so precious that doesn't deserve this its clearly still alive people are disgusting

  2. Every woman should know THIS!!! 12 week pregnancy … Day 21 there starts heartbeat.Abortion IS killing a child!

  3. Honestly this thing is a worthless clump of cells……I wouldn’t waste my time even holding it….just cut the cord and throw it in the trash, it’s not sad and I wouldn’t waste any time holding it and poking at it, it’s a worthless fetus whose existence is useless and meaningless…..trust it will be quickly replaced by another woman 5 secs from now shitting out another baby…..not everyone that’s conceived lives and if they all lived all over the world there would be so many more useless babies that the world would be so overpopulated that so many of these stupid babies would starve so it’s better that some are freakin aborted and some die cuz my goodness their lives would be awful and completely useless…..just throw that worthless damn fetus in the trash and forget about the retarded thing

  4. There’s nothing the doctors could do, there was complications with the pregnancy and they had to induce labor …this isn’t an abortion…..if it were that fetus would be in pieces…..not fully intact….and this isn’t sad, this fetus has no idea of anything for goodness sake…..it’s not like oh god I’m gonna die now cuz I’m out of the uterus and my cord is cut crap…..this thing is barely formed and weighs nothing….it doesn’t know it’s gonna die nor does it care…….it’s lucky it didn’t live so it doesn’t have to live in a horrible place like this…..it will go straight to heaven so who cares if it dies, it’s a damn fetus for goodness sake……it’s only one fetus and it’s not like it’s the only one…..there’s plenty of freaking babies being shit out all day long everyday so who cares if this one dies, it is better off not surviving so it never has to exist in this hell hole…..it’s just another useless fetus that would’ve ended up leading a meaningless life like most people do …..so who cares if this useless fetus dies, the world will go on and it’s better to cuz that’s one less useless feeder, the world has way to many babies anyways, and so many end up starving from poverty so it’s better that more things like this don’t make it for the reason of living a horrific life filled with poverty….women take birth control so you don’t shit out babies you can’t take care of, it’s stupid to have babies nobody wants and can’t afford, either take birth control or just abort the damn things, you’re doing the fetus a favor in reality, it’s a horrible evil world and their lives would be useless and worthless in every way

  5. This was the result of a miscarriage. No gloves were worn and the miscarriage occurred in what looks like the floor of a tent. No way was this in a hospital setting. Absolutely no chance of keeping a fetus that early alive. As to the partial birth evacuation, no clinic in this nation would perform that procedure unless the mother's health and/or safety were in a dire and precarious state. This video was so sad to see but the uterus expelled the fetus spontaneously. God/nature ended the pregnancy because there was some anomaly or disorder. The female body sends certain signals and hormones help with the flushing out. This infant would have died from a disease/disorder, from prematurity or both. Not that it is any person or the government's business, but, I am pro-life…for MYSELF. I am pro-choice for anyone else. None of my business what other women do with THEIR bodies. One thing I don't get is how the anti-choice folks seem to dwell on abortion 24/7, cry out in concern for the unborn, yet pretty much ALL of them vote for politicians who are rabid with cutting funding for SSI, Disability, AFDC, free lunch for low income kids, WIC and all other services earmarked especially for CHILDREN. Why can't you take the energy you use outside of clinics, screaming at terrified young women, and devote all that time to the fetuses already breathing and walking around… they're called CHILDREN and they feel pain, too. They also get sick and hungry. Since you wanna force folks to have all these babies I think you should be fostering or adopting ten or fifteen kids. Not interested in that? Well, then screw you… you have no right to even TALK about abortion, much less devote your entire existence around the one issue. Go home and raise your own kids. They probably miss not having a parent because their mom or dad are always away PROTESTING.

  6. This is perhaps a lucky aborts baby, it wasn't killed by saline to burn to death. This is murder anyway you look at it. That baby isn't the mother's body who thinks she can do anything with her own body, even kill her child. In the few short minutes this poor child lived, it only had a few seconds of comfort when it sucked it's thumb after being rolled over for the second time. Imagine the fear this child has. God knows what went on and will take the soul of this innocent child to heaven.

  7. "ENTERTAINMENT" Let's do it to you and see how entertaining this video is. this has to be a healthcare worker who did this because I can't even imagine someone doing this to their own baby. Can you say jail

  8. this is to much!!!!!! why why why??????!!!!
    this is cruel!!!!!!!!!! this is human..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoever did this will will pay one day!!!!!!!!

  9. all religion and politics aside the liberal explanation is this is a bundle of cells stealing energy and nourishment from its host….. bullshit a bundle if cells by that definition is a tumor not a fetus.

  10. another miscarriage depicted as abortion; only convincing to people without any med education. it's pathetic.

  11. Aw! I never thought the sight of a newborn baby could ever make me so genuinely happy. What a miracle.

  12. Why the hell are you moving, flicking, and touching that baby for your entertainment. It is dying because of you. I was an ER Nurse and saw babies like this when it spontaneously aborted. Moms wanted the pregnancy. The right thing to do would be to put a warm blanket on the baby and give him or her some blow-by oxygen. Maybe baptize the baby, lower the lights, and cuddle him or her to have a peaceful end. But I guess that you'r not capable of that since you just ripped it from it's mother's uterus. How dare you play with that baby when he or she is dying. Maybe someone will leave you wet, naked, cold, deprived of oxygen, and love in your last moments. MURDERER

  13. After 50,000,000,000 babies have been aborted, now people are starting to wake up. Its a huge shame!!!

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