Alabama House committee approves abortion ban

We've closed 13 rural hospitals in this
state. Even Cooper Green. We have put hundreds of people in jail.
We make it hard for you to get food stamps. In other words, if you're on a drug test you can't get food stamps And then we got at least two people a night dying in our Alabama prisons. It just doesn't make sense. So why you want to bring these people in the world and then deny them the right to process and live in Alabama? You going to tell a woman that she got to decide between her life, she can't make that decision between her life and the baby's life. She got to bring the baby here to die herself. That's ridiculous. And say incest and rape you can't have an abortion? That's wrong.
And then for the state not to do it to poor people and killing them every day
in this state and then pay one point eight million dollars to fight a lawsuit
they might they probably going to lose. That's what I'm saying.
You kill me now. You kill me later. You're killing me anyway.

24 Replies to “Alabama House committee approves abortion ban”

  1. This has GOT to be unconstitutional. I'm not an expert in US law, but Roe v Wade stated that a woman's right to an abortion is fundamental, and that in the first trimester, governments did not have a right to restrict abortion at all. So….if this bill is illegal, how did they get away with it?

  2. 25 lame, brainless and boring messed up cunts i would say… These lame americunts have the pieces of shit politicians with diahrrea by brains they deserved …. so messed up cunts in their own lousy religion bunch of country bogans….rape is a gift? What kind of a messed up fuck thinks this way… only a politician dung by brains. I swear god eeuu is so fucked up in many ways tnx cos I don't live in that shit whole

  3. If all males would keep their zipper zipped up we wouldnt have this problem..Im for Mandotory vasactomy and ban of viagra

  4. The Anti-choice crowd is all about CONTROL & PUNISHMENT. People say things like, "There's always adoption." Do you even know how many children are in foster care? How many are special needs because the mother was addicted to opiods, or something else? You care about the blinking light, but you don't give a shit once that chid is born. It's about controlling & punishing women for being sexually active. If men could get pregnant, there would be morning after pill dispensers in every public bathroom, and an abortion service center on every corner.

  5. Most OBGYNs will NOT do a pregnancy exam unless you are "technically" 8 weeks.
    Many pregnancy tests do NOT show a true positive until AFTER 6 weeks.
    Alabama has essentially increased their teen pregnancy rate.

  6. For everyone cheering this, a few questions…
    1. Do you know how menstruation cycles work? Even the most trackable cycle can be affected by stress.
    2. Are you pro death penalty or pro war? If yes, then you are not "pro life."
    3. May 9th is the anniversary of the Birth Control pill becoming available. Are you pro birth control?
    4. Older men's sperm has been linked to increased risk of birth defects. Are you pro castration for men over 50yo?
    You don't agree? Well, then stay the fuck out of my uterus. You aren't capable of making serious decisions & maybe someone else should make them FOR YOU.

  7. People that say they believe in right to life usually also believe in the right to carry guns and do not believe in Universal Health Care. So it's ironic that they all claimed that they believe that a person has right to life up until they're born. Then it seems the majority of you are okay if they die from lack of medication or get shot in the street. So please explain your hypocrisy. And yes go ahead and call me a libtard just remember that the person you claim to love the most was the biggest a libtard of all …..Jesus

  8. man i support the abortion ban,make it into fully into effect,and f*** that black guy put him in prison.

  9. I believe there need to be restrictions on abortion, however when considering a complete and total abortion ban I want you people to think about this: young girls who are raped buy relative or anyone else for that matter will be forced into carrying out a pregnancy and birth of a child and forever changing their life and no longer having a childhood because they were forced into it it was not their decision. This goes for women of any age who get raped and end up with a pregnancy they neither wanted or expected. This is wrong..

  10. Not to many things our government does makes me proud but I’m very happy with this! All babies deserve to be born and have a life!

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