All about diabetes you should know – Part 2

all about diabetes you should know – part
2 gestational diabetes is a condition
brought about by high blood glucose levels that remain high during pregnancy
the health of the mother and fetus as well as the development of the fetus can
be adversely affected by this form of diabetes a gestational diabetes diet
plan is critical to properly managing the effects of this disease if you are
old enough you will remember a time when you could only test your blood glucose
levels in your urine and testing this way was not even a reliable an accurate
indicator of the levels of glucose in a person’s body thanks to advancements our
technology we can now receive an instant and much more accurate reading with a
single drop of blood currently there is no cure for diabetes although
researchers are making strides in the field every day however type 1 and type
2 diabetes can be managed successfully by following a getting regular exercise
proper diet and in some cases using diabetes medication
for the diabetic maintaining their blood sugar level in the normal range is key
to successfully managing their disease without proper blood glucose control the
diabetic risks a variety of disorders and complications that are caused by
high blood sugar levels since there are different types of diabetes each type
has a unique possible cause the main two causes of diabetes are the body’s
failure to produce enough of the insulin hormone and secondly the body develops a
resistance to insulin type 1 diabetes the student decreased insulin production
type 2 is due to insulin resistance in peripheral tissues in juvenile diabetes
the cause might probably be a lack of vitamin D is it safe for someone with
type 2 diabetes to exercise most people with diabetes have a two to the three
fold higher risk of cardiovascular complications like heart attack and
stroke aspirin cholesterol-lowering drugs
statins under certain class of MJ attempts and blocking high blood
pressure medications greatly reduce premature cardiovascular complications
including death in this population in this modern days you do not need to rely
on drugs advocacy you just need to be sure you do not fall sick it is quite
easy your doctor may have recently advised
you have diabetes or you are overweight and you have discovered you may be at
risk of diabetes others may have a friend or family member who has been
diagnosed with a disease just what does diabetes mean and how does it affect
your lifestyle three studies show why virtually all diabetics should exercise
the first study shows that exercising before a meal markedly reduces the rise
in blood sugar that usually Peaks 20 minutes after you eat the second shows
that exercise lowers hba1c in diabetics while the third shows that exercise
lowers high blood pressure the only places that your body can store sugar
are in your muscles in your liver if your muscles are empty from exercise
sugar can pass from your bloodstream into your muscles you

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