Alleged Medical Student Performs Abortion While Drunk

on the subject of abuse of power there was a young man who allegedly it has yet to be confirmed post as a medical student and he performs a unwanted non-consensual leave alone just illegal but unwanted abortion on a young woman who came in for a routine check-up thankfully there were people who are doing random searches throughout clinics in the country in Kenya and they caught him sort of not necessarily just in time the woman is alive it has yet to be confirmed whether or not you know the the child you know is alive but obviously we hope the best for her and her and her body and her health and her well-being but this actually has something to do with our question of like googling the doctor and things like that and not your going to reputable sources because the problem that we have now and unfortunately you know you can go to places like Marie Stopes in the country and there are places and help that you can get but when you you know first off make abortion illegal the only thing that happens is unsafe abortions happen and number two when we don't do our fact-checking not citizens because you know we go to the doctor with the expectation you're a real doctor we go in there thinking that the person in the lab coat with the stethoscope is a real person but when you as a company hire anyone don't fact-check anyone you know there is even this same similar thing happen in the US where young man who was 16 pretended to be a gynecologist and people didn't check in that people didn't check and it's wild that specifically women's health care doesn't seem to be getting taken seriously let me tell you this yeah I mean Tim is a doctor yeah my mom's fiance's a doctor and he is the most Google person if you tell him a name of a doctor by the end of the day who told you the qualification yeah why no he he's taught me to be so regimental about who I'm going around and you know who I'm kind of allowing to check my body and everything like that he's made me have a heightened sense of it's my responsibility to check who who is doing this yeah I mean here's the thing it could all happen to us it could happen to absolutely anyone the doctor who you go to have you ever asked them for their qualifications have you ever uh I never have and you never know it could happen to anyone and it's just so sad in the situation comes out people are going to abuse your trust because they know you're going there with an expectation I mean as we see more these stories instead of us just kind of be like oh oh no how terrible and we don't do anything else about it let's just be more regimental when it comes to us and researching who is like taking care of us yeah and like Dana said it goes back to our question of the day what is the craziest thing dr. Google has said to you but this young this young man was drunk performing an abortion on a woman didn't want regnant women who wanted to have a baby mm-hmm like like there should be more strict more stringent like I don't know rule regulations regulations when you come into work they should see are you drunk are you able to do that because you know Kenya's drink for fun like we drink to be happy we drink to be sad we drink to be mad I denied forever we're always drinking so he must have just like gotten a call oh my gosh we have somebody in the hospital can you come now he was probably at the bar yeah and now he's going to perform a procedure he doesn't even know about that's ridiculous and what's crazy about this is is like think about how many cracks that this guy kind of had to fall through to be able to get there cuz he had to walk into a building I doubt that I mean I I would assume that common sense would say if you walk into an empty doctor's office as the woman let's say shouldn't something seems wrong here yes if he's alone drunken and there's a reception there's no nurse or nothing why are you alone with this guy number one so that should have been sketchy number two assuming that there was a receptionist there how come he walked past her and she didn't notice she couldn't have smelled him she couldn't have seen him staggering because further in the video goes that the people who detained him could visibly see he was drunk because they asked him for his credentials and they were like it's so clear that you're a drunk that you even provide to us or credentials that you say that you have because he did claim to have gone to a Kenyan medical training school and it's just wild to me that not only did he fall through the cracks but this is unfortunately an environment that we kind of had have facilitated can you facilitate this idea that it's okay to be a little bit drunk and the thing is is when you're drunk you people think they can tell how drunk they are but you can't because happens this happens in Kenya all the time even I have a younger cousin who's like 20 hmm and he and his girlfriend got pregnant yeah and so they went to this clinic like the behind the scenes clinic giamatti tonic our parents were like yo why don't you go to such and such and such inside but they went to this behind-the-scene clinic and even it was a dirt road you had to go down he was the only doctor there performing the procedure of the child giving birth it's ridiculous and it's illegal and I feel like just be more scared I know it's not good to be scared but I feel it when you're more scared you do more diligent work a doctor to me it's like everything you could my lion it's in an instant so the way I hold doctors it's like it just makes me so sad when I see this this kind of situations but I mean they happen they honestly do happen I'm all of the time have you ever had a situation where you've had a croc dr. Moore you found out that the person who's been actually your doctor they say it has not actually have any quite had any qualifications it has I guess he bullets talk and the SMS on is four zero nine to zero

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  1. Ebru TV…
    You really should be Rationale here…
    You can't entrust and mandate non-Medical panelist to talk on such a critical issue like this..
    Am a Medical Student in the University of Nairobi and a Student Leader in that case…All that Talk is unprejudiced and I believe I can offer a word or two..

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