Akron mom began opiate addiction following post-pregnancy surgery

mom is in perfect she was very outgoing lettered in academics at school was a leader never a follower or my very best friends she was all wrong good person like right after three weeks after her son was born she had a surgery had to have a Pauline Idol cyst removed and that's when we noticed things starting they gave her pain pills and after the pain pill should have been gone still the dilated pupils and the attitude and they got to to where she wasn't herself she had went almost the four months of being clean and sober and someone gave her what was supposed to be heroin and there was zero heroin it was straight fentanyl and within a matter of minutes of her snorting it she was gone where do you know where she was she was here she was here she was here upstairs in her room uh-huh yeah I'm Savannah founder Savannah founder from that point my life turned upside down I had a job and I left my job and at that point I found out I was pregnant my daughter and just her leaving her son here with us that he lives with us and watching the way it affected my mom it's just a really big hole and void in my heart really it's like a part of me died that day I'm just not the same person from that day

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