what up you little bored no we're in the car now hi guys I'm driving so we're in the car right now with maybe other times asleep so I better go to her prayers a photo shoot like is enough comfy road so that's why you suppose I get everywhere this is her first is her French photoshoot first time riding now for a long time like yeah without have exchange for like five hours yeah so I wanted to do oh my god the lighting is terrible he's going to her first photo shoot and she doesn't have her back scene tape which is not to want but we want to do like a newborn photoshoot so we have to do it because it's like the last week that she could do it click – because have it because you know like their body start changing and all that good stuff so we're doing it now and I'm so very excited I can't wait to see how they come out like I don't know what to expect with I've never seen a go newborn photo shoot you know so yeah we're gonna try to record everything I don't know if the name is gonna let us report I think so but um yeah so this is the first time to be out for so long literally like I said five hours I brought like a bunch of like formula like bottles like I brought so many things just in case so I'm kind of nervous and let's see how it turns out hey guys we are ready we're going to get a picture with her – yeah first picture yeah our first pic here that boss three level professional good let's go there now hopefully she doesn't like throw up on us and our clothes guys like no lectures bit up but I product stuff mega void so let's see let's take a sit everything turned out she's asleep right now she's been away for a while because we were trying to keep her awake so she could sleep through the photoshoot they're supposed to be sleeping so let's see how it turned out kind of white kind of asleep so we're hoping she falls asleep if not after feed her again so yeah do you know what I wanna sleep just doing us a hard time she's just she's been good now thank God it was routine that while we're getting ready to go to the second yeah okay wait uh me out but your body please yeah [Laughter]


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