All Day Cleaning Routine || Complete Disaster Clean With Me 2019

Hey guys I cannot tell you how Happy I am to be making this cleaning video for you today. If you were brand new to my channel welcome Hey I’m Micah and I’m super happy to have you if you’re new here and you like what you see and you’re Encouraged and motivated by cleaning videos definitely hit that red subscribe button Because I have so many organization and cleaning videos coming up for you guys Also if you’re new here I just had a baby about three and a half weeks ago and I have been Wanting to clean my house for so long when I was towards the end of the pregnancy There was just a lot that I couldn’t do because I was kind of just getting bigger and things were uncomfortable and I just wasn’t able to clean the house like I wanted to so I’m not able to like Tackle a whole house today or do anything dramatic or drastic? I never thought I would say this but I am just dying to get the house cleaned up there are so many areas in the house that have just been kind of bugging me and getting to me and I’m really excited to Be able to feel a little bit more like myself and just tackle those spaces What is one space that you need to be working on in your home? Like you just like the second I asked the question it pops into your mind and you’re like, oh my gosh The office needs cleaned or the cabinets need a good scrub down Let me know in the comments below one place in your home that needs a good proper clean So I’m just gonna go ahead and start in the bathroom and just I really want to clean up this space the one area in Our home that happened to get really just cluttered up so quickly. It was our room So the master bedroom and the master bath and the master closet and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been kind of living in these spaces a lot or because Nobody ever comes into the master so that we don’t have to feel obligated to always keep it as tidy if you will But now it’s just getting to me for so long that it’s time to diligently tackle this space Also, let me know what is your all-time favorite item or product to clean bathtubs with today I’m just using an all-purpose cleaner But I want to know if there’s like an easier solution or if you have a tip or a hack for me Because this is one area where I feel like if you’re kind of just scrubbing for quite a while. So let me know But I do think one of the most satisfying things to clean is your shower So if you happen to have a shower that has a glass on it if you have one with the curtains I don’t think it’s as Satisfying but if you happen to have one of those showers of class and it gets the grime on there this is like one of the most satisfying things to clean because when it’s done, it just feels so refreshing I Want to beat they’re in baby dance the night away, I’ll let my hair down by one Don’t you just get tired chasing Fame and be pretty all the time doesn’t sound like fun You better let me show you So much And then I’m just gonna go ahead and sweep the floor and mop this space I want to make sure the bathroom is really really clean I definitely need to dive into the cabinets and do some organization and clean the drawers really well as well But I think that’s gonna be one of my neck strap coming videos and this actually is my first time ever mopping the floors Like this and I ended up really liking it Let me show you so much better But still a Little water Believe it. Keep your shoes off. You don’t have to hide it baby damn little baby pick your shoes Next I’m going to move on to our closet this is one space that I don’t think I’ve cleaned since like January February timeframe when I did a con Mari and it’s honestly just gotten out of hand It’s one of those areas where we kind of just like push off like oh we don’t have to worry about that Let’s worry about something else and it’s totally time to kinda get to the space If you see on my side of the closet You’re gonna see tons of clothes on the floor And I just want to say that that is something that I recently did My closet isn’t always like that but over the last couple weeks since I’ve had the baby I’ve been like pulling clothes that just aren’t working for me. And then I was planning on sorting them later So that’s not always like that But today like I said I just kind of want to get things a little bit more straightened up and get rid of anything that we’re not needing or not using or maybe smells horrible aka and my husband’s t-shirts You know They keep coming back to me I Can’t help that I miss you know I can help that. I miss you know Can say I like it, but I can fight it something We also keep all of our medicines and like essential oils in the closet just so that the kids don’t reach it and it’s up In like a higher place and one thing I kind of need to sort through is we have a huge Medicine basket where we keep all medicines if we were ever to need anything and we have it in that bin I definitely need to sort through if anything has expired or anything gone bad or maybe some products that we just Genuinely, don’t use and we tend to collect Essential oils like no one’s business if you’re a central oil mama or you love essential oils Let me know in the comments below. What is your favorite essential oil? I? Need to restock it’s funny because you can tell what oils I don’t use one oil. I rarely use Is lavender whereas like orange or tangerine? I can’t keep in stock because I love those ones and lemon is like my all-time favorite And then I’m just gonna go ahead and sort all over clothes So anything that was maternity? I’m gonna go ahead and put it in this bin and I have a girlfriend who is newly pregnant and I want to be able To give her some of those items in case she wants to use that When you are getting I told you if we then On the left side of my closet you’re gonna see like a bunch of miscellaneous Products and this is these are just items that companies have generously like gifted and I plan on doing a big giveaway I just haven’t got around to it because I’ve been so busy But I am trying to like figure out what would be best. I might do like one on IG and one on YouTube I just haven’t figured everything out yet. One thing. I really like to do after having a baby This is something that I’ve done every single time and I’m not gonna sort through the clothes today I may pull off a couple ones immediately that I’m not crazy about but usually after I have a baby and I Finally get my body back or where maybe I’m just fitting into my jeans, and I’m more comfortable I will go through and I will try on every single thing and if anything just doesn’t fit right or maybe it doesn’t fit like It used to or I’m just not crazy about it I will allow myself to like let go of that item and possibly like get something new Maybe not the whole wardrobe needs to be replaced But just spicing things up after having a baby one because sometimes your body changes in two Sometimes it’s nice to have like just something fresh or something different to like wear after Going through that entire pregnancy journey I told you if we then Baby The little things gays use just keep on moving Get the best to you when you’re under the weather getting cotton I told you if we then I Won’t make it easy for you In summertime I’m gonna break too easy. We’re not worth it. I’ll slip into your dreams tonight For not spending that much time in the closet and doing a really really quick like organization and like touch up to the closet I love the way that it turned out. It was nice it was refreshing and it was nice to kind of get a Little bit more of our closet back or to feel a little bit more human again So this was totally worth it if your closet is out of sorts I highly recommend jumping in there and giving it a go Even if it’s for only five minutes or a small section of your closet Thank you guys so much for watching If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and I look forward to seeing you in my next Video. Bye guys

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  1. Hi Myka in Australia we have an amazing product called Koh, it’s a non toxic, eco certified product, no chemicals and no smell plus the one product cleans everything. I have been using it for a few months now along with friends and family who have seen how great it is and we are very impressed with it. I’m not sure if you are able to get it but it’s certainly worth a try. 😊❤️Is available online on their website 👍

  2. This is just the motivation I needed to get my house cleaned up before the weekend! Way to get back at it. Seriously such an amazing women working hard in your house so soon after baby boy! Also I’m in the same boat with collecting oils! 😅 I love lemon for cleaning and just general diffusing. Lavender is another favorite, I mix it in with a homemade body butter I use at night for me and the kids.

  3. My spare bedroom/craftroom. It really needs organuzed, I've started it…it's a whole revamp.
    When will Kova be coming home?

  4. If you use a squeegee after each shower it’s even easier to keep clean use it on the walls and floor of the shower. When you try it let me know how you like the difference.

  5. Magic eraser and dish soap together for the tub. Norwex window cloth and enviro cloth for windows. If you like that bucket and mop you will love the deluxe spin mop.

  6. For my bathtub I use Dawn dish soap and vinegar in a scrub brush that you can fill. And then scrub with a fabreez magic eraser. Makes your whole bathroom smell amazing!

  7. I use OxyClean Free and Clear. I use two scoops full and fill the tub. I throw in bath toys and stuff into the water too. I let it soak for half an hour and then while draining I go once over with bath brush and rinse. It whitens the tub and gets rid of the scum ring. For tough stains I create a paste to sit and dry then scrub & rinse with tile brush. I also use Bon Ami on glass shower doors I sprinkle on wet scrubber sponger and go over the doors.

  8. girl you are such a boss. killing it so short after having your little boy. BTW I absolutely LOVE the photo of the kids on Instagram. I always love seeing your little ones on there…..

  9. For cleaning showers tubs etc with soap scum bubble scum etc I love using a spray bottle with white vinegar and blue dawn mix it in a spray bottle and spray let sit for a few minutes then everything comes right off I swear by it for years!

  10. oh girl i love my lavender oil it's good for so many things and for kids upset tummies i like digesten

  11. I get dizzy watching her. I can’t clean like I used too. Old age at 66 & can only do a few minutes at a time. Lower back starts hurting. She’s amazing & I love her family.

  12. Best tub cleaner is seventh generation tub n tile( methods is whimpy and I like methods products)( I planet homes general cleaner for counters it smells heavenly)..we have hard water and(7th gen) it actual works but secret is rinse your tub with hot water first then spray the product generously..I then use a mesh sponge cleaner if really dirty and rinse well but I let the product sit for 5-10 mins and you don’t have to really scrub.

  13. You look so amazing for having a baby 3 weeks ago!! You go girl! (:

    Also I love that the house was quite messy this time. Very relatable I got 2 boys.

  14. I had to keep reminding myself that she wasn't actually pantless 😂😂😂 those leggings kept tripping me out!

  15. My granddaughter is almost 1 and keeps me busy! Would like deep clean each room and organize what’s been ignored during the school year!

  16. Your laudrey stresses me out 🙁 if you did 2 washes per day – wash dry and put away, it wouldn’t all build up like that 🙁 a wash in the morning and one in the evening.
    Same with the cleaning just make sure you and everybody else takes the time to put stuff away and leave as it was then u wouldn’t have such a big job when you clean. I clean my house always but I never have to tidy it as everything is always as it should be. It might take an extra Minute at the time but so worth it 🥺🥺🥺

  17. I buy a product that is citrus based for the bathtub & shower & let it sit for a bit. It eats through soap scum amazingly

  18. I feel you on cleaning after baby! Especially coming home from the hospital, you feel so out of control that cleaning makes it feel like you're taking back some control.

  19. Not going to lie my laundry room has been driving me insane lately I REALLY need to organize and clean it!

  20. The most effective (and most natural) cleaning product for any hard-to-clean areas such as bathtubs or kitchen sinks is baking soda! Mix it into a paste using water as you would with Comet powder. Just be certain your surface is one that can handle abrasive cleaners. I assume marble and granite countertops should not be cleaned with baking soda, but sinks and bathtubs are generally fine. 🙂
    Baking soda is grease cutting, but if you need a more de-greasing cleaner, a mixture of half white vinegar and half dish soap works amazingly! I often use this on my bathtub when there is a layer of soap/hard water built up that would otherwise need scrubbed for a very long time.

  21. Omg its so crazy to see you without a baby bump now! I'm almost 37 weeks myself, and I've been watching marathons of your recent videos for cleaning motivation lately, so got used to seeing the belly 😂 you're looking so good! I hope I have this kind of energy and motivation myself in 6 weeks, my house was a constant tip when my 1st was a newborn lol

  22. @Myka Stauffer – You should check out a YouTube Channel called Fathering Austisim. The channel was started by a family who has a teenage daughter with Austisim. She was diagnosed with Austisim at an earlier age when she was a kid. They communicate with her through signing because she doesn't talk. I'm sure they can help you out by giving you and your husband some pointers on how to help out Huxley.

  23. I don't know if you have it in the US but I use Cillit Bang Bathroom Cleaner. Our water is so hard so timescale builds up pretty much after one use and is the only thing that I can spray on and just wipe away rather than scrub. No new mama wants to be scrubbing a bathroom forever! Xx

  24. I love young living oils (i don't sell! Or buy MLM products but this company is my exception!)
    My favorites are Thieves, Purification, & lemon!

  25. For my bathtubs I like to use the scrubbing bubbles foaming bathroom cleaner, I just spray the inside of my tub and let it foam up, then I let it sit for 3-5min and wipe it, not scrubbing necessary!!! Love you❤️❤️❤️

  26. Our office needs cleaned out and turned into a nursery… eek! Good thing we have another 6 months!

  27. Those leggings are the best. And you look great. I know you’ve had some grief about weight gain while pregnant however, I truly think you look fit, healthy and stunning. 😘

  28. Dishwasher tablets for cleaning the bath. Helps get all the gunk out of the jets. Hot water, pop them in, run the jets for a while, drain and I use a light disinfectant to finish up and wipe it dry.

  29. Oh mine – one space? My whole house needs to be decluttered and cleaned!!! Excited for the motivation as this month I will have some time to actually do it!!!!

  30. Magic eraser for the tub. Or Bar Keepers Friend (not natural though)
    Bar Keepers Friend is also amazing at getting water spots off glass showers.

  31. i love clean the air and sugar cookie essential oils. clean the air for my room or upstairs and sugar cookie for kitchen area/living area.

  32. I love your videos & your motivation! I wish I had your motivation! You are so beautiful inside & out!

    I use soft scrub & a magic eraser for the bathroom. It keeps everything all clean, White, and shiny plus no need to scrub.

  33. I'm also obsessed with lemon essential oil! I also like orange, grapefruit, and lavender…Ive never used it before, but I've heard great things about tansy…

  34. My favorite is lavender! It helps to control my anxiety and soothe me when I have panic attacks. Plus it helps me sleep a bit better and just smells so nice!

  35. Im 11 Years old and i have a small room i have to clean that but at the same time i just started high school so i have a lot to handle

  36. I need to clean my garage, winter is coming and I need to finish my DIY's so the car can park in the garage 🙋🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  37. How much time do you spend cleaning per day? Are you doing this while baby is sleeping? I have small children and I’m exhausted all the time. Do you ever get to rest? How do you do it all?

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