37 Replies to “ALERT: AOC STUNS When Asked If Abortion Clinics Are Like Concentration Camps For Unborn Babies”

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  2. If a scientist found live sperm and live woman's egg on another planet would they consider it life?? Of course they would!! But Democrats don't!!! Democrats are the most evil people. Baby killers!!! They are so proud of killing innocent children. They make me sick!!! Vote Trump 2020!!!

  3. Wow. I commented that very statement on a video when she made comment about we have concentration camps on Southern Border. Someone must read our comments. Loved he asked that question.

  4. I would laugh my ass off if a group of fed up veterans …extracted these wannabe socialist in the dark of night, blindfolded and bagged them then dropped them into a 3rd world socialist shit hole, no cell phones, no food, no water & no clothes ……..welcome to naked and afraid "the 30 day Congressional Challenge" let them go without their SS protection details, their taxpayer funded lifestyles, the constant media ego stroking, and then see if their opinion on Socialism changes once they have to fend for themselves like the rest of us do.

  5. I ask why do we put up with the stupid , it's ok to kill baby's and be gay and illegal aliens r welcome to come . this is what Dems live for.

  6. Every time she opens her mouth she looks more stupid, you would think she would be smart enough to keep her mouth shut, sad but she isn't even that smart .

  7. ALEX is a MALE .. unholy Baphomet .. LEARN to recognise them .. THEY are the BODIES of the anti CHRIST = DEMONS .. and she knows nothing because IT was grown in a test tube .. CLONING GARAGE .. .THIS is the STORY .. NOT the dribblings and snot of a newborn ..
    (AUDIT TIONS .. SHUNS .. THEY ALL PRETEND because they have no soul .". ITS" do not fit in with ordinary people .. and are KEPT and PROGRAMMED .. Rewarded with MONEY and THINGS KER CHING .. )even there spawn is unholy ..

  8. That's EXACTLY what abortion clinics are! That reporter is a GENIUS! AOC is a substanceless human and has ZERO to say that I want to hear.

  9. Cow Farts Cortez thinks the question is crazy? It must be, because SHE is an expert on crazy. She practices it daily.

  10. Planned Parenthood clinics are all part of the underground ' Auschwitz Network' franchise to provide rich Socialists and pharmacists with specialized drugs and body parts. Children are easy pickings because they don't get a say. Collectively, Democrats are mass murderers and racists as the majority of the infanticide, are black children.

  11. Abortion Clinics were like the Concentration Camps for killing unwanted babies far worst numbers this century than the Jewish Concentration Camps since Hitler's time. AOC is comparating histories in her pea brain have gone unknowledgeable educational. Enough is Enough!!! AOC must be remove from Congress now. We're tired of her criticizing our American History gone haywire!!! Prayer for her repentance in Jesus' name. Amen!

  12. Man you are right, I am not getting my updates! Everyone else check and verify for new updates as something is up! AOC, she can ask and say stupid questions but one can't ask such as that person who asked her about Planned Parenthood. JUST look at her look of "How dare you"!

  13. The sheer incompetence and braindead words the spew out of this jackass's mouth must be a wake up call to even the brainwashed liberal sheep that she is clearly unfit, unqualified and overwhelming embarrassing to know that she is a representative of America. Wow I'm appalled at the stupidity of so many people that cannot think for themselves.

  14. The little bit of brain matter she has must have seized when she heard the question, well done by that reporter! He should have followed with, the babies are being murdered just like they did in the concentration camps and the immigrants are not being murdered, so aren't abortion clinics more like concentration camps?

    Let that question grow as big as the ignorance of AOC

  16. I had a brain tumour removed last week that’s smarter than she is. Perhaps I can donate it to replace what passes for her brain once the cytology results come through. Might raise her IQ by 100 or so.

  17. You can’t say you care about life and be pro abortion at the same time. To you life is something that can be thrown in the trash.

  18. It's despicable when infectious disease laden leeches that totally disrespect us and brake our laws, have more rights than unborn children and the POS have no shame 😡

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