After This Family Welcomed A Newborn Two Weeks Early, They Realized His Birth Was One In 33,000

when the eppard family welcomed the newest member of their clan they realized something amazing about him that's because little Boden's arrival two weeks premature would make his birth part of a staggering statistic there would only be one child like him in every 33,000 in fact but what made him so special well the unusual circumstances of Boden's birth were set in motion not long before his due date which had been previously estimated as July 17th 2017 when mom Jordan went for an ultrasound a couple of weeks prior to her babies anticipated arrival for instance she received what may have come as surprising news basically the scan revealed that the child's shoulders and head were bigger than had expected nonetheless since his length remained much the same the doctors saw no cause for alarm this all changed though when Jordan went into labor early we had just bought a house and moved in on June 9th dad Conner subsequently told ABC news then the following day his wife's contractions would start and Conner now believes that the stress of moving home may have caused the birth process to begin prematurely thankfully the couple had had an appointment on that very same date to see a doctor for the baby's final ultrasound and checkup and the scheduling was fortuitous it seems as the medical professionals would alert the efforts to their impending arrival indeed Conner would later tell ABC News the doctors went through the routine and said you guys go across to the hospital I think you're in labor Jordan was in labor for 24 hours in total in fact a scenario in which she would later describe as the worst experience ever and to make matters worse the baby seemed to have become stuck during the delivery so doctors had also urged the mother to have an emergency c-section nonetheless baby Bowden eppard was eventually born at a healthy 8 pounds and 11 ounces on July 1st 2017 I didn't want him to come on the first at all because it was 17 days early Jordan later told today that can sometimes cause problems for me I just wanted him to be healthy more than anything her husband Connor agreed adding we don't necessarily want him to be born two weeks early because there's always a risk when they started measuring the head we laughed about the possibility of Bowden arriving early because he was already so big Connor continued but when it actually started happening we were just like no way this is crazy so what precisely was so amazing about Boden's premature birth well that's because it took place on Connors birthday Odin's father was born on July 1st 1990 but that's not all because Boden's birth coincided with another important date as well you see Connors grandfather and Boden's great-grandfather James Jim Morissette was also born on July 1st way back in 1931 and understandably Connor couldn't wait to call Jim to let him know about the incredible coincidence I called my grandpa and said hey grandpa grab a seat for this one Connor told ABC News he kind of laughed and I think he could hear beau crying in the background next thing you know he was in the car driving down to the hospital it's beyond my words Jim would later save his great grandsons birth it was so exciting it was just hard to believe I'm 86 now and I don't know how many more birthdays I'll have but that's a special incentive to keep going for sure recalling that he cried floods of tears when Connor was born Jim added I didn't cry this time I was dis Joyce it's all part of God's plan Jordan meanwhile will suggest that her husband had secretly wanted their son to be born on July 1st Connor and his grandpa are very very close so they are all rooting for it she explained to ABC News I couldn't imagine it any other way it's very special and being born on July 1st is the cherry on top of this whole pregnancy it's no surprise then that Connor would look upon his grandfather as an inspiration perhaps not just for himself either but also for his baby son grandpa is the prototype gentle old man Connor told today I hope some day I could be like that he's a great guy truly a role model furthermore although the couple had chosen the name boat in Matthew long before their baby's birth this seemingly miracle convinced them to alter their decision to wit they decided to add in his father's middle name James which of course is also the four name of his great-grandfather when he was born on the first we knew we had to keep with tradition and throw a James in there Conner explained however it isn't just this shared bond that has drawn news reporters to the story the statistics behind this strange coincidence have also attracted the media's attention indeed mathematicians have studied the likelihood of three members of a family in four generations being born on the same day and while they have found that its more common than some might expect the chances are still extremely low in particular dr. Ben Dyer an associate professor in MSU Denver's department of mathematical and computer sciences has crunched the numbers and as a result he worked out that the odds are roughly 1 in 30 3374 or 0.00 29% the more children in each generation of the family the more likely a sequence of consecutive birthdays becomes he explained to Denver TV station KMGH these odds assume that only one boy was born to each generation of the family in reference to some other research that he conducted dr. Dyer also revealed that if 23 people were in a room together it's more likely than not that two of the 23 people share birthdays in the efforts case however the three male members of the family share not only the day on which they were born but also the same genes indeed the only male not to share this birthday bond in the past four generations of efforts his Connors dad Rick who was born on December 9th 1963 and Connor would tell ABC News with a laugh that this was the wrong time of the year nonetheless he also added that when Boden was born my dad was beside himself so excited what's more an annual event that the efforts celebrate will soon become even more special that's because they throw a big party on July 1st to celebrate Conner and Jim's birthdays now then they have one more man in the family to make a fuss on that day so forget about July 4th for this family July 1st will remain a more important celebration for the efforts we always have a huge 1st of July party Connor said to ABC News we get all the family together and we do a big barbecue or crawfish boil big seafood boil now it'll be fun to have another reason to celebrate it's been a whirlwind since Bo's birth however the family have had some other big moments Boden has enjoyed his first cuddles with his big sister Paisley for instance and on July 30th his parents celebrated yet another milestone in their lives their 50th anniversary I couldn't imagine going through this crazy rollercoaster ride with anyone else Jordan wrote on Facebook to commemorate the occasion you

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  1. an absolutely amazing story but seriously???? two weeks early a premature birth and worried about risks!! it's actually classified as term two weeks early

  2. My sister and her oldest daughter were both born on September 8; each weighed in at 6 pounds, 3 ounces. My birthday is September 9; I weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your son. He's the third generation. Born on Grandpa's birthday and Great Grandpa's birthday. Both Grandpa's got birthday present. That brought joy into their life. A new member in the family.

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