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  1. do you think you had problems getting pregnant because you were on the pill for so long? ive been on the pill since I was 15 because of painful period cramps and I’m scared of becoming Infertile because of it (this sounds so ridiculous but in my defense I’ve had so many white Christian bitch holes tell me the pill could make me infertile)

  2. Thanks so much for answering my question on how to support a friend going through IVF. She has only told a couple of people so I just want to be the best support person I can. It's so good to hear your perspective. Very helpful! And thanks for sharing your story, I'm so happy for you two!

  3. For the person asking about how as a friend they can support someone going through IVF: Id' say bring homecooked meals, this is always appreciated 🙂

  4. Hey daisy. I love your videos expecially your pregnancy videos, keep doing what your doing becsuse your amazing!
    It was upsetting to hear how your GP treat you, in my opinion, and obviously this doesn't mean much, but you should see if you have a case against her, even if you've moved on from the situation, she may do it again to another woman and she may never be able to naturally have a child because of her practice

  5. I’d love to hear more about the process of IVF. I’ve got PCOS and struggling with conceiving naturally for about 7 years and giving serious consideration to IVF and hearing it from somebody as open and honest as you would be fantastic. Congratulations! you’re both going to make an amazing parents 💖

  6. if the IVF process was to have been unsuccessful or if you were to try it again for a second child in the future and it was unsuccessful, would adoption ever be an option for you?

  7. Ah Daisy I just love you! Been following you for years, so happy that you and Andrew finally got the result you were hoping for, congratulations 😍 I love how informative this video is, thank you xxx

  8. so weird I had the same feeling about myself in regards to my fertility and was right about that aswell. I got pregnant through using clomid. If it wasnt for that..I dont think it would have ever happined naturally. I did not ovulate naturally apparently.

  9. My ex and I tried for 2 years and I finally went to the doctor to ask for tests to find out why i wasn't getting pregnant and was told "eh. You're young, don't worry about it".

  10. Literally in the same boat minus the IVF and pregnancy and general overall acceptance of the process lol. But definitely infertile. Thank you for being open about this. I follow so many IVF channels, blogs, groups, and I am terrified of the process. I pretty much have myself convinced that I’ll be ok just being childless because of the financial, emotional, and physical implications of IVF. For awhile entertained adoption in all its various avenues. That is an entire thing that requires a synopsis but I do not believe that is for us now either.
    I could do the shots, the pain, the emotions, but I couldn’t handle it failing.
    Congratulations on your success truly. I can’t wait to follow your journey.

  11. So you didn't use any contraceptives for years but weren't planning a baby? Maybe I'm missing something but you generally seem quite well informed about this sort of stuff and I like your videos for your bluntness but for some teenagers watching this I'm a bit concerned that they might think that having unprotected sex in the hope of just not getting pregnant is ok?

  12. When my mom tells me about her ivf story she says that it was really hard too. She had to try a few times but she always says that it was worth it just to have my twin sister and me!

  13. In the middle of the hormone cycle we visited the Scottish island of Iona. No tourists cars allowed. In the hotel I realized that I had left the injection in the car. Mr India had to charter a water taxi to get the medication. He very stupidly said he wished I would take it more seriously. In his defense I can only suppose he was pretty stressed by the process itself. I did point out the error of his ways 😜

  14. We had fertility treatment but it was unsuccessful. It was emotionally draining and for a long time it was hard for me to see other pregnant women. I was glad for them but at the same time it was a punch in my stomach. I’m not alone in this reaction. I’m very happy that you are pregnant. You are so joyful and this baby will be so loved. Best wished

  15. I could feel my veins when you were describing the blood tests! Sounds terrifying and I am really happy for you guys that it worked! 🙂

  16. Did you and Andrew ever consider adoption? Oh my god I had no idea IVF was so painful, thank god it worked the first time!

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