10 Replies to “Alabama Abortion Law Was Passed By Men & A Woman Who It Doesn't Impact”

  1. I know you were trying to be funny but women in the bible were still getting pregnant and having babies at 60, 70 and 80 years of age. Anyhow did I miss the point, I missed the point. ☺️

  2. I'm a black man and I tip my hat off to Alabama somebody got to stop these black bitches from killing our babies.. fuck y'all talking about.. these b**** ain't getting raped these bitches getting nutted in because thats what they like.. now let's blame it on the men.. oh he should wear a condom.. the elephant in the room is these black bitches ain't being held responsible for the destruction of the black family..

  3. These infidels sound so STUPID blasting this abortion ban & mad AF because they can no longer murder babies. This is only exposing these sluts (male & female) who, for a long time, have been using abortion (murder) as a form of birth control. I use to support alot of what DL Hughley says, but not so much lately because he's been saying some real ignorant shit & using idiotic talking points to defend wicked agendas…which indicates to me that he might be programmed & his talking points may not be all his own. But nonetheless, murdering babies is WRONG & there's never any logical axceptions to justify murdering of babies. 🗣PERIOD!!! If you're not ready to be a parent, then keep your dick in your pants or keep your legs closed! If you get raped & you don't want the baby, then give the baby to somebody who does want it! You DO NOT have the right to murder babies & deny their right to life. Kill yourself, don't kill the babies!!!

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