36 Replies to “Alex Jones Freaks Joe Out”

  1. “You just said it whys why your so smart joe I’m not kissing your ass” 😂😂 bro he be speaking so fast that he responds to his own comments

  2. Bring him back for entertainment reasons alone! However, there was a video (I watched it myself), the one he's talking about, where the governor of Virginia literally said that if the baby survives an abortion, so is born alive, they "CAN resuscitate it IF that's what the parent wants". How the FUCK is this ever OK? And ALLLLL Democratic senators voted against doctors having to help living babies, outside of the womb.

  3. Hospice regularly puts people who are in pain and dying to transition in a more comfortable state. Medical care has always put people to "sleep".

  4. Jesus, Alex Jones is paranoid. Can you imagine if he was taken by force and treated for his condition? His followers would start a civil war and consider that as confirmation for every crazy thing he said, even tho we would consider treating mental diseases as a normal thing. Listen, the guy had an opinion, who wasn't even that crazy, there are fucked up malformations and the best thing for that… "thing" you just gave birth, might just be unplugging it from the machines and letting mother nature do it's thing. But no, Alex Jones sees organ harvesting from healthy babies by some satanist elite organization…

  5. Alex Jones freaks everyone out. His info isn't that far off base but his delivery is fucking cancerous. He's so agitated and emotionally charged it's impossible to receive disclosure-type info from him

  6. 9:52 Alex Jones: "Hitler was a really bad dude, but he literally so much of our world's (inaudible) by him… …NASA, everything." wearing a NASA shirt (takes deep breath)

  7. Funny how you treat Alex like hes a lunatic but when Elon musk says the exact same shit in a calmer manner you suck his ass.

  8. I am a registered nurse and I won’t put organ donor on my government registered license Identification to “drive a vehicle.”

    Side note: when organs are harvested and the person is declared “medically brain dead” by two physicians the patient is then kept alive (as no time of death has occurred) and is kept “comfortable” with all of our life saving medical technology which acts artificially to keep the patient and their cells and tissues and organs both VIABLE AND ALIVE until each surgeon comes in with their Memorial Day coolers of ice, so to speak, to harvest the organ of their specific objective of retrieval at hand… eyes gone, kidneys, heart, liver, skin, FACE, or hands, but whatever is compatible with life and the donor registry. I have let my family know and understand my personal wishes for these life and death decisions, if and when they might arise and my organs or feeding tubes and IV fluids etc are involved.

    Of course we always have a Hospital and their ETHICS COMMITTEE to consider within these “private decisions between mothers and their children”.

  9. so this guy reckons that there is a group of people the 'techno conspiracists' organizing making money from live children?..and his 'source' is an out of context video and not the media sources that have investigated?..and Alex still gets media time?!… he's an absolute nutcase.

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