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KRCL Salt Lake City [Music] welcome to RadioActive a show for grassroots activists and community builders weeknights at 6:00 here on K RCL I’m Lara Jones in studio on Wednesday nights with Nick Burns hey Nick how you doing not bad how was the snow for you today oh it wasn’t too terrible I’m I kind of DC and this chemistry test I don’t I don’t do well with pop quizzes in chemistry so yes the Eco style chemistry [Ecostoichiometry] of anthropogenic co2 that returns to earth I’m sorry I’m butchering the words here it’s okay but basically this notion of co2 from burning coal is some of that naturally ends up back in the earth so what could we do with all of that and I believe our experts Neil Neelameggham he calls it as Agricoal so I’m kind of curious what that term means he even gets philosophy in there and reincarnation so it’s a book he’s been working on for over 10 years but it’s like returning of co2 to terrestrial sinks but this isn’t sequestration it isn’t any of that clean coal crap so it’d be interesting to think about Agricoal okay so coming up we’re still going to talk to Brayden weeks from ute pack right now though Nick Burns and I I’m Laura Jones we’re gonna be talking about a new discovery with anthropogenic co2 emissions I don’t even know what I said but we have in the studio the man who can talk about it with us Neil Neilamegham- [Nick Burns] welcome sir thank you thank you for being here. so essentially what we’re talking about is coal is in a way that coal could be fertilizer for arid soils that is today and basically we have all this co2 from burning coal that’s going into the air some of its going back into the earth yeah so there are probably listeners that are very confused by that and I know your book which I did read although the chemistry was a little over my head but real quickly take folks through what this is chemically. [Neale] -chemically when you burn carbon containing materials they usually have hydrogen along with that and other ingredients they make carbon dioxide and water vapor what I call them as Soul vapors and we know about Soul transmigrating into life -okay that’s been a historically known in philosophies worldwide and they say transmigration of soul into life forms like plants, insects, birds, animals and humans so the bio population increase has been happening over the last three centuries and it’s caused the catch-22 effect that’s great [Laura] that catch-22 that’s good I like the soul stuff too because I can understand a little bit of Dante..{Neale] when more population comes there’s a need for more energy conversions most energy is neither created nor destroyed it’s only conserved and it can be converted energy conversions usually causes heat that heat heats up the air right is atmosphere and there is some moderating reactions that helps control its temperature increase the two big events one is evaporative cooling okay we all know in Utah swamp coolers cools the air.. oh yeah another one is photosynthesis okay that is also say it takes the energy from Sun but more than that it cools the ambient because when you take it infrared thermometer put it on your driveway it will be 40 degree centigrade you just move it to the grass it’ll be 26 in this hot summer..[Nick Burns] ie if you have a thermometer that does centigrade right yeah exactly .. but your book shows this is fascinating because coal came from with some swamp got covered up and compressed underground for tens or hundreds of thousands of years and then now we burn it you know like you say co2 hydrogen up in the air and you’re talking about we could put that back in the earth and grow plants again with it that’s good [Neale] which is the whole idea of sort of reincarnation of coal is just really kind of fascinating to me yeah the year ago I talked on a subject called energy is a figure-eight reincarnation and resurrection okay life is in the middle [Nick Burns]so if I understood your book correctly and again if folks are interested in this book and you’re interested in chemistry it’s it goes quite a bit in into quite a bit of depth I want to say and if I understood correctly you’re talking about 25% or maybe a little bit more of that co2 from the coal naturally goes back into the ground has been going back into the ground. [Neale] yeah and you want some more can go into the ground so you know with eco -engineering you can make it happen. [Nick Burns] so and that’s what you’re talking about right is actually using what residue love burning coal is a fertilizer ..[Neale]no no okay just to be clear no there are two different things okay great one is in this book I’m talking about why carbon dioxide has been coming back to earth what is the recipe what are the ingredient that makes it happen typically when you hear about photosynthesis they talk about carbon dioxide and water forming sugar but you don’t see mounds of sugar all over the place but it becomes plants and the plants take that energy that’s what over here plants are ,,,, ……. why do they happen they there’s other ingredients what is the connecting element that’s what this book is about okay and as a chemical engineer we know if I would absorb carbon dioxide what to use I’ll use ammonia or can use ethanol amine they’re all making amine and carbon dioxide combined so which is amino acid its life. [Nick Burns] right so you do you see a way that we could increase this to get more co2 out of the air [Neale] if we need to then there’s a possibility of doing it there are techniques and one other thing where I was doing it when plants they have two ways of extinction one is they can be buried or burnt okay when it is burnt it goes to carbon dioxide when it’s buried it goes through different life stages becomes coal or fossil fuels but the fossil fuels can be brought back to life the same way it became fossil fuels just the figure-eight at the bottom zero is below the ground above the ground is the cremation right a combustion it can be brought back resurrected back like plant form this life it’s reincarnation. [Nick Burns] This is what you’re talking about, right, in fact that’s how you close out your book is with the parallels. [Neale] right .. this concept has been known to lot of people over the years Hindus called it transmigration of soul and it was taught by Dante a lot of other people and then what is the ingredient that makes it come back that is a what I call it as a new discovery it’s been known but it’s not being put together why is it important what this discovery what is it going to be able to allow us you know a chemical process like he asked me if you want to get more traveled as a back to earth what is the mechanism okay how a lot of people have been trying different things but they’re all expensive but you can try to make it at low cost and what was buried the coal yeah in the ground can be used to bring back to life you bring the desert back into fertile lands so [Nick Burns] there’s a picture I have here of a plant that’s growing in soil that’s what got coal in it.. [Neale] no (soil), it is just powder coals it’s just a growing in coal and water. it is from the seam of a coal , this on the mountainside in price Utah. [Lara] okay so what application or is there [Nick}— — [Neale]I can convert Sahara into a farmland..[Lara] so kind of like you know Utah will bloom like a rose..[Neale] you’re going to be able to do that [Nick Burns]so from there what would you need if you were going to do that take a large swath of arid Utah desert and make it bloom what would you need to do what would that look like..[Neale] if you need to get some soil and powdered coal added and show that demonstrate that you mix that coal powder into the soil all right it takes a while when you put some seeds in it and it started growing and then you can start retaining more water then there it doesn’t stay so desert more life form. [Nick Burns]right right well then it can absorb more nitrogen from the air more carbon dioxide from the air and create so more cooling effect. [Nick Burns] so if we took this to the logical extension we could keep the coal miners working but we wouldn’t burn it that we could use it to farm Wow. [Neale] that is RadioActive [Lara] uh you were paying attention to what your wife told you before you came on [Nick Burns] yeah so folks if folks are interested in this you can find out more information at Agricoal dot o-r-g that’s a website that talks about this and neil neila megahm thank you Lara]thanks so much [NickBurns]the author of this book you’ve got another one you’re working on to keep going through this right and there’s another website specifically for the books that’s a pretty long .. we’ll put that in the show blog notes.. [Lara] thank you so much for coming in thank you it was a pleasure we had a library community event and I look forward to next book so make sure you keep in touch all right. [Neale] thank you so much

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  1. Wow uncle, very fascinating,
    Especially how you were able to bring those philosophical aspects! Excited to see the future of this project and the ways it will impact the environment.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Our friends are starting a hectare size test next month in Inner Mongolia China..Let us teach where coal came from..from plants with considerable nutrient left in it..

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