After Searching, I Found And Met My Birth Mother

I had just turned 18 I knew that year
for me was going to be the year of tough decision making for life in general but
also because 18 was a typical age for anyone who’s been adopted to seek out
and find their biological family although I had it set in my mind that
I’d reach out to my biological mother as soon as I turned 18 I didn’t I actually
waited until October of 2018 over the years I always imagined how things would
be once I reconnected with my biological mother even wondered how much we looked
alike and if we looked alike at all I pictured
us hanging out all the time and becoming best friends and having big family
gatherings with my adoptive and biological family there was a lot I
thought about but even through all the thinking I never knew what to fully
expect I was able to find my mother via Facebook surprisingly after years of
living for her and ever seeing a profile pop up I saw her a message that says
something like hey mom it’s Lisa your daughter
how have you been days go by and the message hasn’t been seen I still had
hope though but soon those days of no response turn into weeks and soon those
weeks turned into months until December 22nd of 2018 I got a message saying hey
Lisa how are you doing if you have her half of the time can I see you a lot of
you motions were felt this day mostly happy had we thought my biological
mother never forgot about me after 11 years of me being taken away from her we
continued to talk and then Christmas Day came where I spent the holiday with my
adopted family of course and then arranged plans to see my mom that day I
was beyond nervous but the excitement I had could cause me to shoot through the
roof if I could it was the moment I’ve waited for for so many years not only
was I seeing my mom but I was also seeing my grandmother along with two of
my aunts and some of my cousins I walked up to the door and I was instantly
greeted by my grandmother and then my mom it was almost like I was staring
into a mirror I saw myself in her and I think that’s when it fully clicked that
this is my mother we greeted and then hugged for what seemed like forever
it was so weird to be living in a moment I’ve dreamed about for so long we spent
the day hanging out and talking and just catching each other up on what’s
happening in life we definitely have a long way to go to make up for the years
miss Dimitra lives but that’s okay just being able to
talk to her and to see her it’s an amazing feeling and it’s definitely a
time to remember Christmas of 2018 was the best Christmas I’ve ever had I
remember asking Santa when I was eight to have my mom back and although he’s a
little late on the gift the timing could have been any better and I couldn’t have
gotten her a gift any better than that

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  1. find the letters…

  2. Why did search for her she didn't want you so she gave u to them so u should love the people who adopted u more than ur mom

  3. My dad and uncle were adopted, and he’s found his possible biological grandparents and a biological cousin

  4. My story is different my friend is moving to a beach and I’m going to miss her a lot I cried a lot because she was a really wonderful friend and I really caring friend😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I hadn’t see my mom in two or three years but I still visit her and she’s coming back she is at Mexico

  6. I'm happy that she was able to find & reconnect with her biological mother, but sometimes reaching out to your biological family isn't a good idea

  7. Im telling you if that grandma just hugged her and said i missed you then I don’t even no anymore my grandma goes BEAST mode on me even if I don’t see her in months

  8. every time I watch this video it reminds me of my mother who left me when I was only a few month old baby I don't remember much but my mother left me because she knew that someone else could take better care of me I don't know how old was I in ever since that day I don't know my birth my rightful birthday I figured out October 26th was a fraud I must have been born in January cuz when my non-related on found me I had a head full of hair know most of you will say because most babies are born with full hair but I'm pretty sure I was born with a lot of hair must have went down to my ears like above and my eyes must have been opened and ever since that day I just wish to meet my real mother and I did not speak on my home natural language because I come from Central Asia and in the country called Kyrgyzstan for my biological mother she said that I was found by my aunt were in the basket dressed nicely and clean

  9. but I do have someone in my family that's in foster care even though that I get to see her sometimes but I still miss her cuz I don't get to play with her anymore and i get to see her sometimes

  10. wait wait, so she was adopted aka an orphan, and the mother was happy to see her? THEN WHY DID THE MOTHER PUT HER FOR ADOPTION IN THE FIRST PLACE? (Then again i could be wrong and maybe it was her biological dad who did that to her too i guess.)

  11. RECAP:

    She was 18 and hadn’t seen her birth mom in 11 years. She planned to find her biological mom and meet her- I won’t spoil the rest ❤️😜😈

  12. I am adopted as well and I just turned 26 years old I also always wondered what happened to my biological mother and father but never wonder why I am glad you could find your biological family and everything turned out alright but don't forget that many other people also wondered where there their biological families are as well and sometimes that can be good or bad so those who are watching this video be careful what you wish for sometimes it can come true and good or bad boys as for me I don't have a Facebook page but yeah sometimes I too also wonder who my parents are

  13. i asked Santa when I was eight I will meet my birth mom

    sees her mom in face book

    ok so… you met your mother in face book.
    so you didnt have the age for facebook

  14. The storybooth story that killed me emotionally was the one where the mom was arrested on suspicion leaving the son a hard knock life with his grandma (it's on the overcoming challenges category)

    (The Storybooth story I am talking about related to me but my Mom remained living a lawful life but I had to separate from her for 6 months I Never got to celebrate Christmas or my Birthday with her during thebut with grandma instead much to my displeasure she thinks my mother raised me incorrectly which i truly believed that is false)

    My Scenario
    didn't see his mom in 6 months [Cried on to her chest and refuses to let go]

  15. my siblings always lie to me saying that im adopted and they just laugh like HEHHEEHEHEEHEHEEHE HAAHAHAHAHAHAH and im like "'ha whatever i know thats a lie"' and their like "'hehe maybe HAAH"' :[

  16. I never got to meet my Birth Mom, or my Dad. She gave me up at the first glance. I was put into foster care right after I was tested for anything. I was in a foster family for 6th months. But then i got adopted, and i still wonder, even tho my life is good, I still want to meet them…

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  18. This made me cry so so much its so sweet 😢
    But so happy for you😄😄😄😃😄😄😄😃😄

  19. Did her Mom slip into a coma when she was born? Because it seems like she cares when met her after a long time.

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