Alabama woman Marshae Jones charged with manslaughter in fetus death Ebony Jemison | Makeup tutorial

what's up what's up youtubers if you haven't already please subscribe to my crime news channel so I can keep you updated with all the latest crime news and missing person cases a woman from Alabama who was shot in the stomach while pregnant with the bullets killing the fetus has been charged with manslaughter Marcia Jones was reportedly five months pregnant was was she was shot by another woman in December outside a shop in Pleasant Grove near Birmingham on Wednesday Ron say Jones 27 years old was indicted by Jefferson County grand jury on a manslaughter charge and is expected to be held in Jefferson County Jail on a 50-thousand dollar bond while the woman accused of shooting her walks free I'm gonna play some of his news footage clip and I'll come back with my thoughts at the end Marcia Jones arrest came some six months after the 28 year old who was five months pregnant at the time was shot in the stomach according to the grand jury indictment Jones intentionally caused the death of her unborn baby by initiating a fight knowing she was five months pregnant concluding it was caused in a sudden heat of passion the fight happened last December at this Birmingham Alabama suburbs shopping center the grand jury found the shooter 23 year old Ebony Jemison acted in self-defense when she pulled out a gun the manslaughter charges against Jemison have been dropped this case has quickly become a lightning rod for a pro abortion rights activists one abortion advocacy group said they would help raise Jones's $50,000 bail posting losing a pregnancy is not a crime Alabama recently passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country some say Jones's case as a new attack on women the investigation shows that the only true victim in this case was the unborn baby said the lieutenant of the Pleasant Grove police filing the shooting it was the mother of the child who initiated and continued to fight which resulted in the death of our own unborn baby Anderson says since it was case give me your opinion on what you think about this case drop a comment us too and if you liked my crime videos please subscribe I keep you updated with all the latest crime news missing person cases unsolved mysteries unsolved murders and unsolved disappearances you

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  1. That is insane. That law is going to cause a whole lot of people who miscarry while fighting to be in jail. This law should be re- examined

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