AKs Pregnancy Video Diary – Week 36 | Kiddicare

Hello my name is AK and I am currently 36
weeks pregnant with my second baby, which we nicknamed “Blob”. I am already a mum to
a three and a half year old boy called “Finn”. I’ll share all my toys, and I want my “Blob”
to be a sister! The baby has been breached for the last five
weeks so sleeping and walking and sitting down is not that comfortable anymore and somehow
it seems to think that between ten and one o’clock at night is the best time to be awake
and bounce around my belly. With the size of my bump getting bigger, normal
chores like hovering or picking up toys from the floor are quite a challenge and I do get
tired very easily doing so. I have had morning sickness and nausea for
the last eight months I lost quite a bit of weight and my appetites gone so plain food
is the way forward and this month’s craving is definitely chicken and noodle soup and
Costa hot chocolate. Throughout my pregnancy I quite like to wear
slim fitted tops and jeans to show off my bump, but now coming to the end of my pregnancy
I love wearing yoga pants and a warm cosy cardigan is definitely a must in my maternity
wardrobe. Thank you very much for watching my pregnancy
video diary and I leave you with a picture of my 36 weeks bump.

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