every time it rains it brings pennies from heaven don't you know it's cloud contains pennies for heaven you'll find her fortune falling all over town good morning good morning guys that's right I'm back on the coffee train it just has not been cutting it with the tea lately so I've been doing some French press with a coconut milk and it's been hitting the spot today is my first day as a mom of three kids by myself so Dan went back to work today and this is the new normal this is what it's going to be like Ford has one more week of school but then he's off for the summer so I'm gonna have all three kids at home all summer long and I'm excited but I'm also of course a little bit nervous and so the way I'm surviving today is to just lower my expectations and go with the flow for today I started today by cutting the boys hair because that was long overdue actually Dan needs his hair cut as well [Applause] and then while bright napped I put the TV on Ford watched Walking with Dinosaurs which is like his favorite show Cohen is upstairs still actually watching super Wang's and I kind of got the house tidied up got some laundry started Cohen threw up last night he has a bit of a cough I don't think he's contagious anymore but he's coughing so hard that sometimes he's throwing up so he did that last night it's funny my kids could be covered head to toe and poop poop doesn't bother me vomit vomit gets me every time it's got a cheesy quality to it smell that I just can't tolerate and today it's kind of like a rainy day so we'll see what else we get up to the goals for today is to just go with the flow have no expectations and just kind of roll with the punches I'm nursing Brighton right now and I brushed my hair I put my face lotions on I did my eyebrows and I put concealer on because your girls tired I might seem like I'm being fancy by wearing a dress but the reality is I want my closet to be filled with clothes that fit me right now just to help with the positive self-talk while I start the postpartum journey and I'm not sure if I could breastfeed in these dresses so I wanted to try it out today and see what it's kind of like to breastfeed in these dresses but so far so good are you three weeks book pretty girl you're so clever you're so clever I can't decide who she looks like I feel like it changes every day sometimes I think she looks like Cohen sometimes I think she looks like Ford I think she's kind of a split between the two and her hair in the back has gotten me really long but she's got this ring like receding hairline I guess it's a proceeding hairline where like she definitely does have hair but it's not as long up top which i think is so funny and I feel like for three weeks old she's super alert she hasn't been super smiley yet like we've gotten a handful of like gasps smiles we haven't gotten like a real true look at you and smile yet and I don't remember when that happens I feel like around a month old so we've got like one more week I cannot believe that she's already been here for three weeks like how how how is that possible pretty Kara you're so sweet so all Cohen had for breakfast was applesauce and I just gave them lunch like peanut butter toast and cucumbers and grapes and he just threw up all the applesauce yeah when you ate your applesauce it just came out yeah yeah he's holding an ice pack does your tummy hurt your tummies not hurting now can you call me back when you get this Cohen corrupt last night and all he had this morning was applesauce but I just went to go give him lunch and he threw up all the applesauce he's acting fine but I don't know can you call me that okay bye do you need a warm bath oh but you just throw up again honey well this is a baptism by fire isn't it I'm just finding a lot of times lately when we're downstairs the boys are automatically asking to watch TV shows and stuff so I'm trying to go through the toys and make sure that all the toys down here are toys that they like playing with that they play with for a long time just so we can minimize the TV not that I think the TV is like terrible and we should never watch it but there's just been too much desire for the TV lately and not enough playing with the toys funny he's so ready so we we we totally crazy play trap should we put this in the basement until break gets older because we're not really playing with it right now it's for a little little bit piece because what I want to do is Joyce down here so for me to get some new toys so that there's lots of stuff left to do by like nursing frightened so we're not always out to play video games and stuff so now we know we have all these toys and we've got great stuff we've got our this morning so in your room we're gonna have books that mommy and daddy we to you and we're gonna have folks that you can read up on your phone and in Cohen's Bergen we're gonna have books that have a need I agree to comment and then down here we're gonna have books that you can read with let me body and books that you can read on your own down here too so what should get me do we read that book a lot that should be a night type of for Co memory I just got home and changed I was stinky mess having a long crazy day at work of course the first day I'm back at worked elves got all three kids is gonna be a crazy day but how this could be any other way l made a beautiful I think it's spaghetti or linguine or something like that linguini I focus focus focus l made this beautiful linguine pasta with mushrooms got a lot done today evil – without we here even with all the boys dinner is done dishes are done and so is my first day alone with three kids including a newborn and I think I did fairly well I got thrown up on once from the newborn Cohen threw up twice Thor didn't throw up at all and I and I kept the house clean we got some laundry done sorted through toys and stuff I feel like it's a pretty successful day I know that there are going to be more difficult days to come but you know this is all what I signed up for the chaos is what I signed up for and I'm excited for this to become the new normal so I hope you guys enjoyed this thank you for watching if you did enjoy it give it a thumbs up button and of course make sure you're subscribed and that you have the bail turned on a lot of people we're still confused when they didn't get a notification on a recent blog did you bite your finger oh hold on a sec a lot of people didn't realize that you have to have the notification bell turned on subscription if you hit the subscribe it just means that you'll be notified of some videos so the only way to make sure that you're notified of all videos is if you have the bail turned on it's kind of dumb it's just the way YouTube works but anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye every time it rains it brings pennies from heaven don't you know it's cloud contains pennies from heaven you'll find your fortune falling all over town just make sure that your umbrella is upside down

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