Ali Bastian is pregnant! Hollyoaks star, 37, expecting first child

Ali Bastian has revealed that she and her husband, David O’Mahony, are expecting their first child together – months after a heartbreaking New Year’s Eve miscarriage In interview with HELLO!, the Hollyoaks star, 37, also shared that the couple’s bundle of joy is due to arrive just days after their first wedding anniversary in March Ali, who currently stars in BBC hit Doctors, told the magazine: ‘We feel incredibly lucky The moment I found out, I was so excited I could hardly speak.’Her husband David, who stars in Mamma Mia! in London’s West End, added: ‘It has been brilliant We’ve always wanted children. It’s amazing what Ali and Ali’s body are doing. It’s incredible ‘ However, while the lovebirds are looking forward to welcoming their offspring into the world, Ali admits that morning sickness has taken its toll ‘I can’t even make a cup of tea or coffee for anyone as that makes me feel sick,’ she revealed ‘And I couldn’t go near a fridge or dishwasher. I can only go near a fridge now if I hold my breath ‘Ali, who’s 17 weeks pregnant, also opened up for the first time publicly about the heartbreaking miscarriage she suffered on New Year’s Eve She said: ‘It took a while to process it emotionally. I had been so excited – I’d wrapped up the pregnancy test and put it in the Christmas tree for David I think I was a bit naive about how fragile it all was.’I’ve now got to the point where I feel comfortable talking about it So many people go through this, which is why we want to be open.’And while the parents-to-be look forward to their future with their offspring, David is already confident that his wife will be a model mother ‘I think she’s going to be incredibly nurturing and loving,’ he predicted. ‘Ali is going to be an absolute black-belt mother She’s going to be brilliant.’ In an interview with MailOnoine earlier this year, Ali gushed about her ‘lovely’ married life to David, as she explained that, for them, ‘everything changes and nothing changes in a way’ The actress said that their shared career as actors meant they’ve easily developed a ‘mutual understanding’ over their busy schedules, and ‘grab our moments when we can’ She explained: ‘I think it works for us. Both being actors we have that mutual understanding, we’re in slightly different areas of the industry, we both crossover a little as I do theatre sometimes and he does film and telly sometimes, so we get it, which is nice    ‘It’s nice that we have that mutual understanding that it’s not the standard 9-5 job We grab our moments when we can, we both have to have a degree of flexibility with how things are going to go for us, and each other, we just adjust depending on what’s happening ‘ The happy couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London in March, and Ali admitted that things have been ‘pretty flat out’ since then, as she jumped back into work after their honeymoon in the Maldives ‘I just had to jump back onto the crazy moving freight train that is a filming schedule and catch up with everything,’ she explained, as she discussed her Monday to Friday filming schedule for Doctors  ‘I have a little bit of time at the moment which is lovely, [I’m] down in London and David has just started Mama Mia! He’s working in the evenings and doing the show, and we’ve had a little bit of time to regroup which is really good  ‘It’s good to be honest, it’s hard to describe, everything changes and nothing changes in a way ‘ David is currently part of the ensemble cast for the iconic musical Mamma Mia!, and also acts as an understudy for Richard Trinder as Sam, and Ali gushed that she felt ‘so proud of him’ while watching his first show in the lead role ‘It was brilliant, such a good show and he was fantastic, the whole company are brilliant It’s one of those shows where everybody is on their feet at the end, when I came out I was really overexcited,’ she said Out now: Read Ali Bastian’s full new interview in the latest edition of HELLO!, out nowGoing on to discuss her and David’s big day, Ali said the ceremony was ‘very us’, as she joked about the hilarious moment her godson ‘leapt up out of his seat and threw his arms around [her]’ as she and David were pronounced man and wife ‘He intercepted it like “I will kiss this bride”, it’s literally the best photo because we were roaring with laughter and Jenson has his arms wrapped around me  ‘It was special, it was moments like that which you haven’t planned, and can’t anticipate, which make it really magical,’ she revealed They were surrounded by loving family and friends including Ali’s former Hollyoaks co-stars Jodi Albert, Sarah-Jayne Dunn and Carly Stenson When she spoke with MailOnline earlier this year, Ali said of her hopes of becoming a mother: ‘It’s one of those things where you can only plan as much as you can plan really But I really hope that we’ll be blessed with a family sometime.’ Read Ali Bastian’s full new interview in the latest edition of HELLO!, out now  

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