AL mother "Marshae Jones" (27) Charged in fetus'cide after being SH0T in stomach!

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part I'll be ready for this weekend I know I got a busy weekend here we're at 114 that's close enough close enough I'm just like we need to be over 100 thumbs up for sure here we go guys boy that's a hell of a face to start on right there my goodness all right good evening ladies and gentlemen we like to welcome you to our stream this is your host of the evening DJ just Jay with just downs ent as you guys know we represent the solo podcast AFC advocating for children first this story is advocating for a child that didn't get an opportunity to be here I know some of you guys are interested to hear the story some of you this might be your first time hearing about this this story is making the rounds right now it is a huge story for a lot of different reasons a lot of people are jumping on this conversation but my perspective is very simple and I'm assuming that most of you guys are here to hear my perspective what is just Jay gonna say well I'm definitely gonna have some choice words and some choice thoughts so here we go this woman on my screen her name is Maura Shay Jones she got into an incident with ebony Jemison which you can see this individual on my screen who looks like she has been through hell in hot water got into a fight with this chick right here who was pregnant that woman's name is marche ma RS hae Jones who Jones 27 years old she is from Alabama and she was shot guys you heard that right she was shot in the stomach while she was 5 months pregnant with a child a little girl by the name of Mar Lygia Jones I'm gonna put some respect on my lady's name I don't like the name but because it's an innocent child we advocate for children I really wish that we wouldn't pick such you know standout so-called unique black names for these kids I don't know why we continue to try to make ourselves not blend in with the rest of the United States it's beyond me but nonetheless she was pregnant with a little girl Marla Jones okay so that's the baby's name we don't even have any pictures guys wonder why we don't have any pictures because she was shot while she was pregnant didn't even give birth but how did we get here that's what you guys want to know right here we go marché Jones got into a fight do you guys want to know why she got into a fight with this woman by the name of ebony Jemison what do you guys think that they got into a fight over I'll let the chat speak right now what do you guys think that these broads got into a fight over anybody want to take a guess we're taking all guesses we got about 160 people watching take your guess y'all say they're always fighting fighting pregnant oh I've seen a lot of videos lately on Facebook where these pregnant chicks are fighting miss June Bennett got it they were fighting over a man touching the coal got it over a man over a boy I like that Jojo they were fighting over a boy okay we don't know the dude he is not implemented or implemented what am i trying to say he's not being charged with anything he didn't have anything to do with this from what we understand but Jones who was 27 years old was indicted Wednesday let me say I donated it to PayPal as well thank you let me see let me see how do you say that green eyes read okay I'm sorry I'm very slow green eyes read thank you very much for the super chat and I will read those donations here in just a moment okay let me tell you guys the story Jones was indicted Wednesday by Jefferson County grand jury according to reports police say although Jones did not fire the shots obviously because she got shot official determined that she initiated the fight with the shooter 23 year old Ebony Jemison their four years difference in age between this woman the mother who was Marcia Jones 27 and the other one who looked like she crawled out of somebody's behind evany Jamison being 23 years old Thank You Shannon Shannon thank you very much for the super chat appreciate that implicated thank you that's the word I was looking for guys know that you know yeah I had trouble speaking sometimes the baby's father is not implicated in this particular story okay now Jemison the 23 year old the witness shot her has been charged with manslaughter but the charge was dismissed after a grand jury failed to indict her did you guys catch that this woman fired shots and I'll tell you guys how many shots she fired here in a moment she shot her in the stomach if she was going to be charged with manslaughter but the charge was dismissed after a grand jury failed to indict her Thank You bubblehead for the donation in super chat machines fighting over the same harddrive very good catch very good kids police say that the 2018 shooting occurred during a dispute over the unborn child father yes Jose has been released from Jefferson County Jail on a 50-thousand dollar bond here's what you need to know Marsh say Jones the assailant was initially charged but later reversed the charges police said in Marcia Jones in Ebony Jemison got into a dispute over Jones's unborn baby over the unborn baby's father on December 4th of 2018 outside of a Dollar General Store how ironic they got into a fight outside of a Dollar General have nothing against Dollar General but I'm just saying it's a very ironic place for these machines to be fighting outside shout-out to my brother Tommy Sotomayor right let's move on ABC Birmingham reported that Jones was inside a car when she was shot Wow sounds like self-defense I catch you but my issue here which we'll talk about it more they say that Jones was inside a car when she was shot that's a key point that could potentially be a huge problem smoove on first responders arrived at the scene to find that Jones had been taken to a convenience store in nearby Fairfield she was then taken to UAB Hospital Jones was hospitalized and survived but her fetus her baby again by the name of Marla Jones did not survive she was five months pregnant at the time Jemison the shooter her on the right was initially charged with murder but the charge was later revised to manslaughter point number two Pleasant Grove lieutenant Danny Reed said let's not lose sight here the unborn baby is the victim and I agree with that here's why Reid's whole that the fight stand over the unborn child's father police say the Jones initiated and escalated the fight that led to her being shot makes sense okay let's not lose sight that the unborn baby is the victim here I want you guys to remember that before y'all go harassing me in the comments section for the stuff that I'm getting ready to say about this story she had no choice in being brought being brought unnecessarily into a fight where she was relying on her mother for protection I do agree with that all indications and all evidence point to the facts of the victim or the other or the other of the unborn child was the aggressor she is no longer listed as the victim only victim we have here is the unborn child at the time of the shooting lieutenant Danny Reed said that Jones involvement in the case would be presented to a grand jury Jamison Jamison Emerson whatever her frickin name is let me get her back over screen so you know what I'm talking about Anthony Jamison right there was charged with murder but police amended the charge to manslaughter of course you guys have to remember the reason why they changed those charges is because they have to make sure that they can get a conviction on those charges okay now the charge against her was dismissed after a grand jury failed to indict her police say the Jemison was forced to defend herself after Joe's initiated and pressed the fight do you guys want to know where the big asshole in the story is if they were fighting in the parking lot more than likely outside of the car at some point this woman got into her car she was shot inside of her car she was shot inside of her car based on the information that we're reading from the reports that's where the major problem comes in okay let's move on though Jimerson was only charged what was the only one charge at the time Pleasant Grove lieutenant Danny Reid told in 2018 that the mother's involvement and culpability will be presented to a grand jury now grand jury felt as though Jones had sought out what they quote as unnecessary physical altercations that's where they're getting her okay now Jones was indicted on manslaughter charges by a grand jury and taken into custody on Wednesday the investigations show that the only true victim was the unborn baby it was the mother who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her unborn baby when a five month old when a five month pregnant woman initiates a fight and attacks another person I believe some responsibility lies with her as to any injury to her unborn child do you guys agree with that part of this show is about interaction with what you guys think in the chat this is a live chat I want you guys to be able to post your thoughts we got about 225 people just click the thumbs up that'll help share the stream thank you to everybody that's already click the thumbs up do you guys believe that do you guys believe that a pregnant mother should be help response able to make sure that she makes rational decisions logical decisions that do not put the baby in danger we have some women in here we have some others in the chat what do you guys think about that Lanisha said who fights pregnant hmm stop fighting stop fighting pregnant how about just stop fighting period I wouldn't know what some of the women think a lot of yeses in the chat so you guys believe that she should have been more careful because you have to remember if a person is pregnant if they drink if they smoke if they shoot up drugs if they turn around and go do something crazy like that they can be held liable for the murder of that kid so why we're getting into a fight with a person being a different but again we're talking about a group of people that are not used to being held responsible for fighting anywhere in everywhere and over anything and all of this stuff this group of people like there's there's nothing in her mind they came across in her head and say it it's probably not a good idea to be fighting right let's move on the child is dependent on its mother to try to keep it from harm and it should seek and it shouldn't seek out unnecessary physical altercations here's another problem the yellowhammer fund yellow hammer fund is vowing to fight for Jones's case the yellow hammer fund which helps women get abortion services I didn't even read that until just now Wow awesome incredible we'll read this again the yellowhammer fund which helps women get abortion services issued a statement Wednesday vowing to fight for the justice of Jones who said the group who the group said was wrongly charged awesome do you guys see a problem with that does anybody see a problem with that hmm the yellowhammer fund helps women get abortion services and they said they're going to fight for the justice of a woman who put her baby's life in danger by fighting the baby could have been killed from just the the just from the adrenaline of getting worked up and to an argument let alone a physical altercation that could have killed the baby let alone the shooting but the yellowhammer group is vowing to help her get out of her legal case that she's now having to fight but this group helps women get abortion services hmm that has got to be the strangest paradox I have heard in a long time you're gonna help a grown woman but you're Pro killing babies y'all don't yeah I don't see a problem with that they're gonna help this grown 27 year old woman who chose to get into a fight who chose the data thug who chose to go after the woman that the thug chose to sleep with they're gonna help her but the yellow hammer fund helps women get abortions to kill children maybe I'm just a stupid one let's move on the state of Alabama has proven yet again that the moment a person becomes pregnant their sole responsibility is to produce a live healthy baby and that it considers any action a pregnant person takes that might impede and that birth to be a criminal act executive director Amanda Reyes said in a statement today marché Jones is being charged with manslaughter for being pregnant and getting shot while engaging in an altercation with a person who had a good tomorrow it'll be another black woman maybe for having a drink while pregnant and after that another for not obtaining adequate prenatal care the statement said reyes vows to make sure that Jones is released from jail on bond and vowed to assist her with legal representation so that she gets the justice for multiple attacks that she endured Wow first of all there's so many things wrong with just that paragraph right there I could talk about that for 30 minutes but we're not gonna do that what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and use this fair usage and we're gonna go ahead and show you guys the very few news videos that were actually out there federal law allows citizens to reproduce distribute or exhibit portions of copyrighted motion pictures videotapes or video discs under certain circumstances without the authorization of the copyright holder this is called fair use it has allowed for purposes of criticism news reporting teaching and parody which doesn't infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107 now click that thumbs up help you boy out the shooter is walking free why is she charged police say that Marcia Jones was five months pregnant and started a fight with another woman over the father of the baby police say Jones endangered the unborn baby and that's why they charged her with manslaughter she's held on $50,000 bond the woman who fired the shot was charged at first but for some reason her case has been dismissed a grand jury did not indict that woman since she was defending herself okay hey thank you Mary Brinkley for donating by way of the super chat definitely appreciate that of course the other links are in the description box if you guys want to show support for the show I'm a play to use videos in secession let's keep going reuters reported an Alabama woman has been charged with manslaughter over the death of her unborn child after the woman was shot in a dispute with another woman police said the pregnant woman was the aggressor in the incident which took place in December 28 year old Marche Jones was five months pregnant at the time of the shooting local media reported Jones was arrested on Wednesday after being indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury police said Jones's unborn child was considered a victim in the incident but Jones herself was not the dispute between Jones and a 23 year old woman was allegedly over the father of Jones's unborn child yep very interesting let's go ahead and show you guys the rest of these videos and then we'll wrap up here in just a moment this is the part where we're getting ready to talk about the advocates for women's rights group wearing ready to talk about their here in just a moment alright now there's one other interview really not in interview it's more or less like a youtuber and I normally don't do this and I might cut this out on the replay but I'll play it for right now and let you guys listen to what this person has to say it's really short so I'm gonna go ahead and play it by way of fair use if you're not angry about this I don't think you're really paying attention so a black woman in Alabama named Marcia Jones is being charged with manslaughter because our unborn child was shot by another person the police have blamed her for starting the arc not a person who pulled the trigger and tried to kill her know that person's walked free that person went went free she is the one being charged with manslaughter the mother whose child died he's being charged for not protecting her baby who someone shot but what I mean what was she supposed to do I don't think that mother Carol released their summer range of Kevlar maternity wear yet but it was never about protecting lives the his laws were never about protecting lives if that was the case the shooter would have been charged for shooting her and the baby because that's the logical thing but it wasn't about that it was never pro-life that's just BS it was always about controlling women and you know what I think the best thing for human progress right now would be if the great Caliphate of Alabama just slid back into the Kings Sea Wow this is the photo that I want to talk about right now my god boy I'm going to show you guys something I'm gonna have to take up the entire screen to show you guys this mmm-hmm excuse me what you guys to take a look at this I want you guys to take a look at this and tell me what you can see just from this photo anybody who wants to make an observation about this photo tell me what's the thing that you notice from this photo I'll wait what do you guys notice in this photo waiting on somebody to say it waiting on somebody to say it again I wanted that there you go Joe Joe it's mainly just white women all women the reason I point this out is for this reason what you guys to notice something hashtag where is black lives matter are they on this no they're not are they're reporting on this no they're not are they're raising money for this no they're not or they're out trying to to lobby and protest on this no they're not but I thought black lives matter right BLM right or am I wrong do black lives matter or do they not matter I have not seen any group of black lives matter on this at all I want you guys to notice something marché Jones has a organization called the yellow hammer group who is an abortion people like they're a group of people didn't support abortion they help women get abortions to kill children they are trying to raise money to fund her to get out of jail and put up a defense for her I'm gonna pull up their site and I want you guys to see this you can go directly to their site to donate but I'm gonna show you something if y'all want to piss and throw your money away I feel you this is their website when you go to yellow hammer fun org this is what you get a freaking bird on the front of the page it says the yellow hammer fund provides funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama's three abortion clinics and will help with other barriers to access travel lodging and etc as well as well as able okay we have been assisting patients since the beginning of 2018 and as a member of the national network of abortion funds the yellowhammer fund is also committed to collaborations advocacy and programming that furthers the goal of reproductive justice donate today to help us at hashtag fund abortion build power in 2018 this is literally all you have and then they want you to choose a payment method let's see what happens oh it's gonna log me into my PayPal don't do that don't do that but that's literally all it is they want you to log in and just send money to to these people we don't know how much they're getting we don't know how much money I'm collected on this woman's behalf if somebody would have donated a million dollars if they wanted to just say yeah we've we've got fifty thousand dollars on her behalf how would you know you have no idea just blindly sending money but it's another thing that I want to point out is who runs that organization it's more than likely not black folks okay so another key thing that I wanted to point out is the fact that the people that are jumping in to help marché Jones who wanted to go fight a woman over a man that does not belong to her over a man that does not belong to her she's not married to him more likely don't live in the house with him just pregnant by him they both sleeping with the same dude and she wanted to go take her pregnant self and her baby and go down there and go fight in the Dollar General parking lot there go fund her and support her it's not black people but let's go talk about this woman evany Jemison god she looks rough let's go back to that photo sorry but damn damn they remind me not to sleep with none of them chicks out there bored Jesus Christ but every Jemison got into a fight with this woman over dude this she was sleeping with all right she defended herself now want you guys to understand that they're saying that Marche was the one that initiated the fight which actually makes sense she's the one that's pregnant she's the ones that feels like she's entitled to this man she feels like this man belongs to her so what she's gonna do what she's gonna go down there and go defend her territory and let this woman know that you can't be sleeping with my man right she went down there to go get this woman told and this woman found her back to the point to where she ended up shooting her somebody asks did she had the weapon legally I have no idea I'm assuming that that's something that the police would have checked into also assuming that they would have checked to see if she had warrants but I want you guys to understand this it absolutely depends on who started the fight who initiated the fight because therefore you're gonna have any perpetrator then you're gonna have a person that was defending themselves one person who was committing the crime one person who was a victim what the police did was they looked and saying who started this fight and they say it Marcia Jones started to fight that automatically makes the other person the victim the defendant so if that person shot her and defended her grill then I believe that she was right to do so the fact that she was not charged or it's not gonna be charged going forward she initially was charged with murder but now she's gotten off of that then it seems like that actually makes sense because all she did was defend herself right the problem that I have with her is the fact that what they're saying is that she shot marche in the car that would be a problem for me but nonetheless you have to trust what the justice system says and what the police are judging because we don't know but again is marche Jones a victim no she's not she's a criminal she went to go fight another person it is not right you cannot fight not only can you not go run up to a person to go fight but you damn sure have an elevated level of responsibility not to go fight while you're pregnant I don't understand why this is so controversial for everybody to understand to me it's not that hard to me is real black and white to me there should be nobody fighting to get this woman out of jail you know why because you hear everybody fighting for her justice but you don't hear anybody giving her criticism for getting her baby killed uh-oh but I got a good flag for that we're gonna have people out here on social media in the news fighting to get justice for a woman who put her child in danger that's exactly why we're the AFC we advocate for children we don't advocate for whores we don't advocate for thugs we don't advocate for criminals we don't advocate for non law-abiding citizens if you're breaking the law I believe that you need to be dealt with accordingly period I hate the logic of these Pro blacks it really really kills me man it really does like they're like it's so funny how you had these two black women that did this to each other and somehow this will be the white man's fault somehow this would be systemic racism somehow this will end up being you know conditioning the mental conditioning of our community right we're not going to certainly hold these women responsible and just say hey both of these brats just made horrible decisions they made horrible decisions choosing this thug of a baby daddy to just be getting pregnant she made a horrible choice to get pregnant and not be married and not have a commitment to a family she made a horrible choice to go confront another woman instead of breaking up with her man or confronting her man about it she made a horrible choice to get into a physical altercation let alone a screaming match while being pregnant in the face she don't look distraught she look hurt she don't look sad she don't look like she gives it she don't look like she cares they're going to have a solidary rally for her why you're gonna hear more about Marche Jones and I and I want you guys to mark my words before we get up out of here I want you to mark my words you're gonna have more cries and more pleas for justice for 27 year old marché Jones who's 27 still getting into fights but you will not hear any cries for justice for Malaysia Jones Marlee Jie Jones is a name that you will not hear about in the news you will not see any photos of we would not get any justice for Malaysia Jones some of you guys might be wondering who was more lazy jones malaysia jones is the baby that marche jones was pregnant with that went to go get into a fight and got shot she got the butt end of the stick well that's what happens when you get into altercations when people have the right to carry when people have the right to defend themselves when people had the castle doctrine when people have their there of that you know what what does it call their second Amendment rights she had every right to defend herself period if you don't like it then question the person that approaches another person for an altercation we have to start having more accountability on the people that are creating the problem we can't just look at a situation and say let's dissect this situation all you can do at this point is use this as a cautionary tale and say how did we get here and what can we do to prevent this from going forward how do we prevent this from going forward again you have to think about the children first marché Jones thought about her fucking feelings first she's a selfish broad and she got what she deserved but her baby did not get what she deserved that's the problem if she were not with child and been shot I would have said justice served it's unfortunate that you really can't bring a baby in this world in the black community outside of a black moon just like this it's unfortunate if you could have like in like an incubator somewhere and just set them off to the side and let them you know grow into human creations after nine months without being in these women's bodies it'd be more it'd be a lot safer be a hell of a lot safer because I personally don't believe that I sisters make very rational decisions when it comes to putting their children first hashtag not all that does not mean all and and all y'all and ain't everybody for everybody who's dumb and don't understand what I'm saying it's not all for the men who have women that don't do shit like this of course it's not your woman it's not your mother it's not your relatives it's not your cousins might not be anybody in your city but it's too freakin many of them for us to be 13% of the population and do the most damage to ourselves especially being a smaller community in the United States of America by far shows that we don't care about ourselves well I can't understand why more people would care about us in the black community than we do about ourselves in my opinion if you want somebody to treat you good I think you have to treat yourself good it's a life lesson if you want the person that you're in a relationship to treat you good you have to treat yourself good same thing goes with the dude that they're fighting over she couldn't have felt good about herself to just let some dude just come and go probably living up and through her house probably living off some other people probably don't work probably running the streets probably a thug probably ain't got no job probably in about shit and you have no standards for the type of dudes that you're sleeping with using no protection clearly and getting pregnant and having no commitment to the man being there for this child Malaysia Jones not even trying we're not even trying to have a promise of a man being there well I can't make that man stay there well you also don't have to let that man get you pregnant either if you like sex that's fine but you also don't have to let that man get you pregnant either accountability works two ways but it seems like the only people there believe in accountability is everybody against the black man black women believe in holding black me and responsible black men believe in hold a black man responsible white people believe in holding black man responsible but who believes in holding black women responsible there's a very small community of black people mainly our group mainly so donation mainly the AFC that believe that our women should be held accountable just as well as any other human being on earth and in the United States of America as law-abiding citizens shout out to you guys shout out to you guys that believe in accountability we don't have to look at race we can look at a situation and just say what's right what's wrong what's good what's bad period it's black and white for us it's not this complicated it's not this convoluted they're gonna turn this into something that it should not be first and foremost you should not be having sex unprotected and bringing babies into this world with no family goals if you don't do that we don't get here how many people agree with what I just say it if you don't recklessly procreate you don't get here you don't have an issue with that woman who's pregnant by who nobody gets into a fight nobody gets shot don't act like a hope don't date thugs to me it's very simple but again to this group this yellow hammer food if people are donating to this and they're helping women get abortions and killing kids but yet they're gonna try to bail a woman out of jail and help get her legal assistance to me is the ultimate paradox that makes no sense at all and I would hope that people put their money towards something better than the yellowhammer fund that is my opinion about this story if you guys have any thoughts post them in the comment section you guys got time after the video is over post them in post them in the in the description of not in the description box but underneath the description box after the video is over I want to know what you guys think I will be reading the comments and I want to hear what you guys got to say about this ok but all IP to a person we would never know we would never be able to have a photo of we don't know what she was gonna be what she was gonna look like or anything like that a baby that will go unremembered a baby that was not cared about a baby that got no justice Malaysia Jones was her name her mother caused her death and her mother should be punished for her death period point-blank this is your boy DJ Jess J with just dimes and T with the Soto podcasts the AFC advocates for children first the children matter first we're going to advocate and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and for those who cannot defend themselves it is our responsibility to take care of them first thank you guys so much for listening to this story I also want to say thank you to miss Joan Bennett for posting the help lives out there if you guys need help or assistance or anything like that we have the national child abuse hotline as well as some other helpful information out there guys we got to do better man all right thank you guys so much for listening that's the end of this particular story and I hope that they give her time in jail she deserved it she earned it alright we'll see you guys on an extreme peace guys that is the end of the stream boom I want to remind you guys to please make sure you guys like share and subscribe to the Soto podcast you guys know what we do here I had a pretty good show today and let me get this out the way here so you guys can or cannot boom there we go move that around a little bit that's the industry and what I'm gonna do real quick is I'm gonna read out the support that 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mm see around 220 books okay Yolanda I got you man thank you Yolanda bubbling he also donated bubble had donated twice bubble has shoutout to you thank you very much the show's will get better for some reason I'm just feeling weird right now I should have did better and I'm sorry about that but we'll be better on the next show guys I'll be ready okay talk to you guys later peace there's a love shot trick it's just Jay and I'm back again I'm from the north side we'll be good and you know with Love Shack on the track again now relax yourself no please you win it and relax yourself dog relax yourself I've got me paranoid make it hard to trust I can never fill the void kind of like a loner don't need to have friends who can you really trust not even best friends spring against a pretender field what I'm saying images portrayal to see it's amazing people to metaphor I'm kicking knowledge homie elevate your mind religious testimony I never was a phony always kept it real Oklahoma City that's where I hang a chill always on my grind barely ever sleep sacrifice to get it family gotta eat part in my position I'm just on the mission all my wildest dreams came to chill for wish I get into the money play the game for keep even in the cold always got the heat my wristwatch kill it every time yes the bounce of a 6-pole on July 3rd hang around trust that your dream is deferred that's my word the power steering fluid get my turning on here they're sleeping everything your boy are this big to the finest in the illest you ever heard a bag full of merchandise I'm on your car get you some tea party history for info electric companies I'm bringing energy I'm gonna be a currently one of your favorites with the flow you will think me and we get related that's why you play you see we ain't no kin you just hypnotized rock the beat very well liked it slow to rise now you realize I'm from the true MC try let me cook something Preston I hit you with the love it when it be some chili feeling the five I'm looking back in my life and I'm lucky to be alive cuz I've been through it all but luckily I survived now Matt on my own trying to provide get a little crib out on the south for a little ride if you're coming through Gregor's about only come inside I'm just trying to kick it with my can't fault I'm getting money now but I've been broke yeah I know how it is trying to stay afloat yeah I'm on the mission Nikita don't need permission to spit it I know you wishing you did it you loving the way I fit it but check out the way I kick it hole oh I got it from the mud straight from the third I do it for the fan do it for the turf I didn't have a lap but I made it work work one get it poppin in it go hey yeah just another day chilling in the Upstate oh the music to the tunes of your life that made you get up in perfect with the tracking girl I said ah delivers to college my old city fathers with us cuz this groove after alone now your bourbon with your dead to enjoy Ozzy brothers Bootsy Collins and our green come back now you're tuned into a Love Shack in Santa town and this driveway Cypress wake up you'll be ready to move and we go versus hella hard an industry that makes it something old folks and grandkids or I don't want no faggots it's dedicated to who ever got a love for music get what music would do could be hip hop culture rock rhythm Okun's whatever it takes you relax and get your mind of here because a world without music would be so come close to being world domination and we are why I keep on thinking God for making these musical to Google Google hitting souls or making this music I found these upcoming entrepreneurs who want to attend them no okay I can't mess with you cos are you girls are bad I can't mess with you cannot you girls are bait see minute just let the Chico pattern just let the Chico okay miss are you girls are bad HD chicken in for the wild weekend party on the discover new riches in the building yeah we're doing this thing by your request you guys been hitting us up all night tonight I'm like a big girl how'd you get that big thing in the little gene got me lookin like I might sugar little cream yeah baby girl don't stop gonna get it get it yeah everybody in the club probably wanna hit it nice size with it sick guys with it ya know how to put it on a look fly with it you would start baby girl gonna shine with it put a hump in your back then wanna get it on the floor let me see you get a little just sipping on Jam with a little bit of jump out hot skirt with the knee hopping just favorite to the glam girl show me how to walk to the middle of the floor destroy all the holes like yeah you ain't even tripping you ain't certain that shit put your hands in the air let me see let me see you break it right now I'm with this place your new high join it is none of the big perk dawg so get ready okay you

21 Replies to “AL mother "Marshae Jones" (27) Charged in fetus'cide after being SH0T in stomach!”

  1. Cleo Patra 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Down Here Where I'm From, If You Talk Reckless While You're Pregnant, You Get Smacked While You're Pregnant… But, There's Some That Will Wait Until After You Have The Baby To Fight You!!!

  3. No Matter The Situation… This Is Ridiculous, So If She Would've Lost Her Life What Would Happen Then… Her Baby Is Inside Of Her What Is Done To Her, Is Also Being Done To The Baby… So There's 2 Victims !!! The System Is Screwed Up

  4. They're both from Birmingham and it's common for black women down here to fight, smoke, and do other bad things while pregnant. And no, I don't see "white women doing it too" lol.

  5. So the real problem here is gun reform… any idiot can own one. The aggressor which is the pregnant person … is responsible for the death of her unborn child.

  6. I don't know how they are going to charge her for the crime. But when your black, the court system will attack.

  7. This baby was named, she wasn't supposed to be aborted but because it was a fight all of a sudden they're gonna say it was an "legal" abortion.

    God, save us.

  8. Shut the front door; so the same folks that pay for abortions…is collecting funds to fight for Jones😂😂😂😂😂😂. That shit is so twisted; it's funny!

  9. Smh…
    Nothing worst than a pregnant "tough bitch!". Gotta choose your reality and remain consistent toward living in it!

  10. It’s about time to start prosecuting these savages for not protecting children. Next step: sterilization offers. 👏🏾👏🏾

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