Almost Ready – Ep 1 “Keeping A Secret”

Shay: Matte and I started
quietly dating
about three years ago.And I guess you could say
we’re best friends now.
Look how sweet that is.When I first found out I was
we were super
happy/really nervous.
We couldn’t wait
to tell our parents.
– Oh, my god!
– Yes! I want to give you
a big kiss. Very happy for you two. Thank you. You know I love ya. She’s pregnant.– Man: Yeah?
– Yeah.Man: Are you serious?Yeah, man.Man: Holy shit.Shay: But I had to
feel comfortable
before I told the world.Matte: Is that YouTube video
Woman: Yeah.Yo, do it now. Okay, I’m going. Oh, my god. I feel like I’m about
to bungee jump. Do you know what I mean?
When they’re, like– Oh, ’cause you’re not
coming back up? ( laughs )As much as I am active
on social media…
( dance music ) We’re living
our full festival life.I still consider myself
to be pretty private.
I’d say six months
is a fair amount of time to keep quiet
about being pregnant. Okay, I’m gonna do this. Then I can be free
after I post this. Oh, my god. Oh, my god! I don’t want to go spinning until after
I’ve talked about it. Why? Because, Matte, I used to be the spinning champion
in the class, and now for me to go back
without announcing that– who would sit front row? ( laughing ) “Used to be
the spinning champion”? Out of the class. ( laughing ) This is– are
there champions in the class? No, but I just mean,
like, I spun like a champion in the class. I went every single Saturday until I couldn’t.Shay: I love it.
I feel so much stronger.
I feel my most beautiful
after an intense workout.
Seeing how far
I can push my body
is when I feel
the best about myself.
Well, you can still go. I don’t want to go right now. I need to be able to announce so then I– when people see,
they’re like, “Oh, she’s not as fast
as normal,” there’s a reason. You think anyone cares
on their bike how fast you’re going? Yes, I do. I think that there’s–
I notice other people. ( laughs ) ( laughs ) You’re an asshole. ( indistinct speech )Shay: What are we doing today
for my fun day?
Matte: Actually, there’s
a party. Want to go to a party? – ( sighs )
– There’s a barbecue, actually. It’s not a party.
It’s a barbecue. – Where?
– Actually, we can’t go. Why? You haven’t announced yet,
and they’re gonna know. Who’s gonna be there? It’s a Spotify barbecue. Do you want to go here? – No.
– We can’t go, can we? No. You said it’s Saturday. It’s my day.Shay: I don’t think
that the people
who are also going through
this with you,
they don’t understand
what’s going on,
’cause it’s in your body;
it’s not in theirs.
Do you think
this is bad for me: Just smelling it? Like, the alcohol fumes? ( laughs )When you stop doingwhat you have normally been
used to doing,
you know, which, for me,
was being social,
when that kind of stopped,it really sort of
messed me up a little bit.
This is the shitty side
of being pregnant when no one knows,
because–( sniffles ) You can’t go out to see anyone. You don’t want to see anyone, because– anyways… ( sighs ) ( sobs ) I don’t feel myself. ( sobs )I chose to hold on
until I announced
because of the first time.God.It didn’t go as
I had hoped for,
and it was
extremely difficult.
The first time
that I was pregnant last year,
Matte and I hadn’t
been planning. It happened, and we were
really excited about it. Hey, do you think that I get to
park here now or too early?Matte: Any questions
for your doctor today?
How do I make it so
that the baby stays
a little bit smaller? ( laughs )Matte: The heart’s pumping.Shay: I was, like, 14 weeks.At that point, I had no ideathe percentage
of miscarriages.
When it happened, I was just
completely blindsided by it.
I still have those photos
on my phone and I still have
all the doctor visits, and it’s weird because
I haven’t looked at them,
obviously. But it’s not like I forgot
about that happening.So of course,
I’m, like, super happy,
but I still feel
for that one that I lost.
This is the baby’s room. We haven’t touched one thing
in here because… ( sighs )
Of the miscarriage. I just want to wait it out. I want to get to as late
as possible, and then… ( snaps fingers )
I’ll do this.For me, fortunately,
it was one time.
I know other women
and other friends of mine who’ve gone through
a way harder journey. And I’m–you know, seeing that,
it’s just really tough, because you feel broken as a woman, and that is not a great feeling. Matte, did you get the floaty?Astrid and Laren
are coming over.
I’ll carry it outside for you. I don’t want you to
stress your wrists– stress your something. Is Laren honestly coming over? She’s so cute. – Astrid: Yay!
– Shay: Yay! Yeah!Matte: How old is she now?Astrid: Ten months.That’s crazy.Shay: Kick, kick, kick,
kick, kick.
– Matte: What?
– Shay: ( gasps ) Yay!
I booked my flight to Italy.Shay: And then I have to
go to Barcelona
for a campaign photo shoot.And then I come back,
I have one day, and then I go to Mexico
for a REVOLVE trip where I am wearing
my curated collection, which was curated way before I ever thought
I was gonna be big. Matte: “It’s popping.
You should come by.” What is that? Matte: “It’s popping. You should come by.” – Shay: What’s that?
– Matte: Nothing. He’s so mad he didn’t go
to this barbecue. Lawrence can grill you up
something real fast. I know. Astrid: Make you feel at home. It’s not the same thing, okay? The other one was popping. – Matte: It’s not what?
– It’s a big party. There’s a lot of people there, and I could have done
a lot of business. – Matte: What–what’s–
– Like, these are the– I’m in the music industry. It’s like, I have to go to
these different events – every day.
– ( Astrid laughs )Matte: You know what they say
of hockey, Lawrence?
Just be in front of the net.You’re–you’re in the play,
good things happen.
80% is just being there.– Lawrence: Showing up.
– Matte: Just showing up.
I had the structure– did you go
to your structural ultrasound?Lawrence: I went to everything.– Oh, okay.
– He went to all of ’em. Oh, really?
Oh. – Oh, sorry.
– Um, Matte was in Toronto. So I was like,
“Hey,” ten times, “It’s at 11:00,
it’s the structural one,” which is very terrifying ’cause you never know
what’s gonna happen. – It’s very important.
– No, no, no, no, no. We did know. ( sighs ) Going to
a structural ultrasound to check on the baby. I am solo, because Matte
is in Toronto right now. The Raptors are playing. Very important. I was like, “Hey, go to Toronto
for the Raptors game. Do you mind just FaceTiming me,
possibly?” – Matte: No, it was for work.
– “I’m gonna go in.” It was for “work.”Shay: Hi.I’m your husband.
( laughs )Shay: She’s my husband
for the day.
Please, take your seat.I’m your husband.Shay: You’re here.I’m sitting there, the doctor
doesn’t come in until 11:30. It’s 11:00. I’m looking at my phone, like,
“Wait, is it broken?”Friend: No way.Oh, shit.
That’s the whole head?Friend: Oh, my god.Shay: Oh, so you’re really
zoomed in.
Technician: Right across
the edge of the face
right there.
This is the upper lip
right here.
Friend: Look at
her beautiful huge lips.
Shay: Oh, I thought this was,
like, the body.
It was 3:00, I had gotten out,
I’m having lunch,
I dropped my friend off,
she’s like,
“Matte seriously didn’t call?”I was like, “No.”
He forgot. I reminded him an hour
before I left and the night before, I said,
“Please, put it in your thing.” He’s like,
“100–I don’t even need to. “100%. I’m totally gonna
remember.”Lawrence: Have you not read
any books?
I read a book. The one–number one thing
in all the books is, the only thing
that you need to do…– Shay: Show up.
– Is show up 80% of the time. ( laughter )Shay: He still has no idea.I think until
that baby comes out
and starts crying
will it then hit him.
And then I feel like
his role begins.
He’s gonna be a great dad.He is so good with kids.He’s just so comfortable.After the pregnancy,
I don’t have a worry at all.
Shay: Okay, I’m gonna do this.Then I can be free
after I post this. ( Shay and woman scream ) Oh, god! Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Is this a bad time to tell you
that it’s not yours? ( laughter ) By the way.I’m finally be able
to announce it.
The reaction
has been incredible.
It’s just been really coolto feel that much support
and love.
Now I feel like I’m able
to connect with people
on a different level,and it gets real.

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  1. Hi Shay My name is Amanda
    First I want to say I'm sorry for your loss 💔😔no women should have to go through that. And second I want to wish you a congratulations on your pregnancy I wish you the best of luck and welcome to motherhood. Sincerely one of your biggest FAN!♥️

  2. Shay mitchell is so amazing like I love her so much hopfully you'll see this but probably not:( but I loveyou so freaking MUCHHHH!!!

    I watched Pretty Little Liars so many times I love it and its sad Netflix is taking it off:(((

  3. I can’t believe that my mom is 26 and my dads 25 and your 31 that’s just wow and your so young and pretty!

  4. you are the best and the bravest woman after my mom.IM SO SORRY BOUT UR…NEVERMIND.I HOPE THE BABY IS HEALTHY

  5. Sweetie I totally get you. We lost our second baby. She was born 10 weeks early and only lived for 13 hours. This only happened 16th May this year. the pain still feels like it happened yesterday 💔

  6. Being so honest and vulnerable here on social media is so brave of you!! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻 Wish you three the best of luck 💕✨🍀

  7. I definitely get why you waited so long. I miscarried at 10 weeks, 4 years ago.. I'm now almost 4 months, we just announced it. It's still a little scary but so far everything is going great💜 so happy everything is going great for you too💜

  8. Her pregnancy reminds me a lot of Colleen Ballinger’s (Miranda Sings) pregnancy. They both don’t feel like themselves and it’s very tough for both of them but they’re very strong and powerful women.💪🏼🥰

  9. I have two living babies. One in heaven. Lost him at 11 weeks. He was in the middle of my other two and we almost didn’t try again because it was the hardest thing I’d ever been through. I still think about him daily, even 7 years later…wondering who he’d be…what he’d look like. But it does get easier. And without that, I wouldn’t have my son now. And him and his older sister are my world. I hate saying everything happens for a reason…because it doesn’t. But this did. Stay strong and love this baby…because they wouldn’t be here had you not gone through what you did.

  10. I've loved Shay since PLL and the announcement of her baby is the best news! I love this series and I can relate to her even more. Matte teasing Shay about being the spinning champion and Shay mocking Matte about missing the BBQ got me in stitches. It just reminds me of my co-parent and I. Most especially when I tell him that he can't do or go things because it's "our day" and when I bug him about remembering appointments (that he forgets).

  11. Lovely that this is being shared, it’s nice for someone to show the ups and downs of pregnancy and the journey even though it is clearly difficult as it’s such a private thing, it’s such a lovely thing to share and help others who may be going through some of the same things during their pregnancy.

  12. You were my favorite on Pretty Little Liars ❤ congrats on the baby! I'm 6 months pregnant with a little boy.

  13. Totally relate to you in the car that is the hardest part of pregnancy and miscarriage is awful and the anxiety after is the worst. You explained it well xx

  14. I feel so much for you shay 💔😭 I’m literally going through the same thing right now. I lost the first baby back in May, and now I’m 2months pregnant 🤰 hiding it from social media, and even family this time. I started crying when I seen you crying because I literally feel the same exact way. I don’t talk to anybody or talk to anybody but my boyfriend about the baby. ❤️ Having a miscarriage is the toughest thing a woman can do, including stillborn babies. It’s heart breaking, almost soul breaking. 💔😞You’re strong for hiding it as long as you did. ❤️


  16. It’s the best in the world! I became an auntie for the first time and she waited for me to get there to come into this world! Babies will change your life, and though it’s tough it’s worth it! Google and other moms are your best friends for help and guidance.

  17. Shay coming out as pregnant
    Me:sometimes I feel pregnant but then again it’s probably the pizza rolls I just stuffed in my mouth

  18. She's so pretty, and she's gonna have a beautiful child! I love Shay and I'm so happy for her!!!


    Oh my god! Please make a video of you making the baby's room!!!!!

  19. I hid my pregnancy for 6 months when I was 16 and it was the loneliest time of my life. I can’t imagine doing it as an adult. I was so excited when I became pregnant again as an adult and felt confident in announcing my pregnancy early on. I guess I’m not entirely sure why you would want to hide a pregnancy when it is so difficult and lonely to do so and when you have everything going for you in your adult life. pregnancy is such an incredible blessing. I’m hoping others will learn from this and not hide something so incredibly beautiful. Even if things don’t go as planned , you will at least have the support of those you have told. Best of luck.

  20. All actors' outfits are available hereeeeeee:

  21. I wish u the very best God bless u in happy that it happy I'm ur fan I'm 11yrs old and PLL will forever be my fav show and it happened to my mum so that means I'm lucky and that's sad x

  22. Shay is a beautiful person I absolutely love her she deserves the best! Love u shay💞💞 When she started crying at 4:40 I started crying idek why i dont have a baby bc I'm 16 but crying makes me cry

  23. I discovered before you uploaded this video that you had a miscarriage, you know in the entertainment world everything is known and then I was looking for in your Instagram and I didn’t see nothing, if you already published about it or comments of people so I think I was the first to do so about commenting.

    I was in shock when I was reading a page about it, and feeling sorry for both of you guys. I was crying because I know how are you feeling, because my sister also lost a baby, was a baby girl but I let you know that you are not alone, you have your family, friends and followers to support you in good and bad moments. You’re the best not forget that, take your time and if you wanna cry, cry but soon you can try again to have a baby and I wish you good vibes and blessings for both. 💕😘🙏🏻😊👶🏽

  24. I didnt announce to even family until after my 2nd and 3rd were born. The fear of loss is so real I couldn't handle the questions or odd comments from other people "oh it wont happen again" etc. My first being born silently just over 5 weeks early was too traumatic I had to protect myself.
    Being in the limelight would of been a struggle for you to hide this also. Its great to see you do have a wonderful support system around you too. You're doing great Mamma!

  25. I have an almost two years old child and I understand everything you been through. At that time I was searching about giving births and I was so scared being criticized by everyone about my body. By the way, I’m Brazilian I’m sorry about my English if you see something wrong. I just love you I have been seing pll and I was so happy when I knew you were pregnant you’re my inspiration cuteee

  26. She likes to keep her private life of of social media which is a good thing alot of people just put everything on social media but shay Mitchell likes to keep her life private which Is so inspiring ❤️

  27. i can relate so much to her… because i miscarry alot, with my boys i didn't tell anyone till i was over 30 weeks… i hid every pregnancy even the ones that didn't make it, because u never know and its heartbreaking, and having to tell everyone else theres no more baby sucks so bad…

  28. Awww love her, she's so naturally funny, she's going to be such a great mother, I can fully understand her fears and why she wanted to keep it to herself.

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